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BayRaider First and Final 2021 Mock Draft (Three Rounds)


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Notes will be at bottom.


- Bears trade #20, 2021 5th Round Pick, and 2022 2nd Round Pick for Giants Pick #11

- Bills trade #30, 2021 4th Round Pick, 2022 3rd Round Pick, 2022 7th Round Pick for Titans #22

- Vikings trade #90 and 2021 5th Round Pick for Steelers #87

2021 NFL Mock Draft:

Full Link for Easy Viewing: https://thedraftnetwork.com/mockDraft/rV3JhE4iFw


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(this will be completely out of order, so just find your team with Control F, or Command F if on Mac. Without the "s". Example: Buccaneer)

49er fans: I think it's Trey Lance despite the constant Mac Jones hype train. I'm sure Shanny will make any of the three look good, but I do think Lance/Fields are on a much higher level than Jones. I also bolstered your secondary with the other picks. 

Falcon fans: Really feel you guys are not going QB. I think it's Pitts with a small chance of Sewell. Used the next couple picks on defense. 

Bengal fans: Are you guys high? Not sure why so many of you want Chase. Yes, he's great! Absolutely. Did you not see your QB get absolutely destroyed last year? And your pass protection is pretty lackluster. Sewell is also the #2 Prospect in this draft in my opinion behind Lawrence. As a consolation prize, I gave you guys WR Rondale Moore at pick #38. 

Charger and Bronco fans: Think I gave you guys a pretty good draft to be honest... damnit. 

Cowboy fans: Surtain seems like one of the most obvious picks of the draft at 10 imo. Also, I think Carman plays guard for you guys and is a nice fit on the OL. 

Bills fans: You guys are in "All-In" mode, which means risky prospects, and trade-ups are all on the table. You trade up for a guy who is the best pure pass rusher in the draft if it wasn't for his medicals. I also got you Samuel in the 2nd who is mostly a NCB but he can play some outside too. Also added more RB help. 

Bear fans: How long have you guys been a QB away from possibly winning a Super Bowl...? It's time to get aggressive. And in this scenario, you didn't give up all that much to move up. I'm not a huge Mac Jones fan, but he's certainly way better than Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. 

Washington: I figured JOK would be a good value pick for you guys and adds another dimension to your already top notch defense. Also, think Molden plays a combo of NCB/FS for you guys, but I drafted him as primarily your FS. As for a QB, think you guys will just rock Fitzpatrick/Heinicke this year and probably draft a QB in the 1st next year. Keep building the roster so it's loaded for whoever that future QB is. 

Raider fans: My fellow Raider fans... this isn't necessarily what I would do, it's what I think will happen. I do like Farley a lot, and despite drafting Arnette at 19 last year, we need a playmaking coverage CB in a bad way.  Caleb Farley gives us the #1 CB we haven't had since Asomugha. And Mullen will be the #2 while Arnette is the Nickel. Also, I would not pick Stone that high, but he's the exact OT that Cable covets, and I could certainly see the reach happening as we always reach on somebody. He's an early 3rd Round Prospect, but he should end up being a solid starting RT in the NFL after one year. His Pass Protection at Florida was outstanding. Needs to work on run blocking though. However, I did get us excellent value with Jamar Johnson and Jabril Cox in the 3rd Round. Also, I know some of you love Grant, and I really like him as well, but I think teams are going to be lower on him than the draftnik community. 

Brown fans: I see many of you want Barmore in the 1st. No. Barmore isn't as good as you think he is. Solid player, but not 1st Round worthy. Rousseau is a bit of a project but if he pans out, him and Garrett could be the nastiest EDGE duo in the league. 

Patriot fans: Kwity Paye screams Bill Bellichick player. He can play in any scheme, has many uses, solid pass rusher, and oozes potential. I also think Nick Bolton fits your LB core nicely, and got you Kyle Trask in the 3rd Round. 

