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Raheem Mostert

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4 hours ago, AkronsWitness said:

Somewhere Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns and Olandis Gary are all smiling

Arian Foster, Steve Slaton and Ben Tate are also nodding in approval. 

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2 hours ago, sammymvpknight said:

Good RB in a good system. He’s been better than both Breida and Coleman...whatever that means. 

Breida has been really good as well........Well, he was until he started fumbling vs ATL and then after that he's been in the dog house.

Definitely better than Coleman. Mostert is a natural in this system. Dude just glides out there and is super explosive. 

Shanny will lose Breida this offseason and just get another UDFA and plug him right in. 

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18 hours ago, jrry32 said:

It's the Shanahan-Gibbs ZBS. If you get the right blockers and play-calling in place, you can find success with a myriad of different HBs as long as they fit the system. Mostert, being a speedy one-cut runner, fits the system.

Plus 49er O line is good period

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21 hours ago, Manny/Patrick said:

So what’s the story of this guy? He was cut by so many teams and is excelling in Kyles system. He make amazing cuts. He did have fumble issues early in his career. Is he going to get paid when he’s a FA assuming he continues this pace. Also where would he rank postseason wise if he had another record setting game in the SB?

Like everyone has said, its the system that Shanny is running. Think about Kyle father Mike whom with the Broncos had Orlandis Gary in 1999 rushed for over 1150yds in that season. He never rushed for no more than 384yds in a season the rest of his brief career. Mike Anderson whom with Mike had rushed for over 1450yds the following season in 2000. Then we think about in Washington Mike had Morris who had 3 straight seasons of rushing for 1000yds including his rookie season in 2012 where he rushed for over 1600yds. Thats why to me the most head scratching move was the Niners deciding to sign Coleman during the offseason. They had McKinnon before the season started, but I think they cut him if Im not mistaken. They had Brieda and they also have Wilson and of course Mostert. They could also pick a back later in the draft if not undrafted to fit their scheme. They didnt need to pay Coleman or even McKinnon the previous offseason for that matter. It was just a waste of money to resources imo. But yeah Mostert is benefiting from scheme. If he was to go to another team he probably wouldnt fair so well.  

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