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How much would you pay for the superbowl if it to went to pay-per-view?


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found this article interesting. Skipper negotiated TV/sport deals for a living, so he knows what he's talking about.


Stugotz: Do you think one of these big leagues will go to a streaming company?… Who do you think is the first league that will go for the money there even though it might lead to a decrease in viewership and exposure?

Skipper: I think a lot of leagues would go there now for the money, but the money is not going to be more. You can’t afford to outbid CBS, NBC, Fox, Amazon, and ESPN. And by the way, they’re not gonna move companies, they’re gonna move platforms. It’s still gonna be ESPN, it’s just gonna be on ESPN+, and it’s gonna be on Paramount Plus, and it’s gonna be on…HBO Max.

Le Batard: Is there a chance…, and you’ve negotiated with MLS in the past, is a league gonna figure out that they can do this themselves? That they don’t necessarily need a partner and they don’t need to split that revenue and nd there’s probably more money in it for them just building out their own service? 

Skipper: …Generally, the math doesn’t work. Fans don’t want to buy a league pass. They want to buy a service that gives them most of the sports they want. They’re willing to buy two or three or four. I think it’ll be just like it’s been before. I think ESPN+ will continue to hold most of the rights and that’s what you’ll have to have. And then you’ll have to supplement…you may end up with some pay-per-view stuff. Super Bowl…that’s an interesting thing. Take that to pay-per-view.


Le Batard: Whoa…whoa…let’s just end right there. The Super Bowl on pay-per-view.

Skipper: I mean that’s how they’re gonna replace the money someday. Because there’s not gonna be enough money in the advertising…if people are willing to pay big money to see Floyd Mayweather fight a Paul brother, I would think the money generated by a pay-per-view…maybe you’ll be able to pay a lifetime sub…

Stugotz: How much would you pay to have the Super Bowl for the rest of your life?


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If the Ravens were in it, A LOT. 

A game I’m not that interested in like any of the Patriots last 3, maybe $100. 

An interesting matchup, if it was only that one game a year. I’d probably go up to $200. 

Id probably go somewhere and watch it but if it came down to it I’d be willing to do that.

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19 minutes ago, ET80 said:

I'd go watch somewhere. I wouldn't pay anything, if we're being honest. I still like listening to radio broadcasts of games, so I'd do that.

I get game pass each year and it comes with all the radio broadcasts live.

Not being hyperbolic when I say I enjoy games on the radio just as much as watching them, assuming it isn’t like a playoff game or something where I’m way invested 

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That would be a bad move. Part of the Super Bowl's ubiquitous appeal is that anybody with TV access can watch it for free.

I might go to somebody's watch party if I really cared about who was playing in it. Otherwise I would probably watch it later on Gamepass.

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Absolutely nothing. I lived in Las Vegas for 24 years as a sports bettor. That experience forces you to learn all about value. After decades of watching up to a dozen monitors at the same time for free, how am I supposed to rationalize paying money for one game?

Besides, I despise the way the game has evolved, toward abuse of the forward pass. I loved the physical run oriented league of my youth. These days every time I watch Rugby 7s in the Olympics it is impossible not to view American football as a pathetic markedly inferior version of rugby. Being penalized for forward makes sense. Rewarded for a pantyhose forward pass makes no sense whatsoever. I won't have much interest in football this season as a result. Same thing happened after the 2016 Olympics. I found myself watching rugby videos and ignoring football. 

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