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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 27 - Taco Bowl XXVII Posted)

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The latest games are posted here.

Nacho Simulation Football League

Welcome to the main thread of the Nacho Simulation Football League (or NSFL for short)! This is a Sim league that uses my custom American Football simulation engine, and posts games in play-by-plays viewable on Youtube, with Game Stats listed on the Video description. The league runs bi-annually, a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft) using a keeper system. Teams compete for the highly esteemed Guacamole trophy each season.

Offseason Schedule

Monday, February 26th: Deadline for previous owners to renew interest in the league. Failure to do so by this date by posting in the main thread will cause a replacement owner to be found in your place.
Thursday, February 29th: Deadline for owners to submit their Keeper Tags. All keepers will be processed on this date, so keeper tags must be in before this date.
Monday, March 4th: Season 27's draft begins. As this is a winter season, incoming rookies are not eligible.
, March 22nd: Deadline to use any remaining draft picks in the Season 27 draft before normal "first-come first-serve" free agency opens.

Draft Order

  1. Scranton Papermakers (4-12)
  2. Lancaster Fighting Amish (4-11-1)
  3. Freiburg Venom (5-11)
  4. Butte Bots (5-10-1)
  5. Burlington Sock Puppets (6-10)
  6. Wattsville Waste Walruses (7-9)
  7. Egypt Starfalls (7-9)
  8. Indianapolis Predators (7-8-1)
  9. Little Rock Uni Royals (8-8)
  10. Cincinnati Buffleheads (8-8)
  11. Tokyo Samurai (8-8)
  12. Reykjavík Direwolves (9-7)
  13. Hanoi Viet Kongs (9-7)
  14. New Zealand Blobfish (9-7)
  15. Anchorage Amphibians (10-6)
  16. Phoenix Rubber Ducks (10-6)
  17. Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas (9-6-1)
  18. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (11-5)
  19. Greenland Polar Bears (12-4)
  20. Hamilton Hornets (10-6)

Registration & Off-season Schedule

All former-owners must re-register to renew their interest for this season. For those who are not past owners, you may still ask to join the league, however I will put you on a waiting list. When and if a GM decides to not renew interest or becomes idle, you will be contacted. You must remain an active FootballsFuture member in order to remain on the waiting list - I will remove inactive users from this list periodically.

Waiting list:

  • none...


The NSFL supports 20 teams split into four divisions (Red and Blue divisions in the Cheesy Conference, Green and Yellow divisions in the Salsa Conference). The regular season features sixteen games:

  • Teams will play each other team in their division twice.
  • Teams will play four teams in the other division of their own conference.
  • Teams will play four teams of a division in the other conference.

Games will be simulated on “Game Day”, which is every three days after the draft. I will provide links to Youtube videos with the complete Play-By-Plays, as well as text play-by-plays on Google Docs.

The playoffs will feature eight teams (four in each conference) in total. This includes all four division winners, plus four wildcard teams (two per conference). Playoffs last three Game Days. In the first round, the 4th seed of each conference will play at the 1st seed of that Conference, and the 3rd seed will play at the 2nd. After that, the two winners in each Conference will play in the Conference Championship with the higher seed having home-field advantage. Then, winners of the Conference Championship Game from each Conference will play each-other on a neutral field in the Taco Bowl for the highly esteemed Guacamole trophy. Seeding for the playoffs are based on this list of tiebreakers:

  1. Record
  2. Head-to-Head*
  3. Division record (Same division only)
  4. Conference record
  5. Net points
  6. Strength of schedule
  7. Coin toss

*This tie-breaker can still apply for a tie featuring more than 2 teams using the transitive property... If one team has head-to-head wins against all of the others, that team comes first in the tiebreaker. And if one team has head-to-head losses against all of the others, that team comes last in the tiebreaker. Also if Team A beat Team B, who beat Team C but Team C and A didn't play, Team A wins the tiebreaker and Team C comes in last in it (although this is only possible for draft order tiebreakers).

Division tiebreakers are applied first. Then with wildcard tiebreakers featuring 3 or more teams, only the teams highest in the division not currently in the playoffs are considered, since under no circumstances can a team make the playoffs over a team higher in their division.

