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NFL Draft - Team Needs

The Gnat

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1) qb. Your cant win without a good 1.

2) oline. Outside of am Robinson and Brandon Linder theres no other guys who play worth anything. AJ cann has been awful at rg. Parnell is overpaid for what he brings. Id like to draft a new rt and cut him.

3) pass rush. Outside of Ngakoue we dont have a good outside pass rusher.  Fowler showed some improvement this offseason but hes been a menace off the field. campbell might be playing on the edge but he clearly looked out of place as that instead of an interior pass rusher. 

4) cb. Our number 3 corner is a free agent and we dont have great choices on the roster to replace him. 

5) te. While at 1st glance its a big need but our tes dont seem to be feature guys so we might be able to get away without 1. 

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Raiders needs  - OT CB NT Edge S LS DE / WR QB ILB

OT -

We just signed Penn to a 2 year extension but the details haven't hit the wire yet and I'm willing to bet that Reggie McKenzie built the deal so the team could walk away with little dead money owed if we decide we can live without him or we need that money with Mack and Cooper's deal on the horizon. Behind Penn we have the affordable for a reason Newhouse and 3 first or second year players (Alexander, Sharpe and Ware). Sure, we hope one of these guys develops and we don't need to spend a high pick on the position but that may be the best option in a league where you need you QB healthy.

CB -

Last year we spent a 1st round pick on Conley and he looks like the real deal from early showings. Then we have our 2 incumbent starters, Amerson and Smith. Both have played well for the most part and been paid for the service. Amerson is just 25 and looks like a main stay but Smith has had a few issues with the law and age questions that put him on the bubble. Both have deal we can walk away from after this year but I would only expect Smith to be in jeopardy. TJ Carrie has been our jack of all trades in the secondary and really is underrated. He is also an UFA. He'll get some offers and I'm 85% sure we'll let him take that money because it will be more than we're willing to spend. So with Carrie and Smith possibly on the way out, investing in a CB would seem important.

NT -

We have 1 real NT on the roster and he is set to be a UFA. Justin Ellis was a 4th rd pick in 2014 that we have developed and are just starting to enjoy the fruits of that investment. I am 50/50 on whether we'll offer him enough to stay. If not then we'll be in the market.

Edge -

Mack and Irvin are our set starters for atleast another 2 years IMO but behind them we are pretty thin. With how important the position is and the fact that we only have UDFA James Cowser as a real backup to them in our base defensive sets, I would think that is high on our list of things to upgrade. We have tried with drafting Max Valles and Shilique Calhoun but both are still developing on the practice squad. If the opportunity arises an upgrade is in the cards.

Safety -

We have invested alot in the position over the last 2 years. We signed Reggie Nelson last year coming off a Pro Bowl in 2015 and he made a Pro Bowl again in 2016. But he is 33 and on the last year of his deal. He is still playing at a high level and him signing a team friendly deal isn't out of the question because of how important he has been to the team and his market value. But FA is funny and weirder thing have happened than a 34 yo safety getting a nice deal after 2 years of decent to good production. We have also drafted Karl Joesph, Obi Melifonwu and Shalom Luani in the past 2 years and all seem like guys that will be around for awhile. But if we lose Nelson and roster hanger oner Keith McGill both leave that is 3 guys at at the position with Joesph being the only so far to see major defensive snaps. It's a lower need but still on the board.

LS -

Jon Condo is the epitome of a Raider. He is also 36 and an UFA after this year.

DE -

Another position we have a few young players we are developing at in Mario Edwards and Jihad Ward but we will most likely lose a key backup in Denico Autry, who will be an UFA this year. Not a high priority like the top 4 positions but still on the board.

Positions that MAY be upgraded or have a need depending on development, this years production and salary cap concerns.

QB -

Carr is the starter. EJ Manuel won the backup role over recent draft pick Connor Cook. EJ is on a 1 yr deal with the hope that Cook develops enough to take over the role in 2018. I'm sure the front office isn't gonna mess around though with the foundation position after last years collapse after Carr went down. Cook will have competition again next year. Just don't know if it will be a drafted guy they loved or a FA we can afford.

