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  2. Izzy a better striker than Jones no doubt, but Jones would be able to dictate the fight exactly to where it needed to be. He’d be stronger, have the size advantage, and he hasn’t met an opponent he can’t take down. JBJ also has an extremely underrated chin
  3. Win and we're in. Our reward is likely the Dodgers and we're without Burnes. That wouldn't be pretty methinks.
  4. I agree. Fines need to be more consistent and more expensive.
  5. Cut the antics post fight and I'm a fan. He's too good to be mock humping his opponent and then yelling "I just came all over you" afterwards. No need for that. Dance, Naruto run, do your machine gun stuff and let that be that.
  6. I still think Jones beats Izzy, especially if it’s at LHW. The of competition Izzy has beaten compared to Jones is hardly impressive. Plus Jones would have 4” Reach, something Izzy isn’t use to.
  7. I'm not adding the OT for 2021, but adding them in 2021 to get a year of NFL experience under their belt for 2022 and beyond when Wagner is a FA, Turner might be a FA... But Packers traditional have done this a lot under Ted Thompson and Gute especially with their second pick (or top 2nd rounder), as we have done this year with RB... added the RB the year before the starter will be a FA to let the rookie get a year of experience under their belt, in case we don't resign the starter. Off the top of my head, Matthews the year before losing Kampman. Nelson before losing Jennings I think, Cobb before possible losing Nelson and the list is a lot longer.. of them using picks on a position they just lost or more often, might lose the next year.
  8. izzy's a great champ. no bull****. keeps it moving with the title defenses. one of the most respectable champs we've had a minute.
  9. I know Jones is moving up. But man what a mega fight that would be.
  10. Throughout their careers if you go by percentages it's more likely that LeBron will make the finals than Dwight Howard will make a free throw.
  11. seconded, this just prisoner of the moment stuff.
  12. 🤣🤣 i like you. But no chance. I like Israel. Jones would crush him.
  13. 1. Please try and stay on topic. That's an entirely different discussion. Pick one, are we discussing our Run O or Run D? I'm not going to keep jumping between topics because you can't follow a single thought. I'll attempt to answer your new(est) question, though I'm sure you'll respond with another off-topic question soon after: No, short TD runs do no count for less points, and literally nobody has said that. But a bunch of short TD runs do not indicate a good run O on their own. If they did, Jordan Howard would be considered as one of the best backs in the league right now. Your last question was filled with several questions, including whether or not the Panthers or Saints had bottled up Jacobs- something totally irrelevant to our run D. The answer was yes, they did. They held our run game to similar numbers that the top run D's in the league have held opponents to. Our run game hasn't been particularly good. You assumed, wrongly, that I was one who has been singing our run game's praises. I haven't been. I think our rub game has been mostly subpar until we're iinside the opponent's 5, maaaybe 10 yard line. 2. Last season is last season, not this season, and your point is a hypothetical. That said, last I checked, we aren't playing Christian McCaffery every week either. I never said we had the top run D, but we held the best RB in the league to runs of: 0, 0, 5, 9, 4, 4, 6(TD), 3, 2, 7, 13, 3, -1, 2, 1, 9, 0, 3(TD), and 2. By my count, that's 11 runs that fall short of 4 yards. Did we get gashed a couple times, yes, hence me initially saying " surprisingly stout" as opposed "one of the league's best". We clearly have an inconsistent run D, but they did a fairly decent job of holding McCaffrey in check. Only 6 of his logged rushing plays went for anything over 4 yards, and half of those were very close to. I would call that a relative success, sans the 3 long rushes of 7, 13, and 9- rushes that even great teams give up from time to time. As for the rest of the Panthers "rush" plays, Teddy gouged us for 6.5 yds on plays where he scrambled out of the pocket. That's due at least as much to our lack of a pass rush as they weren't designed run plays. Curtis Samuel logged a 5 yd end-around. Armoh ran twice for 1 yd. Much of our "average ypc allowed" is anchored by Bridgewater and Samuels' high averages, Bridgewater's not particularly reflective of our run D. Meanwhile, the Saints got a boost from Harris' 11ypc on a sweep. Murray averaged 4.7, Hill clicked 4-even. But we'll focus on the large bulk of the Saints run game- Kamara's run plays, as they're more reflective of our overall effort than the combined carrys of Harris/Murray/Hill: 10, 0, 13, 21, 3, 1(TD), 5, 16, 2, [The Saints at this point scored the bulk of their points and it was beginning to look like a route. The run D admittedly looked like trash and things looked bad], 5, 0, 5, 3, 8, 3(TD). Our defensive adjustments stopped the long gashes. Early on, we gave up 4 runs of over 5 yards, and all of them were of the double digit variety. Only 3 were ineffective run plays (0, 3, 2 yds) and the short TD. Post-adjustments, we allowed Kamara 1 run of over 5 yards. The early gashes skew the overall numbers. Gash plays happen. We adjusted and limited them to fairly average numbers once we made adjustments. If I had claimed we had a "great" run D, then yes, this would undermine it. Instead, I said "surprisingly stout". The end result was 8 rushes of 5 or more yards, 5 "good" run stops of under 5, and the 2 short TDs. The adjustments helped us stop the bleeding. If we keep that stuff cleaned up, we should be just fine. Between McCaffrey and Kamara, our run plays given up have been: 0, 0, 5, 9, 4, 4, 6(TD), 3, 2, 7, 13, 3, -1, 2, 1, 9, 0, 3(TD), 2, 10, 0, 13, 21, 3, 1(TD), 5, 16, 2, 5, 0, 5, 3, 8, 3(TD). 15 of those run plays were for negative yards or negligible damage. 6 of them were between 4 and 5 yards. 1 was a longer than average run td (6yd), 3 were short and goal runs (3, 1, 3 yds). 9 were longer than average runs that weren't TDs. Do we have a propensity to give up some gash plays? Absolutely. Kamara showed us that. Nearly have of the long runs we gave up came from him in quick succession. That being said, we also have a fair share of short and negative runs forced. 3. Stout, not excellent. You can't compare 2 games from this year to an entire season. That's totally irrational. A team could give up 1 blown run play of 90 yds, hold an opponent in check the rest of the game, and the stats would be ridiculously skewed if you tried to extrapolate 1 or 2 games for an entire season. It doesn't work like that. It's as irrational as a QB having a 5 TD game and saying they're on pace to throw 80 tds. You have to take individual games for whay they are and, ideally, look at the actual plays, not just raw averages. If a RB breaks a 90 yard run but winds up with a 10 carry, 100 yd game, that's a 10ypc average anchored almost entirely by 1 play. If a RB has 2 runs of 30 yds, but ends up with 27 carries for 100 yds, they aren't a 4ypc back for the entire game. They would be "mostly" held in check. Individual plays matter as much as averages, particularly when dealing with a limited sample size. At season's end, I don't think we wind up much worse (or better) than stats you gave for last year. Right now, the averages aren't spectacular, but on a touch-by-touch basis, I've seen enough runs stopped short and adjustments made to stop long gashes to say I think our Run D has been the strength of our D and has played fairly well outside of a handful of chunk plays. And yes, context absolutely matters.
  14. The best athletes in the world shouldn't fall on their *** as often as they do in NBA games. Flops need to be more severely punished.
  15. So I’m this entire argument are you taking how a guy looks on tape over the production he puts on the field? There are plenty of players who don’t look “good” on tape but produce, which is much more important. The thing about opinions is that they are like buttholes, everyone has one. But production doesn’t lie. I have a strong feeling you weren’t very high on JJ Watt either.
  16. Jon Jones would get lit up on the feet by Izzy
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