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  2. Did the state of Indiana really go into full reopening? Stage 5
  3. I think just being around the team and the other vets on the O-line would be beneficial for him. I agree though that hopefully he’s going through therapy.
  4. We could've acquired Yannick this offseason for a 2nd and a future 5th but didn't pull the trigger. We'd rather pay Mariota $8M to hold a clip board on the sideline and Nassib $7.5M to play 10 snaps a game.
  5. very excited about our draft. Rams did a good job
  6. I’ll defer to firsthand experience. Everything I’ve read about pharmacovigilance is indicative that the E.U. set substantially similar standards, and has expanded upon those initiatives in recent years, as the U.S. reduced its standards. But, I could be misunderstanding the comparative analyses.
  7. The drug is already under clinical study in US and 40 other countries, so if it passes muster, US MDs will have access to it. (FujiFilm is a huge company and has the global mfg capacity to meet demand if needed.) What I think you're talking about is protection from substandard meds don't meet US FDA guidelines for safety, efficacy & Good Manufacturing Practices. ( mainly from China and India) So there was a "good" reason behind those protection policies, but Pharma industry just took it to the extreme to protect their markets $$ I'll also note that both Health Canada and EMEA ( EU version of FDA) look to US for leadership, innovation and guidance on the safety/efficacy side. Some pharma companies will go for approval in other countries first, because even though its a smaller market - its a lower bar to clear. That's on a case by case basis, but overall I'm dubious about other countries having tougher standards. I am on board with your comment that those policies have become a means to protect profits, that's exactly what happened. Favipiravir Treating a homogeneous demographic like you have in Japan is very different than treating a highly heterogeneous demographic like we have here. For example - When a new drug is developed in US, Japan requires a separate clinical bridging study because different races of humans process meds differently and those differences can create toxicity. So the fact that it works well in a Japanese population may or may not mean it works for others. They're figuring that part out now This drug is for a very specific phase in the infection -> disease progression; it shuts down the viral replication AFTER you've already been infected, but before you're fully engulfed. A worthy tool to have and it has already kept some patients from progressing/dying
  8. Minkah is up in the box as SPY primarily, so even without brackets it takes away some of the underneath TE routes as he will have eyes on Kyler. With Simmons over the top, that will limit seam/alley deeper routes. I know its not a true double, but the writeup says Murray will primarily target Kelce against zone looks, not man looks looks against Cunningham.
  9. If I can face CMC and give up 97 yards on 23 carries after no preseason and very little tackling in training camp I’ll take it and call it a job well done What they gave up to Kamara was ridiculous even though it was under 80 yards but he could have easily gotten over 100 with ease if given 20 carries.
  10. Butker rakes in the hardware for his big game. ST player of the week. Also, he's only the second to kick two 58 yard FG in a game. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/23/kansas-city-chiefs-harrison-butker-afc-special-teams-player-week-2/ J
  11. Which is exactly the point I was trying to make. He had two huge games for us and hasn't really produced much outside of that.
  12. At this point I would of given Ferrell and a 2nd for Yannick. Not that I'm giving up on Ferrell, I want to start him most of the year and would only bench him if he was still sucking and a couple games before the playoffs, but Yannick is a Franchise DE.
  13. Not in a 7 game series, anyway. Just too good and too deep. I could see someone coming out hot and taking 2 of 3 against them, though. That's why I really wanted the Reds to get the 8 spot and face them in the 1st round. Bauer/Castillo/Gray could really be tough. But because I said this, it means the Cubs will now match up with the Reds and be bounced right away.
  14. Bosa wasn't available but Josh Allen and Montez Sweat both were. But we passed on Allen who was clearly a better prospect than Ferrell because "he didn't fit into the mold that Gunther likes at defensive end," which is what? Guys that can't generate any pressure at all?
  15. Yeah, I don't think you have to worry. This version of the Vikings do have their backs to the wall, and they are looking for cracks to hide in!! In other words, I expect the Titans to win by at least two touchdowns.
  16. @The Orca @MWil23 lets hear orcas full power. we at endgame now
  17. He did this on purpose so the team would be forced to start Herbert, as they should've done from Week 1. He must be one of the team's four fans.
  18. Yannick or Clowney were our best two options and we whiffed on both.
  19. Cooks and Dolphins TE were on the Waiver Wire and I picked them up. Pleasantly surprised. Dropped Gronk and gonna do a Hockenson and Gesicki TE Matchup rotation for the season.
  20. My thinking on QBs has always been, especially with early round talent, there's very, very few "busts" who couldn't have been at least solid pros if things had gone slightly differently. Quarterback is the hardest position to play in pro-sport. You combine the pressure, the media and generally short-leash young players get and most will fail, but that doesn't mean they didn't physically have the ability to succeed - or that they couldn't succeed if they were given another chance. Alex Smith is a good example. Look at Cody Kessler for the Browns, sure he wasn't world-beating, but if he had been a 1st over-all pick that first season would have netted him at least 2 years in the job to learn and improve. Instead new coaches need splash moves and to make their mark, so he's sidelined to sit on the bench for which team signs him. The line between success/failure in the NFL is razor thin and as much to do with timing and luck as anything else. There are plenty of journeyman QBs who NEARLY could have had great careers. Look at Trent Green - he was a solidly capable QB. Who's to say he wouldn't be in the HOF if he hadn't torn up his knee 1999? That supporting cast and coach could have put him in the MVP race year-on-year, and then who has ever heard of Warner?
  21. so @bigbadbuff investigate (compare) people within these groups (dont go between groups or you could get a false positive) crew: bcb orca naz cast: mwil malf
  22. I’m just glad I don’t have to drive through downtown anymore.
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