One day before the Taco Bowl each season, a conference vs conference all-star exhibition game called the All-Star Bowl is played, between the Cheesy Conference and the Salsa Conference. The game does not influence anything except the Game MVP of the All-Star Bowl's keeper cost the following season is reduced by 1. The voting rules are as follows:

  • Owners can submit a ballot with three selections at every position (including Returner), for each conference. Your first selection will receive 3 votes, your second selection will be worth 2 votes, and the last will be worth 1.
  • After the voting period, the final tallies will be posted.
  • In the event of a tie, a random number generator to determine who gets in.
  • On even seasons, Cheesy runs a 4-3 defense and Salsa runs a 3-4 defense. On odd seasons, Cheesy runs a 3-4 defense and Salsa runs a 4-3 defense.
  • The Head Coach for each conference will be the coach of that conference's highest seeded team. The Coordinators will be the coordinators of the team with the best yardage statistics of Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Roster Rules & Team Settings

At total, a roster has 26 players and 4 coaches. This roster includes: one Quarterback, two Runningbacks, one Fullback, one Tight End, two Offensive Tackles, two Offensive Guards, one Center, three Wide Receivers, two Defensive Ends, one/two Defensive Tackles, two/one Inside Linebackers, two Outside Linebackers, two Cornerbacks, one Free Safety, one Strong Safety, one Kicker, and one Punter. Teams also draft four coaches: A Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator, and a Special Teams Coordinator. Coaches can give bonuses to certain positions. In addition to starters, teams may keep an five-player or coach Practice Squad that gives you exclusive rights to that player/coach, even if you do not start them. Players can be started at any reasonable position but its recommended you start them at their listed position or a similar position. Players do not get injured in this league, so you do not need to worry about that.

Teams may make several team changes at any time for the upcoming game (note that the deadline to do this is Noon EST the day before the game):

  • Trade Players, Draft choices, and/or Keeper tags to another Team. Both Teams involved must agree by either posting on the main thread (please mention me when a trade is posted) or by both PMing me the trade details. There is a trade deadline each season that starts at Week 12, and is in affect until after the Taco Bowl. During this period, players cannot be traded but keeper tags and draft picks can. Picks of Round 16 or higher cannot be traded, as those picks are considered compensatory. Picks more than four seasons in the future can also not be traded. I will not enforce any future or additional parts of a trade, so it is recommended that you not do this.
  • After the draft is completed, Teams may sign Free Agents. Free Agents are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have no available slot to put the player, you must cut a player to sign one.
  • Change your team's Coaching Philosophy. This can be done by posting on the thread, or PMing me personally (for private changes revealed on Game Day, highly recommended).

A Team's Coaching Philosophy changes how your team is simulated. Once again, a Team can change this at any time, excluding Game Days. It is highly recommended that Teams tailor these to both your team, and your current opponent! Changes PMed to me will not be revealed until the next Game Day, so they will be a secret to your opponent! These are the changeable Coaching Philosophies:

  • Run Chance (max: 70, min: 30, default: 45): This determines how often, on a situation-unaffected play (teams will run or pass more depending on situation), your team will choose to do a running play instead of a passing play.
  • RB1 Chance (max: 80, min: 50, default: 65): This determines how often, when a running play is selected, that your 1st-string running back will take the carry. Warning: Players, especially RB, DO get tired as the game goes on, do not set too high!
  • Field Goal Try (max: 55 [your own 45], min: 20, default: 35): This determines which yard line (NOT length of FG!) your team will try to kick a Field Goal instead of punting. Note: length of field goal is this number + 17 (setting Field Goal Try to 40 will cause your team to attempt 57 yard field goals).
  • Offensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines offensive aggression. Aggressive offenses have a greater chance of big plays, but are more prone to incompletions, turnovers, and plays resulting in losses (like sacks). Aggressive offenses are also more likely to go for it on 4th and short.
  • Defensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines defensive aggression. Aggressive defenses have a greater chance in making big plays (like sacks, interceptions, or forced fumbles) but also have a larger chance of giving up big plays to the opponent's offense. Conservative defenses focus on tackling and forcing incompletions.
  • Run Defense Priority (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines whether, on a situation-unaffected play, teams will focus more on stopping the run or the pass. A high value will result in defenses more likely to focus on stopping the run, a low value will focus defenses more on the pass.
  • Defensive Formation (either 4-3 or 3-4, default: 4-3): Determines your defensive formation. A 4-3 allows you to start two Defense Tackles, but only one Inside Linebacker (known as the Middle Linebacker). A 3-4 allows you to start two Inside Linebackers, but only one Defense Tackle (known as the Nose Tackle).
  • Return Man (default: 3rd WR): Teams must set one of their Players to be their Kick/Punt Returner. This will be marked off as an asterisk in their Team listing. Practice squad players CAN fill this role.
  • You can swap starters with practice squad players. This counts as a coaching philosophy since it can be done privately (unlike Trades and Signing/Cutting players).

