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Superbowl Or Bust For 2018


Which Team Has The Pressure Of Superbowl Or Bust The Most?   

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  1. 1. Which Team Has The Pressure Of Superbowl Or Bust The Most?

    • Los Angeles Rams
    • New Orleans Saints
    • Minnesota Vikings
    • Other

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Ive listed for options wanting to see who do you think will have the most pressure to win the Superbowl for 2018 or it will be a bust.

My opinion I think the Vikings have the pressure on them. They gave Cousins the first fully guaranteed contract. They have went all in for this upcoming season even knowing that in 2019 they have big time players becoming free agents like Diggs, Hunter, Floyd, Richardson, Kendricks, and Barr. So their team could lose alot of talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball (which is their strength), heading into the 2019 season. They have to win this year.

I know most are going to say the Rams, but I just feel like they are doing what the Eagles did heading into 2017 season and what the Seahawks did heading into the 2011 season. They are building off a very good season and seizing on the window they have where they arent paying their QB Goff a ton of money yet. They see that chance and thinking lets do this now while they can. They arent compromising their team because they will have over 100m of cap space after this upcoming season so if Suh doesnt work, they wont resign him back. If Talib dont work, he will only have one more year left on his contract after this season. If Peters dont work, they wont pick up his 5th year option. No harm no foul. If it does all work, then the reward is obviously a Superbowl. Which again is exactly what the Eagles did last season when they went after Jeffery, Smith, Darby, and Ajayi. Thats what the Seahawks did in 2011 when they traded for Harvin and signed Avril.

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The Vikes certainly will have a lot of pressure, though I'd argue less pressure than last year given that Minneapolis isn't hosting the super bowl. In terms of talent that could leave, it's inevitable when you draft and develop well.

Shariff Floyd is currently a free agent, he's never going to play again and hasn't played in a year and a half. 

The Vikes will have to choose wisely next offseason in terms of who to bring back. But the window isn't necessarily closing. Zimmer is a defensive guru and Spielman has done a great job finding talent for him. Much will depend on Cousins. How much can he elevate his play the next three years to help offset losses elsewhere? Look how much Keenum improved in one year throwing to Diggs and Thielrn behind this defense.

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Definitely not the Saints. Considering Brees has already won one in his career, and they didn't make some fancy splashes in FA or trades.

I'd say not so much the Rams since they still should have their core players around for quite some time. 

Vikings are looking to redeem themselves after their falter in the NFCCG last season, they signed the biggest name QB on the market, and also Sheldon Richardson. Two huge acquisitions.

I don't think you can put an NFC Super Bowl favorite at this time though since all 4 (w/ Eagles) of these teams are arguably better than any AFC team.

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I’d say it’s between the Rams and Vikings. 

Vikings is tough to say because we should be able to resign all our key players even with the Kirk signing. But finishing 2nd in the NFC and Upgrading at QB surely means your chasing a SB.

Rams seemed to have gotten some people they probably can’t afford in the long run. Talibs contract, Suh, Peters will need a new contract, then Joyner and Darnold. Not sure how they are sitting cap wise, but that sure seems like a lot. I’m sure it’s possible tho.

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I think the Rams made more "let's get it this year moves" but yea those Vikings impending Free Agents put pressure on them for sure.

I think the Saints have a pretty small window here though with Brees, went with them. 
The other two will be disappointed I'm sure if they don't win the NFC.

But the Rams just having success against other contenders this year and making it past the first round is a good goal for them. They are somewhat young still.
Same goes for Kirk, who usually couldn't do that in the dysfunction that was the Redskins. Will be interesting how he and the Vikings fare this year against a tougher schedule.

It's not really SB or bust...but I wonder if Dan Quinn grows stale down in ATL if they don't do well. Coaches with his ra ra mentality usually have a short shelf life once players get sick of the message.

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The Saints aren't on the cusp of winning nor are they starved for superbowls seeing as how they've won in the past 10 years.

The Rams and Vikings have a pretty decently large window.

IMO, no team fits this quite as well as the Steelers, they should be one of the top 4 or 5 (top two in the AFC) teams going into next year but at the same time their window is closing fast. Bell will probably play his last year for us in 2018, Bryant will most likely leave after this year, and Ben has 3 more years max according to him, with Pouncey saying he will retire once Ben retires.

A few other teams are about to (possibly) lose their key QB with no backup waiting in the wings but none of them are as close to winning a SB as Pittsburgh unless they've won recently, aka NE.

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48 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Rams. Suh is only around for one year as it stands, Talib is already 32, Donald will have a MASSIVE contract next season limiting the ability to sign many other big names,  etc. Expectations are at an all-time high for them.

What? They'll be contendng  for the next few years. They don't  need to go all the way next year. They'l get there in good time and maybe more than once. 


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@gopherwrestler @RaidersAreOne The Rams after this season will have over 100m of cap space. So we are in great shape. Peters and Goff will be on their rookie deals until the end of the 2020 season. Gurley is on his rookie deal until the end of the 2019 season. Donald is on his rookie deal until the end of the 2018 season. The point is the Rams still have a few years to play around with things to build a team that will compete for Superbowls. They have a great cap manager who make sure the contracts don’t cripple the team. Let’s not forget that the Rams were the 2nd youngest team in the NFL last season only right after the Browns. When we think of the Browns we think of not only the youngest team but a team that had the most cap space. We get lost in the fact that the Rams have so much talent and were so successful last season that many people forget the Rams have a lot of young guys that they are paying little right now. So in terms of the cap situation the Rams are set up perfectly.

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1 minute ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

I know the Saints have already won one but i votes for them since their franchise QB is retiring soon and therefore their window shuts much quicker than the others even if they lose key pieces 

What separates the Saints from teams like the Giants, Steelers, or Chargers in that regard?

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