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Rank your 2017 starting QBs

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On 8/24/2017 at 11:16 AM, Scout said:

If healthy, where would you put Tannehill?

On the bench.

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1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Drew Brees 

4. Matt Ryan

5. Philip Rivers

6. Ben Roethlisberger

7.  Andrew Luck

8.  Russell Wilson

9. Kirk Cousins

10.  Derek Carr

11. Andy Dalton

12. Matthew Stafford

13. Dak Prescott 

14. Cam Newton

15. Alex Smith

16. Carson Palmer

17. Marcus Mariota

18. Jameis Winston

19. Joe Flacco 

20. Tyrod Taylor

21. Eli Manning

22. Carson Wentz

23. Sam Bradford 

24. Trevor Siemian

25. Jay Cutler

26. Brian Hoyer

27. Josh McCown

28. Mike Glennon

29. DeShone Kizer

30. Matt More

31. Jared Goff

32. Tom Savage 

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Going to give it a go, but don't usually like ranking individuals. 

1. Tom Brady

2. Aaron Rodgers

3. Ben Roethlisberger

4. Drew Brees 

5. Matt Ryan

6. Andrew Luck

7. Derek Carr

8. Russell Wilson

9. Philip Rivers

10. Cam Newton

11. Carson Palmer

12. Matthew Stafford

13. Jameis Winston

14. Joe Flacco

15. Andy Dalton 

16. Kirk Cousins

17. Alex Smith

18. Marcus Mariota

19. Dak Prescott

20. Eli Manning

21. Carson Wentz

22. Tyrod Taylor

23. Sam Bradford 

24. Jay Cutler

25. Trevor Siemian

26. Mike Glennon

27. Josh McCown

28. Jared Goff

29. Blake Bortles 

30. Tom Savage

31. Brian Hoyer

32. DeShone Kizer

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I am assuming everybody is healthy.
1. Tom Brady - no competition as of yet but is getting up in age

2. Aaron Rodgers - has it all but needs another SB to cement this position

3. Drew Brees - could be slipping with age

4. Ben Roethlisberger - without injuries, would be higher

5.  Andrew Luck - obviously, may never play again, sad!!!

6. Cam Newton - As those above him slip with age, he could move up

7. Matt Ryan - not the greatest arm, but a winner

8.  Russell Wilson - touch cookie

9. Eli Manning - could be slipping with age or could still go much higher

10. Philip Rivers - should have accomplished more

11.  Derek Carr - just coming into his own

12. Marcus Mariota - Ditto

13. Jameis Winston - Ditto

14 Joe Flacco - looks like he has slide, but higher is still possible

15. Carson Palmer - age and injuries are taking their toll

16. Alex Smith - a winner and maybe should rank much higher because of it

17. Kirk Cousins - a winner so far

18. Andy Dalton - a winner so far, but arm is weak

19. Matthew Stafford - 51-53 overall, great physical talent, but where are the wins?

20. Dak Prescott - Product of a great running team with a superb OL, another Alex Smith

21. Carson Wentz - Only his second year, so we will learn a lot more about him in the next 2

22. Sam Bradford - Maxed out

23. Jared Goff - see Wentz

24. Mitch Trubisky - a rookie, so who knows

25. Deshaun Watson - Ditto

26. Tyrod Taylor - a backup QB who is a starter by accident

27. Jay Cutler Maxed out

28. Trevor Siemian - see Taylor

29. Brian Hoyer - solid career backup

30. Josh McCown - Ditto

31.  Tom Savage - see Taylor if he even starts

32. Mike Glennon - career backup

33. DeShone Kizer - career backup who could be forced to start as a rookie for hopeless Browns, ugh!!!

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1 - Aaron Rodgers - not the most popular choice but his skillset is so complete in the QB position that I think he translates better to different environments than Tom Brady.

2 - Tom Brady - The GOAT that is still clearly above every QB in the league not named Rodgers.

3 - Drew Brees - The more I look into his 2016 season, the more reason I believe he's clearly the 3rd best QB in the league. Still building his argument for GOAT accuracy and volume passing.