Lastly, a Team has a Stadium. Your Stadium can be submitted and changed at any time during the off-season (defined as any time after the Taco Bowl, but before the first game of the next season is played). Editable Stadium settings are as follows:

  • Stadium Name (default: Team's stadium): The Stadium's name. Has no effect on the Simulation, obviously.
  • Stadium Type (default: Random): There are six types of stadiums you can choose from - Outdoor Grass, Outdoor Turf, Outdoor Dirt, Outdoor Concrete, Dome*, and Retractable Roof. The difference between Grass and Turf have very minor affects in the simulation engine, but in poor weather, a Grass field tends to become harder to play on. Dirt and Concrete fields are a bit harder to play on for all players (with Dirt fields affecting the passing game more, and Concrete ones affecting the running game more), and in the rain turn into muddy fields which can cause some significant problems. A Retractable Roof stadium usually behaves like an Outdoor Turf stadium, except in increment weather where it behaves like a Dome stadium (most of the time... sometimes the roof gets stuck open!).
  • Timezone (default: Random): There are six timezones one can choose from: Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Europe, Asia, and Obscure (reserved for locations that don't fit into any category). Teams will be disadvantaged when playing in other time zones, with greater weight depending on the difference of distance. It is encouraged that you set the timezone to the location your team is located. For overseas teams, select Asia or Europe depending on which is closer.
  • Temperature (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): Temperature of the location of the stadium. A high number means that the stadium is in a HOT place (Like Ecuador). A low number means the stadium is in a COLD place (Like Alaska). Your team's ability to play in bad weather depends on their home location (a warm-weather team will have a hard time playing in really cold weather, and vice-versa).
  • Precipitation (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): Amount of precipitation the location typically gets. A high number means that there is a high chance of precipitation. A low chance means there is a very low chance of precipitation (like you live in a desert or something).
  • Wind (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): How windy your location is. The higher the number, the greater chance of windy conditions come game-time!

*For Dome stadiums, please still include Temperature, Precipitation, and Wind data for the LOCATION of where your Stadium is built, even though these factors are not relevant for games played at your stadium. These values still affect how well your team can play in bad weather at other stadiums.

In addition, teams may submit to me a 80x90 logo and a 22x95 endzone graphic for use in the Game Simulations to make them more visually pleasing. If you aren't skilled in image editing, you can still post something and I'll resize it as best I can. Also, you may select two team colors and of course your team's name! If you don't submit anything, I reserve the right to make them myself. I make most endzone logos myself, and most people seem pleased with the results.

A sample endzone image looks like this:


Offseason Rules

The NSFL runs bi-annually (twice per year) with a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft). Before the Winter season, Player's attributes will be updated taking into account his NFL stats from the previous year. Before the Summer season, incoming Rookies from the NFL draft will become available to be drafted. In addition, any new features to the Simulation engine will be available at the start of each new season, and will be announced and explained at that time.

Rosters become locked after the end of the regular season (a playoff team is permitted to swap the positions of players already on their own roster for an upcoming game, but can't cut or sign new ones). Players can be maintained from season to season using Keeper Tags. Each team receives 20 Keeper Tags which they can use on Players as they see fit. Players of certain positions require more of a commitment to keep, and therefore require more Tags to keep. Obviously, this will lead to certain teams having more or less players than others going into the off-season. Keeper Tags, like Draft Selections, are considered an asset for a Team and therefore can be traded (but unused Tags are discarded at the end of the Keeper step)!

