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  2. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    here you go you buckeye homers
  3. Matrix 4 is happening

    The first 1 was pretty good but it seemed like they all went downhill after. Not sure why they'd do a 4th.
  4. The Car Thread

    Some new vehicles are shipped with the optimum oil for break in. They will tell you not to dump the oil early. While years ago dumping the oil on new vehicles was required manufacturing processes take care of that issue now. Much closer tolerances, cylinder wall surface improvements etc. Any metal that can damage an engine is removed by the oil filter anyway. Lots of old wives tales about engine oil and break in periods etc. My favourite is people suggesting black oil means it’s time for it to be changed. Many modern oils have additives that will turn oil black.
  5. TRADE ANNOUNCEMENT Bigbear72 Gets: Curtis Samuel 2019 1st 2020 2nd USMC Gets: Mike Evans 2019 5th 2020 4th
  6. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I keep thinking about turning it into a hobby to make my own cut of the final two seasons, but then I have to keep telling myself that the time spent watching the final two seasons in order to make that cut would make me so sick of the series I wouldn’t be able to watch it again anyway. I still believe that it could be salvaged if you took the final two seasons and turned them into a fast-paced thriller fantasy. Somebody ought to do that for me because the more I think about it the more I hate the final two seasons. NOT what happened. I am very content with what happened as far as the conclusion, but I get angry when I think of how it was done. Like that whole summit where they decided Bran is king is some of the worst writing in television history.
  7. Valhalla Fantasy Football, Season 4 2018

    I'm in the dynasty league (as you are), but I'm willing to participate in a single season league as well.
  8. Mock Draft 2020 1.0

    Sign me up.
  9. General Season Talk

    Or because the Redskins are generally just a bad organization (i.e. Trent Willams, Sua Cravens) and Foster tweeted out against the Redskins in December. He was cut then, but they waited until the summer to do it. $4mil for a 30yr old thumper isn't worth, but he could be for $1.5 like Zach Brown. Agree to disagree. Need an upgrade at ILB before season starts.
  10. Better 2019 season:Dak Prescott vs Nick Foles

    I went with Dak.
  11. Name Your Favorite Team's Defensive Anchor & Lockdown Defender

    Defensive Anchor: Clint Capela Lockdown defender: PJ Tucker Tucker is by far the heart and sole of our defense, but we fall apart when we dont have Capela protecting the rim. When hes not playing well on D, the team is not playing well on D. Tucker always brings it, even when we bottom half in the league in defense. When we are playing top 5 D, its because Capela is altering plays.
  12. 2020 Draft Thread

    I agree with you that this is true - they did likely draft McG to eventually move to LT. But if they draft a guy they like enough moving forward, they can leave McGlinchey on the right side.
  13. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Yeah, I wasn't high on Dalvin a month ago, but listening Dr. Jesse Morse and talking to a buddy of mine who lives in Minnesota and who's more in-tune with the Vikings than I am made me feel a lot more comfortable about taking him. I still understand that there is a higher injury risk with him though. Some of the WRs right now on the wire that interest me are.... 1. Tyrell Williams 2. Courtland Sutton 3. Kenny Stills 4. Mohamed Sanu 5. Quincy Enunwa Anyone you see as a must add?
  14. NFL network: Jaylon Smith new deal

    Let this guy keep proving everyone wrong. I love it!! I dont want to jinx the guy and buy his Jersey though. Lol
  15. Dolphins extend WR Jakeem Grant

    Seems like a good player, I remember hearing some talk about him last year.
  16. I would actually love to see them go for it and have Vedvik do both, but that won't happen. Otherwise, I think the safest bet is to have Bailey kick and Vedvik punt. I don't trust Wile to be consistent enough.
  17. Ryan Allen released

    Except Gost doesnt suck... He isnt worth the contract he has but the alternative is being on of those teams with a revolving door of mediocrity. The league has made it harder on Kickers and I'd rather a guy I know can make the tough kicks, the long kicks, even if he has been middle of the pack percentage wise.
  18. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Going to be interesting to see Jackson this year. I have the Ravens winning the division so I expect Jackson to be somewhat productive.
  19. Propose A Trade For John Wall

    They couldnt trade Wall, Beal is worth keeping and they know they are going to suck. Theres no sense in paying the tax and missing the playoffs.
  20. Before we rehash the "Venom still made a boatload of money" argument, maybe we can do a TL:DR post, before it spirals into pages.... 1. Venom did make 850M worldwide. But worldwide profit returns aren't close to 1:1, much lower returns. As such, domestic successes have a much bigger impact. No argument that it made money, but it's not nearly the runaway success as when a movie's domestic box office soars above production & marketing costs. As Venom cost about 100M to make, usually it's doubled for advertising/marketing/other, the 200M costs were barely matched by the domestic take of 213M. The international $ was the profit, but the margins were much, much smaller. And that makes for bigger concerns with sustainability of a franchise, when the opening chapter in planned trilogy/series doesn't create an automatic domestic winner. 2. Venom also made a ton of $ being front-loaded domestically, and from international sales. That's another major warning flag to movie studios for future chapters. Basically, the need to see if the Venom franchise could take off sold it to NA audiences. It made 50 percent of its entire domestic earnings in the first week. That's a major warning flag for any sequels. Now, I know someone is going to point out the mega-movies are front-loaded too - fair point. But their gross totals were so much higher, and well above production costs, that doubling up on 300-400M Week 1 is a lot more impressive than doubling up on a 50-100M week 1. Now, the lure of the hero franchise reigns supreme - so it's absolutely a risk worth taking. It's why Suicide Squad 2 is going for it with James Gunn, and why Sony is sticking to its guns. But man, using the "Venom made $" argument is the classic "true for that movie...but doesn't say anything reassuring for a sequel". I mean, Independance Day & Starship Troopers (which actually gets unfair reviews IMO, but that's another story) made a ton of $...but the sequels bombed hard. IIRC they had the same issues above, and why execs pulled the plug on franchise starters when they show the same problems. OK, that wasn't a TL:DR post, but hopefully it avoids pages of the prior "domestic vs. international" box-office arguments...lol.
  21. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    Honestly this is something that frustrates me. I feel like the FO settles too often for 'what we have' at positions rather than making changes and trying to get something out of prospects that are available to us. I get that's normal across the league and that a prospect isnt necessarily better than experienced talent, but for example, Sutton Smith likely doesnt even make the roster, could we have drafted a safety? Maybe not, maybe there was nothing more promising than Smith and that's fine. Maybe Tre Boston? Idk I'm just saying it feels they settle for mediocrity often, too often.
  22. I only watched the Bottom half of the 8th after 2 outs and the 9th. I feel like that was a good amount of game to watch.
  23. Extensions Coming.

  24. Training Camp/Pre-Season

    he might have more capital than we think. The moves we have made in the front office seem to indicate that BOB has a lot of sway in the organization, I've not seen anything to point to BOB being on the hot seat in the least. As for Kalil, i still think if hes truly healthy, hes out best LT for this season.
  25. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    Well here’s what changed my take on it too: Colbert publicly admitting that was the case last year. I used to chop it up to they had too many needs to prioritize improving on that area. But it hit the point imo where it wasn’t trying to catch up, but they were tricking themselves into it was fine at spots.
  26. What movie are you watching?

    Yea, if the movie is boring enough that you're urged to pull your phone out while watching, that is a problem with the movie.
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