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Bills trade WR Stefon Diggs (plus 2024 6th & 2025 5th) to Texans for 2025 2nd

The Gnat

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3 minutes ago, General Tso said:

That being said, you're basically trusting Josh Allen to do what ARod did in his last year with GB/what Love did this past year with rookie contract weapons.

That's what most elite QB need to do.  Make the offense work with lesser talent/ proven players around them when that QB is accounting for large portions of the cap.

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8 minutes ago, BroncoSojia said:

I'd see if I could pry Aiyuk away from the 49ers if I'm the Bills. Would the 49ers take the 28th pick for him?

I think it would be unlikely. They'd have to add more. 

Don't think Aiyuk is going anywhere. He was on with Ocho and Sharpe and I only got good vibes from that 

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Great value from the Texans. Diggs seems like he might be a bit of an issue but he's still a great player that won't command all the attention he got in Buffalo w/ Collins and Dell on the field.

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6 minutes ago, Trentwannabe said:

Its Vikings 2nd so it could be a top 40 pick next year.

I also think it's likely traded during the draft anyway this year.

Unless we are getting MHJ or Nabers I don’t wanna trade up for a receiver tbqh

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