Very high upkeep positions (4 Tags):

  • Quarterback

High upkeep positions (3 Tags):

  • Runningback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Tackle
  • 4-3 Defensive End
  • 3-4 Outside Linebacker
  • Cornerback

Medium upkeep positions (2 Tags):

  • Tight End
  • Offensive Guard
  • Center
  • 3-4 Defensive End
  • 4-3 Outside Linebacker
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Inside Linebacker
  • Strong Safety
  • Free Safety
  • Head Coach

Low upkeep positions (1 Tag):

  • Fullback
  • Kicker
  • Punter
  • Offensive Coordinator
  • Defensive Coordinator
  • Special Teams Coordinator
  • Practice Squad or Rookies*

*Rookies are considered any player who was a rookie in their last NFL season. PS players are considered any player who started in seven or fewer games their previous NSFL season. Only up to two PS or rookie keepers can be players who played in a game the previous NSFL season. Other PS or rookie players who played a game in the previous season will be charged by their positional price, at the position they spent the most time in during the season.

Players count as the tier they spent the majority of the previous regular season as. In the event of a tie, the higher value is used. For example, if one has QB Matthew Stafford and started him for 7 games and had him on their practice squad for 9 games, he can be retained with a single Tag instead of 4. In addition, players who were kept the previous season cost a minimum of what they cost the year before.

After a period where inactive GMs are replaced and Keepers are selected, a new draft will commence with all players not kept and, before a Summer season, new Rookie players. These drafts will not snake, and the ordering will be determined by last season's placing, with the Taco Bowl Champion selecting last, after the runner-up. Teams that have less players than others due to the Keeper Tag system will receive Bonus rounds at the end of the draft (in the same order) until all Teams have 30 players again. At that time, Rosters become unlocked and a new Season begins!


NSFL Seasonal History

S27 Detailed Statistics
S27 Draft
Player/Team Stat Rankings

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Divisional Playoffs
Conference Championships
All-Star Bowl XXIV
Taco Bowl XVII

Team Rosters & Settings

Cheesy Conference

Red Division

Reykjavík Direwolves (Owner: Tk3)
QB: Lamar Jackson (BAL)
RB: Ezekiel Elliott (NE), Najee Harris (PIT)
FB: Michael Burton (DEN)
TE: Dalton Kincaid (BUF)
WR: Stefon Diggs (BUF), Christian Kirk (JAX), Christian Watson (GB)
OT: Trent Williams (SF), Tyron Smith (DAL)
OG: Peter Skoronski (TEN), Jon Feliciano (SF)
C; Ethan Pocic (CLE)
DE: Ed Oliver (BUF), Denico Autry (TEN)
NT: Cameron Heyward (PIT)
OLB: Za'Darius Smith (CLE), Shaquil Barrett (TB)
ILB: Fred Warner (SF), Devin Lloyd (JAX)
CB: Trevon Diggs (DAL), Rasul Douglas (BUF)
SS: Xavier McKinney (NYG)
FS: Kerby Joseph (DET)
K: Cameron Dicker (LAC)
P: Logan Cooke (JAX)
HC: Jim Harbaugh (FA)
OC: Brian Schottenheimer (DAL)
DC: Sean McDermott (BUF)
STC: Ryan Ficken (LAC)
PS: Jeff Ulbrich (NYJ), Tyrel Dodson (BUF), Xavier Gipson (NYJ)*, Deion Sanders (FA), Ed Reed (FA)

S28 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S28 5th (WAT), S29 2nd (GRE), S29 6th (HAM), S29 2nd (WAT), S29 3rd (WAT), S29 4th (WAT), S29 11th (HAM)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 13, Season 14

Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 60, FG Try: 39, Offens
e Agg: 75, Defense Agg: 45, Run Defense: 35
Stadium - Winterfell Godswood - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 1, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Colors - Primary: Gray, Secondary: White

