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Texans release JJ Watt

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1 Jacksonville Jaguars
58 25.54 $126,483,331 $249,764 $128,862,887 $79,618,517 $133,602,887 $74,878,517
2 New York Jets
55 25.64 $123,116,697 $15,677,075 $136,153,772 $75,532,774 $138,793,772 $72,892,774
3 Indianapolis Colts
64 25.41 $123,498,215 $255,139 $114,813,354 $78,497,543 $123,753,354 $69,557,543
4 New England Patriots
57 26.7 $139,119,621 $863,689 $135,903,310 $68,667,937 $139,983,310 $64,587,937
5 Cincinnati Bengals
48 25.81 $147,832,904 $2,363,183 $150,196,087 $45,596,188 $150,196,087 $45,596,188
6 Denver Broncos
55 26.04 $165,727,122 $601,609 $163,328,731 $39,459,390 $166,328,731 $36,459,390
7 Los Angeles Chargers
45 25.71 $159,047,893 $58,008 $159,105,901 $33,966,398 $159,105,901 $33,966,398
8 Washington Football Team
66 25.97 $163,196,917 $4,864,096 $157,741,013 $43,089,160 $168,061,013 $32,769,160
9 Miami Dolphins
57 25.75 $168,070,545 $489,908 $164,600,453 $35,628,922 $168,560,453 $31,668,922
10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
41 26.1 $158,730,842 $827,102 $159,557,944 $30,024,114 $159,557,944 $30,024,114
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Just now, tyler735 said:

He still could have been traded to a team that has a chance to compete for something or even give him a say in the matter.

I think the Deshaun Watson situation should illustrate how the Texans don't let the prisoners have a say in anything.

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No doubt he wants a ring. Therefore he'd prefer a team WITH an established, winning QB - but many of the teams with most cap space have questionable QB situations. 

He could gamble that Lawrence automatically makes JAX a playoff team...he could gamble BB finds a way of bringing NE back....otherwise, what is Indie's QB situation? What is Denver's? 

Bucs looks a good bet

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1 minute ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Bucs looks a good bet

And I'd imagine he'd take less than what Shaq Barrett would command on the open market.

Watt is that sort of guy Brady would like, and Brady's demand for excellence would resonate with Watt...

It's my outside candidate considering the big three (PIT, GB, CHI).

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2 minutes ago, Manny/Patrick said:

Bosa and Watt??

#5 on my list, simply because DeMeco Ryans and Watt were very close when Watt entered the league.

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16 minutes ago, sammymvpknight said:

Texans fans...just a reminder that the Jags are accepting new fans.

I don't think you want us - wherever we go, bad things happen in a very short time.

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Just now, Manny/Patrick said:

I’m sorry you are going thru this, but than I remember your teams the reason I had to watch another SB loss

Yeah... I'm sorry, I don't know you.

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54 minutes ago, scar988 said:

If I had to guess, Wisconsin (Back home), Pittsburgh (With the bros), or Chicago (With the wife) make the most sense. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want him to pair with Grady Jarrett and Dante Fowler here in Atlanta.

He desperately wants to win a ring. He ain't going to Pitt or Chicago lol.

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