Cardinal fans: I wanted to get you a Corner in the 1st, but if Jaylen Waddle is sitting there, it would be hard for Kingsbury and Keim to pass up. Your WR core isn't exactly fast... actually it's a pretty dang slow WR core. Waddle is the fastest WR of any WR in the first round. 

Titan fans: Reason for the trade down? Not many corners worthwhile on the board, and I think Elijah Moore fits your offense perfectly. At 22 is a bit rich for Moore, but at 30 he's pretty solid value. Pick up some draft capital to go along with it. 

Dolphin fans: Don't kill me for the Oweh pick, but to me he's a perfect 3-4 EDGE player in the NFL. Needs to develop his first year but he might just be the craziest athlete in the entire draft. It makes the Dolphins Defense have the potential to be absolutely scary. Also, with Ja'Marr Chase, Travis Ethinette, and Pat Freiermuth on offense, you are ready to roll! 

Steeler fans: A Guard in the first might not be sexy, but he's the best Guard to come out in a while, and you need all the OL help you can get. Got your RB in the 2nd, and a developmental QB in the 3rd. 

Jaguar fans: Lawrence, Moehrig are good bets to happen come draft night and solid pieces for your organization. I know some of you will hate the Dyami Brown pick but he's my #3 WR and I think teams will be much higher on him than the internet. 

Raven fans: I wanted to get you guys an EDGE to go along with your OT Tevin Jenkins. However.. they were all gone. All of them. So, have Terrace Marshall Jr. instead. Not a bad consolation prize. I did, however, land you Quincy Roche in the Late 3rd, who in my opinion, is excellent value at that pick. 

Saint fans: You guys could go many different ways with that 28 pick, but I've been saying since December that Toney has Sean Payton written all over him. I also got you an EDGE starter at 60, and a possible CB starter at 105. 

Packer fans: Not the most exciting draft, but Newsome II should be a solid outside starting CB. James Hudson may seem like a reach, but I think he's a sleeper to be a decent starting RT in the NFL. Worst case scenario, he's a Top Tier Guard. 

Buccaneer fans: Holy Stokes! Yes, Stokes is my surprise pick of the 1st Round. I think he has the potential to be the top corner of the entire class with his speed and size. He was pretty good at Georgia as well and I felt he got better every week. Let's face facts, you guys already have a stacked roster. However, I think CB2 needs an upgrade, and even if Stokes doesn't start his first year, this may make your defense even more elite down the road. 

Giant fans: I think you guys are after a more bigger WR for Daniel Jones. And that's where Bateman comes in... I'm a pretty big fan of Bateman and think he'll be a WR1 in the NFL. Also, you pick up a 2022 2nd Round Pick for your troubles. They draft their EDGE man in the 2nd Round in Joe Tryon, and add a Local Corner in the 3rd. 

Eagle fans: I think Devonta Smith has Eagles written all over him. Seems like a very solid fit. I'm sure some you prefer Waddle or Defense, but I think Smith is the pick here. They draft their Corner in the 2nd Round in Tyson Campbell. 

Viking fans: I thought this would finally be the year Zimmer doesn't draft a Corner in the 1st... and then Jeff Gladney situation happens. Jaycee Horn at 14 is a solid pick, and you sure up the Offensive Line in the 3rd Round with OG Trey Smith, and a small trade up for OT Spencer Brown.

Panther fans: Keep building a bully defense with Jamin Davis in the 2nd and Richie Grant in the 3rd. This defense keeps looking scarier and scarier by the year. Get your OT in the 1st, and can always draft a QB next year if Darnold doesn't work out. 

Colt fans: Some might think Cosmi at 21 is a bit of a reach, but he's been creeping into the 1st Round. He's gonna be a very solid OT in the NFL imo. Holland in the 2nd Round can play both FS and NCB pretty effectively, although I drafted him to be primarily your FS. 

Jet fans: Zach Wilson, Najee Harris (best RB in the draft imo), and Wyatt Davis revamp your entire offense. You also get Amari Rodgers as a WR4 who could definitely develop into your full time Slot WR to help out there as well. As for defense, Azeez Ojulari also should be a very solid DE in the NFL, although I'd probably start him off at LB. 