4 - Russell Wilson - Homer pick? Maybe. PFF has him as the highest individual value in the league after a season where he battled three different injuries, the least experienced and worst pass blocking OL in the league, and probably the unhealthiest, most inconsistent RB group in the league. Check out his passing masterclass put under these conditions last season against the Jets, the Bills, the Panthers, the Eagles, and even, why not, against the Falcons in the playoffs. Then you go and check the last game the Patriots lost in Boston. Ever since he came to this league he's been one of most pressured QBs in the league, one of the best QB under pressure and arguably the most dynamic QB and best deep passer in the game. I think more people should realize how amazing thid guy is from the pocket as a pure passer - too bad he hasn't had many clean pockets since he entered the league.

5 - Ben Roethlisberger - He has the best offensive supporting cast in the league and... No drama, made it the best offense in the league.

6 - Matt Ryan - After rightfully claiming the MVP award last season, and a xlear case for being as high as 3rd in this rankings, I still have doubts he can consistently deliver a top 5 QB performance without Kyle Shanahan and a less than an excellent offensive supporting cast.

7 - Andrew Luck - He's faced severe injuries in the past few years, right when he was starting to justify his predraft hype but I still would take his healthy presence and skill over the likes of Derek Carr, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers Matthew Stafford and Marcus Mariota. Grit, poise and arm talent are strong with this one.

8 - Derek Carr - Similarly to Big Ben: no drama, when given a great supporting cast he delivered a great offense. Love what he does in thr clutch and his turnover free style. What I question about him is his performance when put under the test against top level defenses and lack of explosive playmaking. He's  riser, I predict he'll end the season as a clear cut top 5 QB.

9 - Phillip Rivers - He's on decline but still a clear top 10 QB.

10 - Cam Newton - The most dangerous redzone and third down QB (the two most important situations imo for gauging QB performance) but he has been wildly inconsistent as a passer ever since he came into this league.

11 - Matthew Stafford - He is starting to live up to the 1st round pick investment the Lions made. He's imo a SB caliber QB and one of the better pure passer under pressure in the league. He's a riser imo. 

12 - Marcus Mariota - He's gonna have  big season and imo has everything around him in Tenessee in the right place to leap over half the players ahead of him currently.

13 - Kirk Cousins - If he keeps his past two seasons performances, get the Redskins to the playoffs and compete consistently against top teams, it'll be tough to keep this guy away from  top 5 discussions.

14 - Dak Prescott - Historic rookie season in Dallas and remind me of a less elusive Russel Wilson, with slightly less arm talent. His decision making has been outstanding for his experience level. He's played like a true veteran and his development as a leader in Dallad is something I'm very eager to follow.

15 - Carson Palmer - I hope he has a comeback season. His 2015 season was a joy to watch.

Edited by brazilianguy

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1. Brady

2. Brees

3. Rodgers

4. Ryan

5. Ben

6. Carr

7. Wilson

8. Mariota

9. Winston

10. Stafford

11. Manning

12. Newton

13. Luck

14. Cousins

15. Prescott

16. Rivers

17. Flacco

18. Dalton

19. Smith

20. Palmer

21. Goff

22. Wentz

23. Bradford

24. Taylor

25. Cutler

26. Bortles

27-32. The rest (Glennon/Trubisky, Kizer, Savage, McCown, Siemian, Hoyer)

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I wish Christian Hackenberg was starting. They we could have great hypotheticals like "Do the GSOT Rams or 2000 Ravens make the playoffs with Hack as their QB?".

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On 9/8/2017 at 0:30 PM, Bullet Club said:

I wish Christian Hackenberg was starting. They we could have great hypotheticals like "Do the GSOT Rams or 2000 Ravens make the playoffs with Hack as their QB?".

Hackenberg couldn't hit the sky if he was flying an airplane.

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On 8/24/2017 at 10:52 AM, Crickett said:

27. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams

So, I'm just going to apologize to Rams for this now.  :$

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1 hour ago, EaglesPeteC said:

lol the people putting Goff and Tyrod Taylor over Wentz. Do you even football bro? 

Well not sure why Goff is ahead of him. But so far in their careers Tyrod is better than Wentz. Wentz obviously has more upside and will pass Tyrod soon enough most likely but at this point in their careers Tyrod is easily the better player. Limits the turnover a better and by far the better of the two as a runner.

