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Full Team Fantasy Draft (Discussion Thread)

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Hey everyone, I figured we could start up one of these full team fantasy drafts that we have done in the past. Few ground rules so there isn't any confusion:

- 10 to 12 teams, depending on interest
- 2-hour time slots per pick. If you are unsure if you'll be able to get your pick made in time, you can PM a list of selections to someone else to post the pick for you
- Draft will consist of 30 rounds - how you choose to field your team is up to you. Put the 11 best on the field on each side of the ball, plus a kicker, punter, and return man
- This will be based on the upcoming 2020 season, and only the upcoming 2020 season
- We will seed the teams randomly and have 3 judges determine the outcome of each round until there is one winner
- No Dak discussions in this thread

If you are interested in signing up for a team, or as a judge, please post in here. Please be committed to a full 30 rounds (we've done like 40 in the past and it is way too much, I think towards the end of 30, people will just start to get burnt out).


  1. Matts4313
  2. mike23md
  3. naptownskinsfan
  4. EaglesPeteC
  5. HTTRDynasty
  6. WizardHawk
  7. DaBoys
  8. MKnight82
  9. eagles suck
  10. Flyingmonkey30
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