Burlington Sock Puppets (Owner: Daboyle)
QB: Jordan Love (GB)
RB: Raheem Mostert (MIA), Brian Robinson (WAS)
FB: Logan Thomas (WAS)
TE: Travis Kelce (KC)
WR: Tyler Lockett (SEA), Adam Thielen (CAR), Darius Slayton (NYG)
OT: Christian Darrisaw (MIN), Zach Tom (GB)
OG: Alijah Vera-Tucker (NYJ), Teven Jenkins (CHI)
C; Jason Kelce (PHI)
DE: DeMarcus Lawrence (DAL), Jonathan Greenard (HOU)
NT: Dexter Lawrence (NYG)
OLB: Andrew Van Ginkel (MIA), Blake Cashman (HOU)
ILB: Dre Greenlaw (SF), Josey Jewell (DEN)
CB: Kendall Fuller (WAS), Mike Hilton (CIN)
SS: Julian Love (SEA)
FS: Xavier Woods (CAR)
K: Dustin Hopkins (CLE)
P: Jake Camarda (TB)
HC: Dan Campbell (DET)
OC: Mike LaFleur (LAR)
DC: Don Martindale (NYG)
STC: Chris Tabor (CAR)
PS: Jamal Agnew (JAX)*, Joe Flacco (CLE), Harrison Phillips (MIN), Darrick Forrest (WAS), Ronald Darby (BAL)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 1st (ANC), S28 1st (SCR), S28 1st (HAM)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 9

Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 65, FG Try: 38, Offense Agg: 90, Defense Agg: 85, Run Defense: 40
Stadium - The Coat Factory - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 35, Precip: 60, Wind: 70
Colors - Primary: White, Secondary: Red

Rio de Janeiro Pirates (Owner: RuskieTitan)
QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC)
RB: Nick Chubb (CLE), Javonte Williams (DEN)
FB: Khari Blasingame (CHI)
TE: George Kittle (SF)
WR: Tyreek Hill (MIA), Jerry Jeudy (DEN), Kyle Pitts (ATL)
OT: Jedrick Wills (CLE), Jawaan Taylor (KC)
OG: Damien Lewis (SEA), Andrew Norwell (FA)
C; Ryan Kelly (IND)
DE: Kenny Clark (GB), Jarran Reed (SEA)
NT: Jordan Davis (PHI)
OLB: Preston Smith (GB), Kwity Paye (IND)
ILB: Devin White (TB), Jamin Davis (WAS)
CB: Jaylon Johnson (CHI), A.J. Terrell (ATL)
SS: Harrison Smith (MIN)
FS: Jordan Whitehead (NYJ)
K: Harrison Butker (KC)
P: Thomas Morstead (NYJ)
HC: Andy Reid (KC)
OC: Pete Carmichael (NO)
DC: Vic Fangio (MIA)
STC: Nate Kaczor (WAS)
PS: Jerome Ford (CLE), Jalin Hyatt (NYG), Donovan Peoples-Jones (DET), Cam Robinson (JAX), Cordarrelle Patterson (ATL)*

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 4, Season 6, Season 21

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 75, FG Try: 40, Offense Agg: 65, Defense Agg: 60, Run Defense: 55
Stadium - The Boneyard II - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 40, Precip: 45, Wind: 35
Colors - Primary: Purple, Secondary: Light Gold

Hanoi Viet Kongs (Owner: ravens5520)

QB: Mac Jones (NE)
RB: Travis Etienne (JAX), Devin Singletary (HOU)
FB: Patrick Ricard (BAL)
TE: Darren Waller (NYG)
WR: DeAndre Hopkins (TEN), Zay Flowers (BAL), Tyler Boyd (CIN)
OT: Jack Conklin (CLE), Duane Brown (NYJ)
OG: La'el Collins (FA), Justin Pugh (NYG)
C; Ben Jones (FA)
DE: Chris Jones (KC), Justin Madubuike (BAL)
NT: Ndamukong Suh (FA)
OLB: Rashan Gary (GB), Brandon Graham (PHI)
ILB: Eric Kendricks (LAC), Ja'Whaun Bentley (NE)
CB: Marlon Humphrey (BAL), Xavien Howard (MIA)
SS: Amani Hooker (TEN)
FS: Kevin Byard (PHI)
K: Tyler Bass (BUF)
P: Bryce Baringer (NE)
HC: Sean Payton (DEN)
OC: Todd Monken (BAL)
DC: Mike Macdonald (BAL)
STC: Tom McMahon (LV)
PS: Devin Duvernay (BAL)*, Odafe Oweh (BAL), Joe Burrow (CIN), Anthony Barr (MIN), Sheldon Rankins (HOU)

