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  2. Pryor having arthroscopic ankle surgery

    Pryor on IR? There goes our Super Bowl this year
  3. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Good god Andre Roberts is straight trash. Why not run up the middle to atleast get as much yardage as you can.
  4. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    It was obvious man, this will cost us the game
  5. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Very entertaining mnf game
  6. He had no real offseason, our OL kinda sucks, playcalling sucks, WR play has dropped off IMO, and our run game sucks. Marcus is the least of our problems
  7. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    great d atlanta... lol 49 seconds
  8. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    That stupid stupid fake. ... And challenge... LOL
  9. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    junk penalty... dude was barely out and Neal tried to punch the ball out....
  10. Week 11: Rams (7-2) at VIKINGS (7-2)

    Wow, 6.1 YPA is Ponderesque. If we held him to that, we did a good job of keeping the pressure on him and covering the deeper routes.
  11. That is an important thing. he was fumbling like crazy before. no fumbles this year
  12. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Strike... Let’s make this interesting, Seattle.
  13. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Seattle always find a way to make an interesting game
  14. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Jesus that was quick
  15. Vaitai has actually played well but LT is our biggest need. With that said will we be in position to take a stud OT whether we take a plug and play LT in the 30s or kick Lane over and draft a TH. Vaitai becomes a solid option as a swing tackle. While I'm not giving up on Hicks, he's so injury prone not adding another option there would be foolish despite how well Kendricks and Bradham have played. Even after re-signing Alshon wideout is still a need. The player we add is probably the 4th option in the passing game at best but if they can stretch the field it would be awesome. This one is a question mark because Mack Hollins could be that guy. Losing Blount may hurt but having Ajayi and Clement makes that easier. That said I don't think Pumphrey is an NFL player and Sproles is likely gone so adding a third back could be helpful. I'd also be happy with depth help at TE/OL/S/QB.
  16. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    Stupid move Neal.
  17. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    He only just got out of bounds. Kinda harsh tbf.
  18. General Season Talk

    Looks like the Rams will stay a full game in first place in the NFCW assuming the Falcons hold on. The Rams didn’t extend the lead but at least they didn’t lose ground. Believe it or not but Minnesota was actually the game, according to FPI, the Rams have the least chance of winning. The rest of the schedule, according to FPI, the Rams have the greatest chance of winning. Philly and NO come to LA, the Seahawks, Cards, Titans, and SF all are either struggling, banged up, or both. The Rams are still in good shape. This isn’t the Fisher led Rams who would let one loss turn into a five game losing streak. Rams will be fine.
  19. @ragevsuall17 I agree -- marcus hasn't regressed. He's doing very very little things better than last year (lives to play another down more than last year, no fumbles). He just hasn't made the leap yet (he will)
  20. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 16 straight

    A lot of people are old fashioned in the Best player in the Best team should win MVP so if by chance Boston has the most wins he will get votes. Not saying he does or doesn't deserve it because it's too early for me to follow the MVP race.
  21. Broncos fire OC Mike McCoy

    Surprises me, hard to do much with Osweiler.
  22. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    So that fake FG came back to haunt us
  23. Monday Night Football - Atlanta v Seattle

    My friends Ryans ongoing record streak of 200+ yards in a game i think ends tonight. Never would have expected it in a game we put up almost 35 points thats just crazy.
  24. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    Just keep drafting defense and OL, sign skill position players from FA
  25. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 16 straight

    Right now Kyrie is no where close to MVP. By season end though? If the Celtics win 60+ games without Hayward? As good as Jaylen/Tatum have been, the narrative of getting 60+ wins on a brand new team without his other all star teammate and FOUR rookies playing significant minutes, including TWO STARTING has got some serious traction. Especially since Kawhi is missing a ton of time and already out, Harden now has CP3 to split credit, Westbrook has PG to split touches/credit, and the Cavs have a mediocre record right now. If the Celtics get the #1 seed and 60+ wins I think Kyrie has some legitimate claim to that. But again, right now there isn't enough separation in the win column to justify overtaking players who have way better stats than him. Well part of that wasn't as much as Westbrook won a lot, as much as Harden didn't win enough and Harden's gaudy stats looked less legitimate to winning and value than Westbrooks.

    Reading this makes me want to puke. we are going to waste marcus mariota. I feel it in my bones.
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