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Sorry guys, I put the wrong link in the thread to a rough draft mock. Th embedded version was correct but the link version was a different mock. The link is now fixed. If you used the link, then you will have to take another look to view the correct mock. 

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Colts - I’m ok with Cosmi, but there is this notion in the draft community that S is a need for the Colts and it isn’t true. Our starting safeties are locked in for 2021 already and possibly for a few years with FS Blackmon and SS Willis. Maybe a late round safety for the purposes of depth for 3 safety sets but not top 100 need. DE or CB are much bigger needs.

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As for the Falcons 

Pitts is a good pick with no trade downs happening for us then i think he is the correct choice there.

Zaven is great value in round 2 but lord i can't for the life of me figure out where he will fit in with us.  Im not sure he is a 3-4 Rush OLB which is exactly what we need.  Were perfectly set for ILB with Foye and Debo and the other OLB is set with Dante Fowler.   Does Zaven fit in as the other edge rushing LB?  or does that go away from his strengths or does he fit better in a 4-3 than our 3-4?    He confuses me quite a bit in what he is going to be at next level. 

As for round 3 Dayo im almost sure is going to be a 4-3 DE at the next level at his size as i think he is to light to be a 3-4 DE and to big and clunky to be a 3-4 olb in space.    Plus if you have Zaven as our edge rusher OLB then Dayo would be just doubling down on the same position.   Which wouldn't be the right move with how many other needs we have.  

I think a much better pick in round 3 would be a Richie Grant at Safety as thats still our #1 need on defense at this point and better value than Dayo hile also fitting our scheme. 

Pitts, Zaven, and Grant seems to be a good haul for us as far as BPA goes an only Zaven would give me pause just because i don't know of his fit but i know his talent is 1st round quality so im sure we can do something with him. 

My other setup and choices would be

1st - Kyle Pitts - TE
2nd - Javontae Williams - RB
3rd - Richie Grant - S
4th - Best edge rushing 3-4 OLB available.

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13 hours ago, BayRaider said:

Steeler fans: A Guard in the first might not be sexy, but he's the best Guard to come out in a while, and you need all the OL help you can get. Got your RB in the 2nd, and a developmental QB in the 3rd. 

I don't hate the draft. AJT is definitely a good one, and Decastro is a FA after this year. All my fingers and toes are crossed that Williams lasts until #55. Mills isn't my favorite in the 3rd. Not because I don't like him, just that I think the entire QB room is already developmental QBs, sans Ben. I think if we want to try to develop a guy, it'll be Haskins. I'd take Tremble in the 3rd. But thats me. 

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58 Kansas City - Dillon Radunz OT
63 Kansas City - Chatarius Atwell WR

  • Radunz is OK, but more likely they will target additional OL late. The priority is DE. They lost a starter and his backup to free agency.
  • Atwell is simply wrong. In addition to needing Edge desperately, he's the wrong sort of WR. If they want a pure PR, they can get Ihmir Smith-Marsette or Dazz Newsome in the 5th. As it is today, there are 10 WR already under contract. Either Janarius Robinson or Dayo Odeyingbo would work. The ideal pick is Ossai at #58, but he went a pick earlier.



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On 4/23/2021 at 9:53 PM, BayRaider said:

Steeler fans: A Guard in the first might not be sexy, but he's the best Guard to come out in a while, and you need all the OL help you can get. Got your RB in the 2nd, and a developmental QB in the 3rd. 

Pretty bad.  I would have called it horribly bad but you took Williams in the 2nd.  AVT might be the BPA on the board but the Steelers really, really do not need any more OGs.  They have their 2 starters and backups.  A developmental OG in the 5th+ round would be better.  A CB would work there or Harris ( who they love) would be more accurate.


So why do they need a developmental QB?  They have 4 QBs on the roster now.  Totally wasted pick on a player who's best bet is to be a backup. 

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