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2019 Thanksgiving Games

vike daddy

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The third game of the Thanksgiving schedule could be coming into focus. After a report earlier this week that the two early holiday games would include Bears-Lions and Dolphins-Cowboys, we may have an idea of the prime time matchup.

Via Michael Rand of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, an Eagles trip to play the Vikings appears to be the late game of the three.

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal (who reported the first two games) said during a SI media podcast with Jimmy Traina what he had heard about the game. “I didn’t actually write about this but I have heard that Minnesota vs. Philadelphia is one that’s in play,” Ourand said. “It’s not dead set, but I’m told that it’s pretty likely.”

The Vikings have never hosted a Thanksgiving game, though they’ve played in eight of them against either the Lions or the Cowboys.


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Still rather see Dallas and Detroit play each GD other opening up two more potential  matchups on Thanksgiving. 

Let them alternate Home /away games on Thanksgiving if the "Tradition" has to stay intact? Even if its every 2 to 4 years depending on Division scheduling?

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2 hours ago, The Gnat said:

Interesting, it's been a while since we've had a Thanksgiving day game. Bears/Lions is always at least interesting. Dolphins/Cowboys unfortunately sounds a bit dull to me.


1 hour ago, EL Guapo said:

Didn't they just do Bears-Lions?

Hopefully it wont be on 83 hours rest this time

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55 minutes ago, Rockice_8 said:

Is there another reason DET is always on Thanksgiving other then tradition?

I mean can't they just bump them and put a better team on?

Its mostly tradition and in yesteryear, teams didn't want to play on a short week. Now with TNF, everybody plays on a Thursday.
It was also a chance to give a National prime time game to a "treadmill" team.
Also, nobody actually hates the Lions - so there's very little bickering around the T-day table  :)

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