Wentz had 18TDs and 16TOs while Tyrod 23TDs and 8TOs... Tyrod is the better player until Wentz potential comes through

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1 hour ago, EaglesPeteC said:

lol the people putting Goff and Tyrod Taylor over Wentz. Do you even football bro? 

Good argument...especially the lol.

Lets not act like Wentz has proven to be anything special.   Yes,  Wentz had a better rookie year than Goff, and going forward he will almost definitely be better than Tyrod Taylor.....but Goff looked good today and both are only going into their 2nd year, and in terms of what they have already shown in their careers, Wentz hasnt proven to be notably better than Tyrod Taylor YET.

So while I would rank Wentz higher than both RIGHT NOW...its not like they have no argument whatsoever like you imply.

And besides which....only like 4 people in this thread put either of those two above Wentz, and its usually Tyrod by a spot or two.    Youre gonna get sore about THAT?  Really?   

Edited by FourThreeMafia

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On 8/23/2017 at 10:58 AM, FourThreeMafia said:

1. Tom Brady  (Marginally talented player that just so happens to be the GOAT.  Thanks Belichick)

2. Aaron Rodgers   (Probably the best overall QB ever, talent wise)

3. Drew Brees  (Getting underrated on here....still definitely top 3 IMO)

 4.Ben Roethlisberger   (Staple behind the top 3)

5. Matt Ryan  (Consistently good QB that had an elite year in 2016)

6.Russell Wilson  (Really good, but lacking consistency the last 2 years or so)

7.Philip Rivers  (Bad year last year, but I still think he is top 5 caliber)

8. Andrew Luck   (Very good, but Im still not sure where to put him)

9.  Derek Carr (I think he jumps into the top 4 or 5 this year)

10.Matthew Stafford  -  (Very underrated the last two years)

11.Eli Manning  (Good QB....shown more consistency the last couple years)

12.Cam Newton  (What Cam are we getting?   Obviously hugely talented, but I dont entirely trust him as a passer).

13. Kirk Cousins  (Part of me wants to put him top 10, but I need another year.  This isnt a bad spot IMO)

14. Marcus Mariota  (Still has alot to show, but I like him slightly more than Jameis right now)

15. Jameis Winston  (Heading in the right direction, but needs to get more consistent week to week)

16. Andy Dalton   (Solid QB, but limited)

17.Alex Smith   (Solid QB, but limited) 

18.Dak Prescott (I dont like judging QBs based on one year, but he gets this by default for now.  He;ll be top 10 next year IMO)

19.Joe Flacco    (I dont even know, honestly.   Just okay).

20.Carson Palmer  (Always somewhat overrated IMO....going downhill, but still decent, I guess.)

21. Sam Bradford (Could be slightly higher, I guess, but I think he is just meh)

22. Carson Wentz  (Rising, for sure, but this is fine for now)

23 .Tyrod Taylor   (Just kinda there)

24.Blake Bortles  (On his last legs)

25. Jay Cutler (Not sure where he is at, so this is the highest I can put him)

26. Trevor Siemian   (Meh)

27. Brian Hoyer  (Ugh)

28. Josh McCown  (Why?)

29.Mike Glennon  (Shouldnt be starting)

30. Tom Savage   (Okay...)

31. Jared Goff  (I would take him over the guys ranked 23-30 due to upside, but is he better?  I dont know....yet).

32. DeShone Kizer  (By default....has yet to prove anything)

Was going to come here and post my list but this is pretty much what I would have. Rodgers 1, Brady 2, and Flacco a tad higher would be my only changes of note.

Edited by RandyMossIsBoss

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On 24/08/2017 at 10:02 AM, Hunter2_1 said:

So yeah, he doesn't make your number one spot. The apparent greatest QB of all time isn't even the best in current NFL...


I think Tom Brady is the best QB of all time..........probably.

However, he clearly isn't the top QB in the league at this moment in time. That's no slight on Brady, just the way of the world and father time. He's been the best but as of right now he isn't and he isn't getting better past this point. It will be very interesting to revisit the rankings later in the season with more information to judge, Rodgers looks the clear #1 at this point in time.


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