WR -

Cooper is set. Seth Roberts just signed an extension and Johnny Holton is an UDFA that we'll control for a few more years. Crabtree and Cooper have been dual #1 WRs the past 2 years and it's a luxury we may not be able to afford once Cooper and Mack both sign extensions. losing Crab would be a blow to Carr who see him as a security blanket of sorts in the redzone and on 3rd. He is on a 7-8mil a yr deal we can walk away from at any time so it's just depends. Patterson looks like a huge value signing for 3mil a year but just like Crabtree if we get in a cap crunch we can walk from his deal the last year of his deal as well leaving a void at the position.


Some fans would like further investment in a blue chip MLB. I'm not one of them. I think the organization shares my view after the performances turned in by 2nd year mid round draftee Cory James, rookie mid round draftee Marquel Lee, UDFA Nicholas Morrow, and 2nd yr journeymen Tyrell Adams. I'm of the minds that we have our young ILBing core but the year is young.

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not much has changed for Jags

1) QB. its obvious Blake isnt the Answer.

2) OL. we need 2 New Guards and possibly a RT. 

3) WR. With Allen Robinsons injury and Lee's lack of consistency both of whom are free agents and Hurns being a dissapointment since he got his contract we could be looking for some wrs. 

4) TE. we have no Pass catching TEs that are worth anything. 

5) CB. we need a new nickle if Colivin walks.

6) DE. i know we have 3 guys at DE that are considered decent with Ngakoue, fowler, smoot but Fowler and Smoot arent Natural pass rushers. it would be great to add 1. 

7) LB. Poz and Telvin smith are free agents. im fairly certain Poz will be let go as hes essentially been demoted to a 2-down ILB role but i think the team wants Jack as the MLB soon so we would likely need a new Sam LBer. 

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Titans haven't really changed a whole lot.

1.) OLB - Still need the young talented pass-rusher even if Morgan and Orakpo can give us another good year of production.

2.) OG - Both OGs are to be FA's after this season. Neither are anything special but likely one will get resigned. I think adding a dominant OG would put the OL at the best in football. 

3.) Safety - Cyprien sucks. Searcy is a good backup but believe he's a FA. Byard is a good young player but is best used when playing all over and not just in a certain spot(in the box/deep). It would be nice to add another Safety like Byard to be able to confuse offenses even more. 

4.) Pass-Rushing interior DL - Basically have two on the current roster with Casey and Klug who is rotational. Be nice to add a good 5-Tech who can stay on the field for any package.

5.) NT - Ours are average to bad. Would love to add a dominant one. LeBeau's best defenses were with a good NT.

HM: CB - Can never have too many

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Very early still so things could change:

QB is so uncertain at this point, will it be Teddy or Bradford? Or neither? Or both? Case Keenum is also a free agent. I'll ignore this position for now and assume Teddy and Bradford are under contract in 2018.

1) UT - Shariff Floyd is still on PUP, may not ever play again. Tom Johnson is old and ineffective as the current starter. Jaleel Johnson looked like a stud in the preseason but has yet to play in the regular season.  

2) OG - Nick Easton has been underwhelming and Joe Berger is 34. 

3) OT - I think Mike Remmers may be better off moving to OG long term, could fill need #2.

4) CB - Trae Waynes has been picked on a lot this season and hasn't looked good. Might need to consider using the bust label. Mackensie Alexander has looked good in the slot, he very well could replace Waynes at LCB if MN does move on.

5) SS - Andrew Sendejo is a steady starter but MN hasn't really used resources to develop a potential replacement.


Basically, MN could use one or two new starters along the OL, an impact 3 tech DT, and more competition in the secondary.

