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2 hours ago, BStanRamFan said:

If the Bengals can walk away with 3 firsts, 2 seconds, and Tua they shouldn't even blink.


2 hours ago, BStanRamFan said:

I love Burrow and think he will be a good pro, but come on he had arguably the most talented CFB team since the '01 Hurricanes and 1 year of college production. 

I don’t buy into that. He consistently made plays that go beyond his supporting cast. Those plays are the reason he’s so highly touted. The accolades, championship and record breaking season is just an added bonus. 

Also, people are underestimating the huge injury risk that comes with Tua. There’s an innate risk drafting any QB (or player), but an extensive injury history just adds another layer that makes this an easy decision.

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