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NFL Draft - Team Needs

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1 hour ago, Chiefer said:

No CB?

all depends on who we re-sign, but there’s only 2 signed through next season

At the time, I felt LB and DL would benefit us more assuming we lost Jones. This is a great draft for us to go BPA. Today, in no order, I’d probably go:

C - need a new starter

OG - need a new LG

LB - need a playmaker to start

CB - need the depth plus a potential starter

RB - I don’t believe Darwin is the answer and there’s some good guys coming out that would be a big, immediate upgrade 

This is assuming that we can keep Pennel and Jones. With his recent play, Fuller may be cheap enough to keep around. I think we can get backend WR and CB depth in free agency or later rounds. 

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Tough to determine without knowing what will be happening with many of the current players. The Saints could lose all three of their QBs (Brees, Bridgewater, Hill). They also could lose DT Onyemata, SS Bell, G Peat. They also have fifth year team options on DT Rankins and CB Apple.

So depending on what happens, there could be a number of holes to fill. So I'm just going to post my positional needs list based on what I see as being weaknesses on the team with a bit of speculation on the future.

1. QB- If I had to make a prediction, I think that Brees decides to come back for another year. He's still playing well, the Saints will continue to be a contending team, and he is neck and neck with Brady on a number of records. This means that Bridgewater gets signed to a nice contract elsewhere. The Saints will likely sign restricted FA Taysom Hill who is utilized perfectly by the Saints. That means that the Saints currently don't have their future at QB in the building and it'll need to be addressed in the draft. They don't have a 2nd rounder this season which limits trade up opportunities, but the Saints haven't been afraid to trade future assets in the past.

2. WR- It's pretty much Michael Thomas and a bunch of guys who are borderline NFL roster guys at this time. Tre'Quan Smith is a monumental disappointment after he looked so good early in his rookie season. Ginn is definitely on his last leg. And there is really nothing but development type guys behind those guys. The Saints need a new starting flanker and slot receiver next year. It wouldn't surprise me if the Saints signed a veteran WR or two, and/or drafted a few WRs.

3. TE- Jared Cook has been solid this season after starting the season very slow. But he's aging and continues to be inconsistent. Considering that it typically takes a few years to get TE production from a draft pick, I'd think that this is the year to make the move if the right guy is there.

4. G- I think that it is pretty unlikely that Peat will be resigned next year. He'll probably get overpaid. He's incredibly inconsistent, sometimes looking like a pro bowler and at other times looking like he should be riding the bench. He is undoubtably the weakest link on the Saints OL (though the Saints probably have the best OL in the league when healthy), and the Saints have a phenominal record of landing good offensive linemen in the draft. I completely expect the Saints to target a mid-round OG, and somehow that guy will turn out to be just about as good as Peat year 1, per tradition.

5. LB- Demario Davis is a beast, probably the most underrated LB in the NFL right now. But the Saints have very little beside him right now, especially in pass defense. Alex Anzalone is good but completely unreliable because of shoulder injuries and all of the other Saints LBs are strictly run stuffers. Look for the Saints to add a LB with coverage abilities.

6. DT- As I previously mentioned, there is some uncertainty about the futures of Rankins and Onyemata, the starting DTs for the Saints. Malcolm Brown has been a very good back-up DT, so I suppose he could slid into one of those spots. Also, Shy Tuttle UDFA from a year ago, has shown some ability at NT. But if the Saints lose either Rankins or Onyemata, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they add another DT.

7. T- Armstead is really good, a top 5 LT. But he is just about guaranteed to miss at least a quarter of the season every year. In the past the Saints have been able to move Andrus Peat over to that position when needed, but they will probably be losing Peat this year. So ideally the Saints would draft a G/T with some versatility that could back-up both the LG and LT position.


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For the Raiders, i would say :

- LB : Tahir Whitehead is fine, not a monster but he produces. He is alone. Marquel Lee just comes back and i was meh since his draft. Morrow is depth at best with some coverage abilities. Then nothing. Sure Simmons would be great with his athletic and coverage abilities but i would like more than anything a true MLB. Dylan Moses if fully healthy for example. Depending on free-agency, one for sure and maybe two LBs via the draft is a must-do for Mayock.

- DT : Hurst is a starter and PJ Hall starts to show nice things. But definitely an upgrade is needed, especially with Hankins becoming FA. I'm tempt to package both 1st to go get Derrick Brown and that way, maximize the impact of Ferrell and Maxx. But. I don't think it will happen. So a DT in 3rd would make it.

