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  2. 2019 WR Corps

    from Warren Sharp Spending nights collecting personnel groups of new OCs this preseason. Matt LaFleur on early downs: 50% - 11 Personnel [44% Pass, 56% Run] 25% - 12 Personnel [48% Pass, 52% Run] 25% - 21 Personnel [35% Pass, 65% Run] Last yr, GB used 11 pers on 72% early downs (68% pass)
  3. He couldn't have been converted last night, as he was jailed. Keep that in mind
  4. We’re already pretty close with bcb/Orca using Nacho’s hated to give scum a springboard chance.
  5. 2019 WR Corps

    Would you apply those same criteria to the posters here denouncing the WR group ? Opinions vary, but some are worth more than others
  6. Converted to Erik? And my strategy is to push the only other three people who could be the recruiter as definitively the recruiter. Or, I’m aware that tomorrow is LyLo if we don’t hit the recruiter.
  7. Is that a civ role? I'm slightly unclear on that.
  8. I think it's a given that counselor is a motivator given swags two kills on n2.
  9. All hail Todd Bowles

    Three of those FGs happened last night where Cleveland had five - FIVE - drives that started on our side of the field. Five drives to move 20ish yards for a FG and they could only do it three times.
  10. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    I don't want to pile on, I think that you should pump the brakes just a little bit though. How did you feel about Aaron Rodgers after 3 preseason games? I am not saying Gary will be a HOF player, just that a couple of preseason games in his rookie year won't determine his career. He has not lit the world on fire. Let's take a look again in week 6, week 12, and the end of the season to see if he has improved or not.
  11. Preseason Week 3 GDT

    Yes. There’s been a noticeable difference without Zeitler, IMO. They need to trade the pick they got for Duke and someone like Kirksey for a starting caliber OL. Safeties outside of Randall are also terrible.
  12. Predict the 53

    Can’t believe Doctson is on the hot seat. I know a lot of Jets fans are high on Burnett, but I agree that we don’t have mug depth at outside receiver. Dortch can backup the slot and be a a returner.
  13. You tried to switch off the lynch from swoosh to Danger, saying we were only lynching him because of what I said, ignoring at the time that I claimed it was an ability. Then switched again.
  14. Seems like the perfect amount 😂
  15. There is a shift in Swag though. I believe he was converted
  16. FF Big Big Brother 8: veto results now!

    @ET80 you have until Sunday 11 AM cst to nom a replacement for bcb
  17. Hence I haven't voted you. But the possibility exists that you're Erik. Whether it was via conversion or you being the og. Still, I feel Carl and vmd are more likely as the converter than you
  18. It’s the equivalent of how people treat arguing with others. Someone could lay out an entirely logical point A, B, C, D argument, and they come in and scream some conspiracy theory and contradict themselves. Everyone sits there and watches, thinking “these are equivalent.”
  19. The Erik group is easily the biggest concern atm, as their cult leader is still at Large. Who do you think it is?
  20. Only thing I said about Danger all game was understanding why he was confused about how the night played out. That's because AS a townperson, I give everyone that slight benefit of the doubt that they too, are Town. It doesn't matter, he got hit soon after and I looked slightly bad. That's fine.
  21. Because you’re literally repeating what I say as some revelatory content to game solve, and yet continuously putting my name as equivalent, when of that group, I’ve definitely played the most above board to this point and made the most sense.
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