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On 7/28/2017 at 8:56 PM, IDOG_det said:

For the Detroit Lions:
Ezekiel Ansah is a free agent after the season and Kerry Hyder's contract is also up (although he will be a restricted free agent). The pass rush will already be a likely issue for the Detroit Lions in 2017, the issue will be even larger if they can't retain both Ansah and Hyder.
DT: Haloti Ngata won't be on the team next year (likely he retires) and the Lions don't have much else at DT. A'Shawn Robinson has some potential, and they might have a few other guys that could turn into decent backups. The Lions need to add one starting level DT this offseason, and potentially another for depth.
S: Both starting safeties are on expiring contracts. Glover Quin will hopefully receive a contract extension, though it is time to start grooming his replacement. Miles Killebrew will hopefully take over at SS, but it wouldn't hurt to add some competition for him. 
LG/C: Travis Swanson is a free agent after the season, if he doesn't re-sign he will need to be replace. Graham Glasgow has the flexibility to play LG and C, so he could potentially be replaced with a LG with Glasgow moving to center. Or they could add another center with Glasgow remaining at LG.
NB: Nevin Lawson and DJ Hayden are on expiring contracts, they will need to be replaced if they aren't brought back.
RB: If Ameer Abdullah can produce well and stay healthy, then RB won't be much of a need. If he doesn't prove to be a #1 back, the Lions should be in search of another RB to add for competition at the least.
LB: Tahir Whitehead and Paul Worrilow are on expiring contracts. Jarrad Davis, Jalen Reeves-Maybin, and Antwione Williams are young guys at the position that hopefully can be quality starters for the Lions, though it wouldn't hurt to have an additional veteran presence that is a little more proven.
WR: Marvin Jones and Golden Tate aren't a bad duo, but neither player is a true #1 WR. Kenny Golladay should be a solid #3, but the Lions could stand to add another starting level WR, especially with Tate's contract expiring in 2019.

1. D-line. I think in the long run the DT situation is the biggest need if T. Austin doesn't get a job elsewhere. I understand that if you get a chance at a premier pass rushing DE, you take it. Especially since Ziggy hasn't been Ziggy for over a year now. Nevertheless, if TA or Kocurek are on to bigger and better things, I'm not sure what the plan will be from Bob Quinn.

2. I think I would put LB above Safety in the need hierarchy. JRM has not looked very good at all. Worrilow isn't worth bringing back and A. Williams didn't make the final cut out of pre-season. Heck, I'm almost talking myself into putting LB back to the number one need, like last year. Even with Jared Davis working out (which we don't really know yet).

3. FS Glover Quin is a truly underappreciated member of this defense. I'm thankful he re-signed. And Tavon Wilson and Killebrew are really pretty good at what they do at SS. (I think Wilson's worth bringing back if he has a reasonable asking price.) They, along with the CBs may be the strongest part of this surprisingly effective defense. On the other hand, it might be too soon to tell whether or not Teez Tabor is a viable NFL CB. There was some speculation that he was more of a NB than #2 CB. But Q. Diggs has looked pretty darn good at nickel. And Lawson is a (for the moment) decent #2 CB. (Which is good because DJ Heyden has played like hot garbage.) Still, if an opportunity arises to improve the #2, I'm not against it. And it would not hurt to have a good back up plan to FS Quin. I just don't see the secondary as an area to reach for. But if that's the way the board falls when they pick, so-be-it.

4. Glasgow is having a sophomore slump that I don't know if he can climb out of, so I'm not feeling great about the plan to move him to C. I'm pretty sure that really was the plan, though, as you mention. With Dahl on IR, the interior o-line is not as stable as it looked in the off-season. Swanson has health questions and doesn't call blocking adjustments anymore, so I'm not sure he'll be in high demand as a free agent. For continuity's sake, I think it would be wiser to bring him back. Backup at OT will again be an issue... So I would like to see an improvement in starter/depth on the interior but 4th-7th round if we have those picks. And throw a swing OT in as an option there, too.

