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Bdl opt out vote


Bdl opt out vote   

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  1. 1. What do we do with the opt outs bdl folks

    • the contract is fully counted against the cap
    • Opt outs get 501 contract
    • For every opt out. An owner gets 1k cap relief (ted)
    • Opt out players receive 50% of contract down to 501 min (bcb)
    • Players get 350k like Irl but they will then be placed on locked status, unable to be cut or traded

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It’s a list of 67 players. 



Arizona Cardinals: OL Marcus Gilbert

Carolina Panthers: LB Christian Miller

Cleveland Browns: OL Colby Gossett

Los Angeles Rams: OT Chandler Brewer

Minnesota Vikings: DT Michael Pierce

New England Patriots: OL Marcus Cannon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: OT Brad Seaton

Washington Football Team: DE Caleb Brantley


This is list of players who will receive the high risk $350 opt out stipend.

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1 hour ago, WFLukic said:

With the 1k relief, does the contract pause and roll over to the next year?

No. At least not the way Ted described it. You'd still get nailed with the cap hit but get a 1k cap addition 


I voted for the last option because the rest are stupid.  If any others pass, this league and those who run it have failed themselves 

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11 minutes ago, WFLukic said:

Nah everything needs to be voted on in one hit - we can't have half the solution now and half in a later vote.

Well the issue is each one I'd assume would have different options.  I'd assume the 1k and no change the year would count.  The 50% could probably be an option.  And the 501 or locked would likely have to be an option to pay full and have year count or do the opt out salary and not have year count 


Ie way too much to put in a poll lol 

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