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Vikings trade for TJ Hockenson


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2 hours ago, swede700 said:

His dad, Tod, grew up a Vikings fan...I imagine he's thrilled...and up until the pros, attended every one of TJ's games.  I bet he'll be there for every home game.  

When T.J. Hockenson was traded by the Lions hours before the NFL trade deadline, he wasn’t surprised. But he was pleasantly surprised that he was sent to Minnesota.

Hockenson:  “I kinda knew. I had a little idea. I didn’t expect here [in Minny], but obviously super, super excited to be here.  When I got here last night I was like, This is pretty sweet. Just excited to be here, for real. I’m grinding. I got in last night and they gave me my iPad. I’m trying to learn this offense as much as I can. There’s a lot of ins and outs to it, but football is football. This will be my fourth offense now that I’ve been in throughout my career, so just learning new terminology.”


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17 hours ago, gopherwrestler said:

Would get a decent comp pick in return also. Nobody is factoring that in

Depends on what you consider a decent comp pick.  Using OTC's projection, a 3rd round pick is $16.5M+ which would be the 2nd highest paid TE behind Darren Waller.  4th round is probably somewhere north of $10M which would make him a top 12 highest paid TE which seems about right.  I'd feel comfortable projecting him as a 4th round compensatory pick.

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On 11/1/2022 at 9:37 AM, Heimdallr said:

we basically swapped a 2nd for a 4th, right? doesn't seem like a lot

A very late 2nd for likely the earliest 4th!  Basically moving down about 1 position for each of 2 players.  That's roughly the value of near the lowest 3rd Rounder.  That's a great bargain for what should be roughly an NFL top 5 TE on a team who will give that TE a prominent role in pulling defenders into the middle of the field, leaving Jefferson significantly more open.  Also, his ability to run good patterns, catch well and contested throws, and block well, will help in KOC's "illusion of complexity, because the defenders won't know whether or not he is the target, or in to block, especially if several of the potential receivers start the play in motion.  His blocking should help the running game, and pass blocking, as well, over and above what Smith, Mundt, or Ellefson could do.  

He's averaging 15 yards per catch, so he'll be great at moving the chains when the WRs are all covered closely.  And with his tall height and long arms and soft hands, he'll be great in The Red Zone.  His YAC are among the highest for a TE.  So he'll help get rid of the 3 and outs that have been holding back this offence.  It is a super trade for the meagre price, as long as he stays relatively healthy.  He's only 25 years old, and just coming into the year when Kittle and the other big, bruising, athletic top TEs broke out.  I hope Kwesi can sign him to a reasonable extension. But the Vikings can, at the very least, have him for this year and next year, plus 2 years of Franchise tagging him(taking him to 28 years old.  

The trade opens the field more to J.J., and gives Kirk a safety valve who is much better at converting first downs when the other receivers are not open, fills the vacancy at TE the team had to fill, at a cost for this year that didn't require The Vikings to extend a veterans' contact into future years, reducing available CAP space then, and at a reasonable CAP hit for 2023, whereas, getting a high-quality WR on a non-rookie deal might have cost twice as much (i.e. Cooks).  So, this is a terrific trade!

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Quarterback Jared Goff said on Wednesday that Hockenson is a “tremendous player” and that he trusted the team’s decisions were made in the “best interests” of the team before he was asked if he felt the trade was waving a white flag for this year. Goff replied that “it’s not my decision” and went on to talk about the difficulty of saying farewell to a teammate.

Goff: “It sucks going through that as a teammate, mostly just seeing him in the building every day, not being able to be around him .But yeah, I wish him the best and I know he’ll be successful in doing his thing. Happy for him and hope everything works out for him.”


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Howe added Hockenson is fifth among tight ends this year in receiving yards (395), first in yards per catch (15.19) and second in average yards after the catch (8.04).

Miller said Hockenson brings more to the Vikings than just another pass-catching target. He wrote:

"Hockenson doesn't simply help as a weapon in the passing game for O'Connell. Part of Hockenson's massive appeal coming out of Iowa was his outrageous blocking ability. While that hasn't always been the case at the NFL level, the physical ability to be a dominant run blocker at the position remains. In a league where it's tough finding tight ends that can do both, the Vikings have."

"Minnesota currently ranks 18th in team DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) and 11th in offensive DVOA. They're coming up with ways to win one-score games at the moment. Adding another option in the passing game and what should be an upgrade in the run game is a step forward for a team that will need to lean on their offense as the season progresses."


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