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What would you give up in a trade for James Robinson?

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Assuming you were a RB needy team, and Jax was going to commit to Etienne next season, thus willing to trade Robinson (who looks like Kareem Hunt 2.0), what would you be willing to give up for him?

3rd round pick? A 2nd? Only a 4th?

Doesn't turn 24 until August. Always looks good despite being on a bad team. What do you think a RB of his caliber and his current age is worth?

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Never trade for RBs. Atleast not for anything of value. It so rarely works out becuase the cliff on rbs is so steep and it's so cheap to pick up guys in the middle rounds of the draft that come with 4 year deals for Pennies compared to what you would be paying an rb you trade for and subsequently demands a new contract, which you have little leverage in because you just invested value in him via trade.

There are exceptions but they are so few and far between. 


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1 hour ago, Forge said:

Not a lot of James Robinson talent fans in here? 

I think he's good, but I also think the position holds no value at this point.

I'd probably go as high as a 4th, maybe? I might need a pick back in return, like a 6th or 7th.

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