- CB : Yes, all three levels of D have to be improved. Mullen seems okay with potential. Worley and Lawson, end of contracts. Isaiah Johnson, i don't know, looks like a project for now. The team need another CB and a good one : Marcus Peters coming back home in FA ? Or a 1st round pick as the team do not have pick in the 2nd. 3rd round will be too late for that position in 2020.

- WR : There's a good unit with Ty Williams, Hunter Renfrow, Keelan Doss, Zay Jones. There's 5 WRs worthing a 1st round pick and i would like one among Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs, Higgins and Shenault. My fav is Higgins. I know he is not the best of the bunch, just saying he is my fav.

- RB : Josh Jacobs ! Yeah ! But then Richard and Washington are free-agents. I do not dislike any of them but. That class is so SPECIAL. Behind all the Dobbins, Etienne, Taylor and else, there will be quality players like Benjamin, Moss, Vaughn, Hill etc One in the 5th would be nice.

- Then depth on the IOL and everywhere else :)

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1. OG - Even if Yanda takes another year, we need either a great backup or a player who can take over after Yanda. Ben Powers from the 2019 draft seems like he is far from ready

2. EDGE - Ravens have Judon, Bowser, Ward, Ferguson and maybe McPhee returns. Judon could likely be gone, so we have to get new talent here

3. CB - Just have to restock every year at this position

4. WR - We need someone with speed who can help Brown keep defenses honest

5. ILB - We need more athleticism at the position. Josh Bynes is a great veteran but doesn't have the upside to man the middle on every down. LJ fort and Onwuasor are more situational players

6. Safety - Tony Jefferson is most likely gone due to his contract, injury and overall level of play

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Needs change, so for the Broncos as of today (IMO):


* WR - Courtland and Lock need a speedy WR who can run routes and has quality hands to spread the field.

* CB - With CHJ testing free agency we're going to need another starting CB and maybe some depth there too

* ILB - Fangio's defenses have always excelled with an ILB who can run sideline-to-sideline as well as cover TE's

*G/C  - McGovern is better at G than C but he's a better guard and with Leary being asked to hit the road we have choices to make (I'd prefer a good Center). I'd just rather move McGovern back to guard here

* DL -  We have too many free agents on the Dline not to address it, whether it be DE or NT either (both ?) will be needed.

* LT - Bolles has been better with a mobile QB and Munchek has had impact but we still need an upgrade to protect Lock.

* RT - James has been a bust as a free agent signing, he's off the field more than on. Quality player but health issues may make this a necessity.

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Assuming the Titans resign Tannehill and Henry and one of Ryan or Conklin, I’d go....

1.) Edge - Not going to beat KC unless we can hit Mahomes

2.) CB or RT - Depending on who is resigned between Ryan and Conklin

3.) Speed WR that doesn’t suck

4.) Backup RB

5.) Backup QB

6,) OL Depth

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After the beatdown the 49ers gave the Packers to make the superbowl by running outside, it's clear the Packers need help to stop that.
They have one good receiver (Adams) and need a no.2, whether that is a slot guy or an outside guy. The have all the 4/5/6th receivers they need.
They have one decent inside linebacker (who is almost certainly gone his offseason). They need a guy with the speed and diagnostic skills to get to the sideline fast and they need a Martinez clone, more of a gap filling thumper. I'm guessing one of those is a draft pickand the other a veteran.
They have one good D lineman (Kenny Clark) and need better 3/4 DEs to go with him. this year rookie (Kingsley Keke) might be one, they still need another.
They are thin at TE, though they have rookie Sternberger developing. A later pick here could learn blocking tips from Marcedes Lewis (who I'd keep one more year).
Josh Jackson (2nd round pick) has done nothing and CB/S Tramon Williams (37 next year) is ancient for a DB, so a backup CB is on the cards as a later pick.
They have a RT Bulaga as a FA (I'd resign for maybe $10.5m pa 3yrs) and as he has had injury woes in the past Veldheer should also be retained as insurance. If he isn't re-signed RT jumps way up as a need pick.

So, my guess is DE/WR as the first two picks (in any order). Then ILB and possiibly O line (either a guard as replacement for Elgton Jenkins moving from guard to center, or a RT). A second WR is also possible as the 3rd/4th round pick, as it is such a good year for them. If your first WR was a slot guy, the next is an outside guy, and vice versa.
After that, fill-in depth at CB, RB, TE. At any time from this year to three years time, the Packers should be hunting for a QB as Rodgers replacement. If the GM finds a guy he likes (and can afford the draft cost), it trumps everything. No need to panic for this, it's all about finding who you think is the right guy, before the QB need becomes critical (which is where nasty mistakes are made). The Pack haven't had much in the way of really high picks for 30 years, so they need to find a bargain QB later in the draft or they need to suck in a major way for one year.

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