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Bills trade WR Stefon Diggs (plus 2024 6th & 2025 5th) to Texans for 2025 2nd

The Gnat

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Just now, Billsfaninptown said:

Don’t the Bills have to eat a ton of dead cap too? If so we really got fleeced.

Yeah like $30 million or something wild.

No doubt when they extended him they didn't think they would be trading him after 1 season. 

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1 minute ago, notthatbluestuff said:

Rest of AFC South thinking about Stroud to Diggs:




The first round of this battle was won by Sneed. Sneed was targeted seven times allowing one catch on the day. In coverage against Diggs, Sneed was targeted five times surrendering one catch. He lined up against Diggs on 24 routes, around 64% of the time. This was a lockdown performance by the Chiefs cornerback.


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1 minute ago, Texansfan713 said:

Nah I love it.  We fleeced the Vikings LOL. 

Getting a top 64 pick in any draft for a 30+ year old WR who declined as the season wore on isn't my idea of fleecing anyone.

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2 minutes ago, Billsfaninptown said:

Wow brutal. We also lost a draft pick this year.

Yeah that part is super weird to me. I have no idea what the chart says but it seems like a bizarre the Texans would want a 6th this year. 

Losing a 5th next year is whatever. The Bills are currently in line for 2-3 compensatory picks.

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