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Tom Brady is the 1st Player in NFL History with 80,000 yards Gained


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2 hours ago, Chiefer said:

Why doesnt post-season count

It's fine if you want to count postseason, but it needs to be specifically mentioned that you're doing so.  

Personally, I prefer keeping regular season and postseason stats separate for most things.  

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Need someone to explain to me why the Pats' offense has put up such incredible numbers for so many years. What offensive system do they run that maximize's Brady's talents? Why is it so difficult for defenses to stop them? And do they always protect the QB so well?

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4 hours ago, Danger said:

Oh it's counting post season. That's why it's incorrect.

which is weird because the post season is all that matters, yet people think the stats are irrelevant. must be because most teams don't make the playoffs.

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4 minutes ago, Classic said:

What percentage of those yards are dump offs to Corey Dillon and James White?

as if forcing throws into double coverage and putting the ball at risk is "more impressive". taking the dump off for YAC is the smart play 99% of the time if it's there. what's your point?

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