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Week 17: Packers at Bares


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Man I hope this isn't a let down game. I could totally see the Bears upsetting the Packers and the Packers dropping to the 3 seed. I don't care if the Packers win 2-0 on a game winning safety, as long as they win.

Hopefully Pettine could put together a stretch of great defensive football leading to the SB, but if that does happen, he'll probably have a job next season.

Packers - 2

Bears - 0

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2 minutes ago, Arthur Penske said:

Nah. Def win this game, but Seattle is totally beatable. 

I agree, Seattle doesn't scare me at all. And for some reason all the announcers are all giddy over how the Seahawks defense has improved, hmmmm...

Last 5 games: Eagles, Giants, Jets, Washington, and the Rams.

Other than the Rams, who has a decent offense but hasn't been playing the best, their defense has played the bottom of the barrel. Defenses will look good against sub par offenses.

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19 hours ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Im going to consider this playoff game #1 for us. Way too much riding on it to treat this like a usual bears game. After what we just did to Tennessee, we have to pick up where we left off for the sake of some consistency going into the actual postseason. 

Of course the Bears' D is a lot better than the Titans' D.  TN's O is better than Chicago's O.

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9 hours ago, Malfatron said:

if we lose against chi, likely we get the 3 seed

and we are losing at seattle.

so just win baby

because if we lose this, we aint winning the super bowl

With no fans and deafening noise in Seattle, is that place the hfa it usually is?

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Bears D with Hicks could be much tougher than earlier.  Our run game did very well up the middle in that one, but it could be much more difficult.

Our pass protection also did very well, I don't recall much pressure or blitzing.  Unclear whether that might change?  

I really want the offense to keep moving and scoring, and keep the pressure on Chicago.  Keep scoring if the Packers can get a lead.  And hope maybe Mitch tries to do a little too much and risk a throw trying to keep up or catch up, and maybe you get the INT that flips a tight game into a more comfortable one?  



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48 minutes ago, Sasquatch said:

Weather forecast for this Sunday at Soldier Field: sunny, 36 degrees, 10mph winds.

With high  of 36°It should be below 32° by half once the sun is down. That’s not bad for either team and 10mph wind is nothing for Soldier so both teams should be able to air it out. I give a slight edge to AR in that respect. 

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I think the Packers should utilize the same game plan they did the other night.  You want to stuff the run and make Trubisky beat you with his arm.  My guess is that he won't be up to the challenge.  The Packers OLB's did a nice job of setting the edge and then playing off blocks.  Mitch is gonna be rolling out a lot .. like to run, and like to throw on the run.  If you can keep him in the pocket he's not very good at all.  Jaire on Robinson for sure .. try to limit that guy as much as possible.  Mooney is a guy to watch .. we will have to pay him some attention.  If the Bears make it to the redzone Mitch will be looking for for our old friend Graham and rookie TE Kmet.  Packers are going to win in a romp.

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