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2022 Coaching Candidates


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30 minutes ago, bMiller031 said:

 Another Dan Quinn hint

Yeah Allbright has been incessant. Kellan Moore is another member of that staff that should garner some interest for those interested in “hot coordinator” types, which is very much not the route they went in Minny when Paton was there. 

If they hire someone with prior HC experience, I would hope said HC would delegate to his coordinators for play-calling on each side of the ball. If you hire the hot coordinator, however, might as well let him have his side of the ball as it’s what got him the job in the first place. 

Paton’s history suggests a candidate with prior HC experience, as has been mentioned. The fanbase and fan-pandering portions of the media will clamor for either a early-30s hotshot or Eric Bienimey and, thus, are likely to be disappointed. 

I just want to see a good group of candidates interviewed, without a front runner prior to interviews, and then hear good, solid justifications for why they were hired. 

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On 10/26/2021 at 6:08 AM, lomaxgrUK said:

Keen to hear what you mean by demonstrated stability? Not really sure what that means.

Sans one season, the results have just not been good enough. They are trending in the complete wrong direction, and many who watch the team frequently are questionings Kyle's playcalling and the personnel usage.

Their roster right now just isn't good enough, and that's on the pair of them. Just look at their first two selections in each draft since they took over - very poor other than 2019 with Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel.

I am really not too sure why you hammer Paton for his Minnesota days and their lack of success (in your eyes),  but you revere Lynch and Shanahan despite their lack of success. I kinda get Kyle, given his body of work in his career in totality. But he is rightly getting hammered at present for the poor job he's doing right now.

They are both on the hotseat and rightly so.

I am not ready to hammer Paton just yet.  I thought his hiring was good at the time but I am not a fan of the Viking organization.  They kind of remind me of us in that they've been good but never were able to take the next step.  We got lucky and won one though.  It might be hard to convey what I'm trying to say but I thought Paton was a good hire but I also thought we were on the right path when we hired him.  I thought we were close.  Was I ever fn wrong.  With what happened at 1.9 this year I was just dumfounded.  And now I think we all have to admit it's time to start over.  I now wonder if Paton is the guy to do this.  He was sheltered in Minny and was comfortable where he was which is why it was hard for anyone to lure him out.  Like me he thought the broncos were an easy path for his glory to only grow, an easy ship to right so to speak.  He nows sees this is clearly not the case.   I think the poor coaching staff candidates reflect this fact - that Paton is old, old, old school because that's all he knows.  He was comfortable in Minny for a reason.  I doubt he had a lot of real say.  Their qb woes run longer and deeper than ours.  I think we all see the game changing right before us and I just don't see Paton as the innovator I would like steering this rutterless ship at this time.   My true fear is that when Zimmer gets let go this year he comes over here as our new hire.  My god can you imagine     

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23 minutes ago, broncosfan07 said:

I doubt Kyle gets fired unless they were to lose out and get blown out every week but even Gase got a second chance right away so Kyle sure as hell would. I would not in anyway give him the same kind of control SF did though. 

It’s pretty clear he and Lynch act like a hive mind.   It’s also pretty clear they need work there.   Great at ID’ing late round talent.    Serious issues with Rd1 evaluation in year 1 and OL draft evaluation overall (McGlinchey notwithstanding - Miami GM / FO has this problem in spades).   Besides JimmyG that’s been a big problem.   Losing Kinlaw has turned their D into a run sieve; we saw that yesterday (and on SNF vs. Indy).   When you have an iffy IOL, bad run D and meh QB play - badness ensues.  A similar combo in Miami right now. 

His loyalty to JimmyG is baffling contrast LA’s decision to part ways with Goff.     The one thing that might save him is that the decision to draft Trey Lance must have had ownership sign off - and Lance needed a year to sit.   That was obvious so you’d think ownership committed to be patient.   It would take a complete meltdown going forward IMO to lead to his ousting.  

But yeah the only good scenario to consider Kyle Shanahan is if Paton has final say on personnel.   HC’s who have final personnel say haven’t worked out save for BB and even BB the GM isn’t nearly the same as BB the coach.  

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Just now, paul-mac said:


Not only did he take SF to a Superbowl, but he was a big part of the reason the Falcons made one too and Matt Ryan won the MVP. Plus he's Denver minded.

What has he done since the SF SB? His team is well below .500 in 1.5 years worth of work. He could be an anomaly in either direction.

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48 minutes ago, broncos67 said:

What has he done since the SF SB? His team is well below .500 in 1.5 years worth of work. He could be an anomaly in either direction.

I think Matt Ryan was/is loads better than Jimmy G. I think Jimmy G is about as good as Teddy in terms of being a borderline starter/A+ backup. Matt Ryan is a really good QB (most of the time). That Falcons defense was also really good that year. 

With the right pieces, Kyle Shannon can be a descent coach.  However, I am not sold him as anything more than a above average OC. But maybe a return home might be what he needs.  If you are bringing him in, just bring in Kyle Kubiak just to say, F***CK it, let's wash and repeat from the past. 

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