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“Antonio Callaway, Jordan Smith, and one other player are likely to be arrested on charges of felony grand theft, with the possibility of further misdemeanour charges being tagged on, according to a lawyer representing one of the players,” the report stated. “It’s anticipated that the other six players will also be arrested, but only three players have hired legal counsel thus far.”



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9 hours ago, DalCowboyzRule said:

Was he starting? Pretty random for this to happen 3 weeks into the year...

lol no he wasn't starting

9 hours ago, Texasmade said:

Does he like pixie dust? We've got a heavy supply if he does. 

i believe he is attracted to booms

8 hours ago, devils1854 said:

SEC player kicked off team.....only one place for him to transfer, Auburn. 

i guess we found our next qb

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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