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CFB Misc News Thread


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25 minutes ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

Buy his book. I'm getting it as a Christmas gift for a friend's dad who's an old football coach/teacher. Amazon doesn't have a seller who will deliver but Christmas, but I found it on Barnes and Noble for under $20.

Coach Leach is one of the only real "person/people" left in college football as coaches that I believe in as men.

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The last four decades have brought much change to college football. At the end of the 1970s, there were far fewer bowls than there are now, TV was strictly controlled by the NCAA, and there was no playoff.

And there were still D1 and D2 schools playing football in a lower division than their other sports when I was born. That all changed in 1993. The discontinuation of a football program has become much more rare at all levels in recent years, with only one FBS school doing it in the 21st century, only to reverse that decision and resume play in 2017 (they beat Miami U today in the Bahamas Bowl).

A lot of traditional rivalries that existed at the start of the 1980s no longer exist either. And things are only going to change more in the coming years.

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