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2 hours ago, broncos_fan _from _uk said:

Randy gradishar robbed again. This is bull-****. Even if you ignore the tackle totals as the HoF claims they are inflated. One of 9 LBs ever to have 7 Pro Bowls (back when it meant something), 20 INTs, and 13 FR. Was the heart and soul of the orange crush defense. 

As long as this wasn’t his last year he should get in.   Joe Klecko was 1 of the 3 finalists and deserving.   So were Chuck Howley & Ken Riley. 


The fact Gradishar made it to the final 6 is hopeful.   The real issue is they often let only 1 guy per year most years  (need 80 percent of vote once you are a finalist).   That’s too low.   They are allowing 3 per year now and for 2 more years.   Getting more per year would fix the inequities in the system (they’re trying to get the players from 50-60-early 70’s who deserved recognition).  

It’s definitely crazy that the modern era really gets a lot easier path imo to getting in than the older era.   Hopefully Gradishar’s omission doesn’t last much longer.  

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Drew Lock doing Drew Lock things.  1 beautiful throw for a highlight reel TD.   1 nice throw on the run.  But also about 3-4 throws incomplete with awful footwork vs pressure.   Several throws behind rather than leading the WR.   And 3 picks with 2 absolutely on him having terrible vision / being late.   To be fair the  3rd pick not his fault.    But this is against DAL’s 2nd and 3rd string guys on D.  

The fact he couldn’t beat Teddy B last year and Geno Smith cleanly this offseason speaks volumes to his problems - he’s physically far more talented than either.  It’s not close.  But his flaws haven’t changed since his rookie year.   And his tendency to make TO worthy decisions just doesn’t get the coaching staff’s trust.  



So it’s Geno we face Week 1. 



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