5. I would replace the WR need with TE need. I like what I'm seeing from TJ Jones and Kenny Golliday. Tate is Golden. And Marvin... Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he starts splitting time with Golliday when Kenny has a little more experience. While Darren Fells looks like a legit TE as a combo blocker/receiver, Michael Roberts has a ways to go before he makes a difference as either a blocker or receiver. At this point he doesn't look like he knows what he's doing. I've been a wait-and-see on Eric Ebron (not one of his many haters) but if I'm Caldwell, I'm setting his butt on the bench until he proves he's a better option than those other 2 (yes, even Michael Roberts)... And since I think he will not, I believe he will be gone next year. So unless Ebron snaps out of whatever this is called, and/or Roberts improves dramatically & rapidly, I think some kind of TE could be an option in the mid-range area of the draft. Honestly, I would love a big RB to pair with Ameer Abdullah. So, if a stud RB falls to them, I wouldn't argue too hard (unless they passed on a stud d-linemen), but it isn't a top need for this team right now.


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On 9/30/2017 at 9:36 PM, vikingsrule said:

Very early still so things could change:

QB is so uncertain at this point, will it be Teddy or Bradford? Or neither? Or both? Case Keenum is also a free agent. I'll ignore this position for now and assume Teddy and Bradford are under contract in 2018.

1) UT - Shariff Floyd is still on PUP, may not ever play again. Tom Johnson is old and ineffective as the current starter. Jaleel Johnson looked like a stud in the preseason but has yet to play in the regular season.  

2) OG - Nick Easton has been underwhelming and Joe Berger is 34. 

3) OT - I think Mike Remmers may be better off moving to OG long term, could fill need #2.

4) CB - Trae Waynes has been picked on a lot this season and hasn't looked good. Might need to consider using the bust label. Mackensie Alexander has looked good in the slot, he very well could replace Waynes at LCB if MN does move on.

5) SS - Andrew Sendejo is a steady starter but MN hasn't really used resources to develop a potential replacement.


Basically, MN could use one or two new starters along the OL, an impact 3 tech DT, and more competition in the secondary.

I agree DT would really help a lot, could argue yes that is the biggest need.  However I am getting quite sick of Sam Bradford, he is a terrible leader and now getting injured so much I seriously hope we just move on from him but Pat Shurmur loves the guy for whatever reason, so if he is around Bradford will be sadly.  Keenum showed a lot of passion last night and leadership I thought, showing encouragement and trying to lead the team, Bradford never does that and rarely communicates or relates to any teammates during the game, it is pathetic.  I would not be upset if Bradford is injured for a little while longer.


Waynes they will not move on from, he has great speed and is improving yet slowly.  Could draft a late round corner but not a high round corner.  Sendejo is holding onto that spot, Kearse is behind him though but has not beat him out yet.  Alexander I have been disappointed with, thought he would be better in coverage from how he impressed in college.  Has not made a ton of impact but is slowly seeing more time, still long ways to go with him as well.

I agree Remmers has to be moved potentially sooner rather than later from tackle.  WR is extremely solid with Diggs and Thielen, Floyd in the mix as well and Treadwell is disappointing but it has not mattered much so far.  And Coley and Adams are two fine rookies who could impress with playing time down the road.


But yeah I would say for sure DT and OT top needs if one is having the QB spot a wash.  Even though ultimately that is the #1 issue regardless is what they will do long term at QB, especially considering everyone else in the Division has a top of the line QB or at least a very talented one....

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For the Browns, it's pretty obvious:

1. QB: Needed a Franchise QB since Bernie Kosar was in his prime in the late 80's.

2. WR: Ours are probably the worst/close to the worst in the entire NFL. Coleman has been hurt, but even if he's healthy and produces like they hoped when they drafted him, they still need a true #1 play-making WR on the outside who is a game changer, who can move the sticks on 3rd down, and who can be a legit Red Zone Target.

3. RB: I like Duke as a spell/3rd down/slot WR type running back, but we need an every down guy. Crow has been putrid this year. He has no explosiveness or vision, and he's a malcontent.

4. CB: Ours are horrendous, aside from McCourty, who has been relatively solid

5. FS: Right now we are playing peppers literally 30 yards off of the line of scrimmage. We need a true ball hawking FS and need to move Peppers into the box.

