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2021 Draft Talk


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Just now, PrplChilPill said:

If I'd have known they'd get two for one.....let's hope they picked the right two, but 2:1 seems fair (plus a backup QB, that could have been a CB or S that would maybe start).

Or be the future franchise QB!? Only time will tell. 

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Just now, PrplChilPill said:

That seems very unlikely given history....but sure. It could happen...

Yeah, I don't think Mond is going to be our QBOTF, but he could be a cheap, high level backup for the next 4 years. That's not a bad thing to have on the roster. 

It's also worth noting that our current stats-monster QB was a 4th round pick, and would probably fetch a first round pick if we were to trade him right now. So, who knows, maybe Mond can develop into something. With 4 3rd rounders, I'm not mad about the pick at all. 

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1 minute ago, PrplChilPill said:

nope, plus I'm also playing D&D on line right now....so I can't pay CLOSE attn....

All good.  Id like a trade up as well but I still feel there are 4 players who could help.

#1 - DT - Jaylen Twyman

#2 - S - Caden Sterns

#3 - CB - Shaun Wade

#4 - HB - Javian Hawkins(potential electric return man)


Then I still would be happy with a few other selections

TE  - Brevin Jordan 

LB - Baron Browning( let him battle Chazz for the 3rd LB spot)

S - Jaymar Johnson

CB - Olaijah Griffin

Edge - Ellerson Smith

CB - Trill Williams (Learning behind PP for a yr or so would be great for his development)

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Great draft by The Vikings.  They filled the need at LT and RG.  Davis can play RG, and Ezra can move to his natural side, at LG.  They got a great developmental mobile QB with good fundamentals and who is a good athlete, and had a lot of experience in College (unlike Trey Lance).  The got a great athlete LB, who can join the rush part-time.  They also got a good developmental edge rusher in Jones, who can alternate with Wonnum.  I even don't mind their not moving up into The 2nd, as Wyatt Davis averaged being listed at 53rd pick in the major draft forecasts, and they might have felt compelled to take a QB after giving up a lot to move up that far.  Now, they've filled most of their needs, and can still get a decent quality 3rd WR, backup safety, and 3rd RB in The 4th Round.

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