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Round 1: Pick #29; Eric Stokes, CB, Georgia


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6 hours ago, SSG said:

Why's it a narrative?  We don't have 1 single WR on the roster who's under contract next year.  Our only quality starter is almost 30 and is in line for a 10-12 million dollar per year raise that will likely make him the highest paid WR in NFL history.  If we were going into next year with zero tackles under contract the board would be banging on their keyboard demanding a tackle be taken with the first 4 picks.  I don't understand why some on the board view the WR position in the same light that there view long snapper.  

With Tonyan, Adams, MVS and ESB all being UFA next year I'm not sure there is another team in the league that has more issues with the future of their pass catchers than Green Bay.  The future of the position looks extremely grim.

That is not the narrative I typically hear.  I'm referring to the " GB needs to surround Rodgers with weapons" , "GB has not picked a WR in round 1 since Javon Walker".

Not how the future position stacks up.

Yes the 2022 WR group has nothing under contract.  Though Lazard will be an RFA, and very likely tendered.

CB group had Jaire and Hollman.  So the future looks pretty grim as well.

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Just now, PossibleCabbage said:

The phrasing of "since Javon Walker" is funny, as though the days of Javon Walker on the Packers were somehow halcyon days.  Like Greg Jennings was a better player in his prime than Walker was in his, and James Jones might have been.

But that's the narrative.  "Rodgers has only thrown TD to first round drafted pass catchers.....Lewis, give the MVP some weapons"

The dude was MVP, why does he need weapons?

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6 hours ago, deltarich87 said:

What's funny is that if this whole Rodgers crap never happens today, I'd say majority of the fan base would be happy with the pick. Instead, there's likely a group who are mad that GB didn't take a weapon for Rodgers again in RD1.

I'd love a WR - and I expect GB to take one tomorrow(I hope!), but in RD1 I was always hoping they'd be able to nab CB or OT considering the importance of those positions vs WR

As long as GB goes WR in Day 2, preferably paired with a DL or OL, I'm good. 

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Just woke up. Went to bed at 6.30AM so i've only had 6 hours sleep.

I admit I know absolutely nothing about Stokes. I love the fact he is very athletic with long arms. I love his hair game and I love that he looks like Morgan Freeman's grandchild. I feel it in my bones that he's going to be a good one.



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4 minutes ago, HyponGrey said:

Jenkins is playing C, and I defy you to tell me you're comfortable with Turner at any T position.

Both can and have played T in 2020.  

yes, I am comfortable with Turner at either T position....LT for a few games if needed, RT for extended time (full season)


sorry to defy you😉

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