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McPoyle vs Ponderosa: Mafia of the Century! McPoyles win in a LANDSLIDE!

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We have McPoyle vs Ponderosa, seeking damages for the loss of an eye in the form of a one time payment of two...hundred dollars. The sides:

McPoyles (Mafia)

The Lawyer

If investigated, The Lawyer will come back as a jabroni (normal civ)

Liam McPoyle

Liam McPoyle can investigate a player two times learning their role

Ryan McPoyle

Ryan McPoyle can watch a player every odd night, seeing what they did

Margaret McPoyle

Margaret McPoyle can block a player from making moves on even nights

The McPoyles also have one hit every night


Ponderosas (Civ Specials)

Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack uses his strong hands every night to protect one player from being hit

Bill Ponderosa

Bill Ponderosa can pardon one player, however, Bill will die two days after the pardon

Maureen Ponderosa

Maureen Ponderosa can investigate a player every odd night, learning their role

Bobby Ponderosa

Bobby Ponderosa knows the identity of Bill Ponderosa, and receives a one-time hit when Bill dies

Normal civs will be known as jabronis. Alongside the jabronis will be the gang. Although they are also powerless, both factions will receive a bonus when any member of the gang dies (bonuses will only be announced when they are earned).

The Gang (Powerless Civs)

Charlie Kelly, Dee Reynolds, Frank Reynolds, Dennis Reynolds, and Ronald McDonald

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Signup List:

1. @theuntouchable - Bobby Ponderosa - N3 Mafia Hit
2. @OleXmad
3. @Whicker - Dennis Reynolds - N4 Mafia Hit
4. @LetTheBallFly - Maureen Ponderosa - N2 Lynch
5. @Slappy Mc
6. @squire12
7. @Famous Jameis aka Pickle Rick - Frank Reynolds - N1 Mafia Hit
8. @stallyns
9. @domepatrol91 - Uncle Jack - N1 Lynch
10. @gopherwrestler
11. @PuntMyLumps
12. @MookieMonster
13. @kingseanjohn - Dee Reynolds - N4 Lynch
14. @MD4L
15. @EliteTexan80 aka Jaguar
16. @VikeManDan - Jabroni - N2 Mafia Hit
17. @AlexGreen#20 - Jabroni - N3 Lynch
18. @RandyMossIsBoss

Backups: bcb1213

Normal Civ PM:


You are a Jabroni-Civ Aligned. You have no powers. You win when the McPoyle clan has been eliminated.


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Nightly Recaps

Night One:


Vote Count:

domepatrol - 5: squire, Slappy Mc, Mookie Monster, Stallyns, Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick - 4: Whicker, OleXmad, PuntMyLumps, MD4L

Whicker - 3: RandyMossIsBoss, AlexGreen#20, VikeManDan

EliteTexan80 - 3: domepatrol, theuntouchable, kingseanjohn

theuntouchable - 1: EliteTexan80

Slappy Mc - 1: LetTheBallFly


domepatrol was a man obsessed with his small hands. He thought he could fool the world by wearing fake hands over his regular hands. But when he accidentally threw off one of his hands in court, he couldn't face reality and fell into a very sad state. This was really bumming everyone out, so the people decided to get rid of him.

@domepatrol91 is dead, he was Uncle Jack

The McPoyle's turned their attention to Pickle Rick. He fancied himself a regular guy, but it turns out he was very special.

@Famous Jameis aka Pickle Rick is dead, he was Frank Reynolds

Due to the passing of his horrible AA sponsor, Bill Ponderosa has cleaned up his act. Also, Ryan McPoyle is finally over the trauma of riding to his brother's wedding in Frank's trunk.

Start of Day Two

Night Two:


Final Vote Count:

LetTheBallFly - 6: PuntMyLumps, Whicker, stallyns, EliteTexan80,  MD4L, theuntouchable

theuntouchable - 5: RandyMossIsBoss, gopherwrestler, VikeManDan, LetTheBallFly, OleXmad

EliteTexan80 - 1: kingseanjohn

Whicker - 1: squire

AlexGreen#20 - 1: Slappy Mc

kingseanjohn - 1: MookieMonster


The crowd gathered around @LetTheBallFly. He gave a final plea asking for help...

...however it was not answered

@LetTheBallFly is dead, he was Maureen Ponderosa

Based on Maureen's dying meow, the McPoyles turned their attention to @VikeManDan

@VikeManDan is dead, he was a jabroni

Start of Day Three

Night Three:



Final VC:

AlexGreen#20 - 6: RandyMossIsBoss, Whicker, theuntouchable, MD4L, OleXmad, gopherwrestler

EliteTexan80 - 3: stallyns, kingseanjohn, AlexGreen#20

kingseanjohn - 2: EliteTexan80, PuntMyLumps

Slappy Mc - 2: Slappy Mc, MookieMonster

theuntouchable - 1: squire




@AlexGreen#20 was out and about, minding his own business, but the rest of the players had it out for him.

@AlexGreen#20 is dead, he was a jabroni

Confused as to why his father hadn't been around, @theuntouchable was starting to get upset. The McPoyle's must have noticed his frustration, as they descended on him with lethal force.

@theuntouchable is dead, he was Bobby Ponderosa, the would-be vigilante.


Start of Day Four

Night Four:



Final Vote Count:


kingseanjohn - 6: EliteTexan80, MookieMonster, MD4L, Slappy Mc, squire, PuntMyLumps

RandyMossIsBoss - 3: Whicker, OleXmad, stallyns

EliteTexan80 - 1: kingseanjohn

Slappy Mc - 1: RandyMossIsBoss




 @kingseanjohn is dead, he was Dee Reynolds

From up above, Bobby Ponderosa can't help but crack a smile at the death of Dee, the hooker who ended his parents' marriage. If only he had lived to see the day. The McPoyles seem indifferent to Dee's passing.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Dennis Reynolds decided to stir up some trouble for the McPoyles. They didn't take kindly to this, so they had their Lawyer take care of him.

@Whicker is dead, he was Dennis Reynolds

This could've been the wakeup call that Maureen Ponderosa needed. Maybe without his alimony payments she wouldn't have gone full cat. But its too late for that. The Lawyer felt emboldened by Dennis' passing, as he always worried about what may lie beneath the Golden God.


Start of Day Five

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1. No direct quotes from your role PM
2. Day will last 24 hours unless otherwise specified, ending at 9 PM eastern
3. Night will last 30 minutes. Specials have 20 minutes from the start of night to send in moves. Moves may be sent in early, but the order in which they are sent does not matter
4. You must bold someone's name in the thread to vote for them. If you fail to vote for two consecutive days, you will be inactive killed. No vote will be counted as if it were a vote
5. Once you die, you are allowed one farewell post, and may zombie post during nighttime. You may not post anything game related.
6. Editing or deleting posts will result in an immediate mod-kill
7. A tie in voting will result in a 15 minute overtime period. During this OT you may talk and vote as if it were daytime
8. Have fun!

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Roles and rules are now up. Looking for roughly 20 players.

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54 minutes ago, jfinley88 said:

Best theme I've seen on the site lol

Agreed. Wish I could join but I’m gonna be so busy at work the next few weeks 

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