6. RT: Shon Coleman has shown flashes of being serviceable, but it would be nice to upgrade here. This would be a luxury that should happen well after the first five are addressed.

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Let me update the Washington Redskins:

1. QB. If Cousins is not on the roster, the Redskins need a QB. 

1a. WR. Terrelle Pryor is struggling and Doctson is having a hard time staying healthy and seeing the field. 

LG. Shaun Lauvao is just not that good. 

ILB. Zach Brown is on a 1 year contract and there is no talent behind him besides Spaight. 

NT. Don't have a natural NT. 

DE. John Allen is good, but the rest of the line besides Ioannidis is crap. 

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For the Falcons 5 games into the season based on contracts for 2018:

Starting Needs

Wide Receiver: Julio Jones is nearing 30 years old. So is Mohamed Sanu. Both players are good, but someone who can eventually replace one of them would be nice to have. On top of that, it wouldn't hurt to get a guy who could play slot or outside so that Sanu can thrive in the slot in 3 WR sets. Taylor Gabriel could get re-signed and make this not a starting need but rather a rotational need instead.

Nose Tackle: Dontari Poe is very good. He also signed just a one year deal. The Falcons need to draft someone to replace him should he not re-sign.

Pass-rushing DE/DT hybrid: See what Michael Bennett does. Atlanta needs someone like that to play SDE/nickel DT for them. Adrian Clayborn currently is in that role, but it would help the Falcons to draft someone for it.

Kicker: Matt Bryant is in his final season with Atlanta unless something drastic changes for the 43-year old. Atlanta could take one as early as the 5th round.

Rotational Needs

Fullback: Derrick Coleman only signed a one-year deal. Don't give the Falcons a fullback in the draft. They won't take one.

Tight End: An all-around tight end to complement Austin Hooper in the Falcons offense is definitely needed. Levine Toilolo is mediocre as a receiver and Eric Saubert is just a guy. This could be a good position to find someone BPA for Atlanta in the second or third rounds.

Cornerback: Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford and Brian Poole look like a good group moving forward. But there could always be some additional depth added in the later rounds. Falcons prefer larger, rangier corners. The cut of Jalen Collins suggests that the Falcons would look at a potential nickel type in the offseason as well.

Spots that could use more depth or competition

Quarterback: Competition for Schaub is always nice.

Running Back: There's no one under contract outside of Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman. Taking someone in the mid-late rounds for depth would be smart.

Wide Receiver: Atlanta has just Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu and Justin Hardy under contract as noted before. They should get someone who can play slot or outside and continue to develop guys like Marvin Hall on their practice squad. However, don't be shocked if they take two receivers. One high and one late round.

Offensive Tackle: Jake Matthews and Ryan Schraeder both look good as starters and will be here a long time. Question comes in at backup. Ty Sambrailo did well in relief of Schraeder, but the Falcons could use someone to push him.

Offensive Guard: Sean Harlow is a solid backup, but he could use some competition. The Falcons are returning both starters in Levitre and Schweitzer and both are looking like solid players. Levitre could be cut or restructured due to an $8 million hit. Unless he is cut, expect the Falcons to get a guard with potential to compete as a starter in the future. Could be combined with a center need below.

Center: It's about that time for the Falcons to draft Alex Mack's long-term replacement if they can find it. Otherwise, taking someone who can fit in during the late rounds for depth at center/OG is a good idea.

Linebacker: Deion Jones, Duke Riley and De'Vondre Campbell are the future at the position. However, depth will continually be a need behind them with all of these 1 year rentals.

Safety: Ricardo Allen is a restricted free agent, but should get a long-term deal. He's a good FS. Keanu Neal is a good SS. The Falcons have Damontae Kazee for depth at FS. Depth at SS is a need.

Not Needs

Punter: Matt Bosher is one of the best punters in the league and is signed long-term.

Long Snapper: Josh Harris is one of the better long-snappers in the league and is signed long-term.

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