S28 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S28 2nd (FRE), S28 6th (PHO), S28 6th (HAN), S28 8th (HAN)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 23

Strategy -  Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 62, FG Try: 41, Offense Agg: 30, Defense Agg: 70, Run Defense: 55
Stadium - The Jungle - Type: Dome, Timezone: Asia, Temp: 45, Precip: 50, Wind: 55
Colors - Primary: Red Orange, Secondary: Yellow

Lancaster Fighting Amish (Owner: TOUCAN)

QB: Baker Mayfield (TB)
RB: Tony Pollard (DAL), Kyren Williams (LAR)
FB: Alex Armah (WAS)
TE: Mark Andrews (BAL)
WR: Chris Olave (NO), Jaxon Smith-Njigba (SEA), Terry McLaurin (WAS)
OT: Penei Sewell (DET), Laremy Tunsil (HOU)
OG: Tyler Smith (DAL), Sam Cosmi (WAS)
C; Corey Linsley (LAC)
DE: Christian Wilkins (MIA), Carl Granderson (NO)
DT: Jonathan Allen (WAS), Arik Armstead (SF)
OLB: Quincy Williams (NYJ), Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (CLE)
MLB: Patrick Queen (BAL)
CB: Devon Witherspoon (SEA), Christian Gonzalez (NE)
SS: Kamren Curl (WAS)
FS: Jabrill Peppers (NE)
K: Jake Moody (SF)
P: Tress Way (WAS)
HC: Matt LaFleur (GB)
OC: Ben Johnson (DET)
DC: Raheem Morris (LAR)
STC: Richard Bisaccia (GB)
PS: Jonah Williams (LAR), Sam Howell (WAS), A.J. Epenesa (BUF), Antonio Gibson (WAS)*, Charles Cross (SEA)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 50, FG Try: 40, Offense Agg: 30, Defense Agg: 30, Run Defense: 25
Stadium - The Silo - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 29, Precip: 80, Wind: 30
Colors - Primary: Silver, Secondary: Navy Blue

Blue Division

Anchorage Amphibians (Owner: Scoundrel, GM: InjuredReserve)
QB: Trevor Lawrence (JAX)
RB: Jahmyr Gibbs (DET), Tyjae Spears (TEN)
FB: Tucker Kraft (GB)
TE: Isaiah Likely (BAL)
WR: Justin Jefferson (MIN), A.J. Brown (PHI), Josh Downs (IND)
OT: Andrew Thomas (NYG), Braden Smith (IND)
OG: Michael Onwenu (NE), Greg Van Roten (LV)
C; Erik McCoy (NO)
DE: Nick Bosa (SF), Jerry Hughes (HOU)
DT: Vita Vea (TB), Alim McNeill (DET)
OLB: Quay Walker (GB), Alex Singleton (DEN)
MLB: Jordyn Brooks (SEA)
CB: Patrick Surtain II (DEN), Greg Newsome II (CLE)
SS: Kyle Hamilton (BAL)
FS: L'Jarius Sneed (KC)
K: Riley Patterson (CLE)
P: J.K. Scott (LAC)
HC: Kevin Stefanski (CLE)
OC: Shane Waldron (SEA)
DC: Brian Flores (MIN)
STC: Larry Izzo (SEA)
PS: Rashee Rice (KC), Tre'von Moehrig (LV), Broderick Jones (PIT), Calvin Austin III (PIT)*, Travon Walker (JAX)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20 (+1 for Nick Bosa)
Picks: S28 1st (ANC)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 3

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 70, FG Try: 37, Offense Agg: 60, Defense Agg: 90, Run Defense: 45
Stadium - The Muskeg - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 5, Precip: 30, Wind: 30
Colors - Primary: Green, Secondary: Brown

Butte Bots (Owner: Malfatron, GM: Ragnarok)
QB: Matthew Stafford (LAR)
RB: Joe Mixon (CIN), James Conner (ARI)
FB: Darnell Washington (PIT)
TE: David Njoku (CLE)
WR: Diontae Johnson (PIT), Robert Woods (HOU), Allen Lazard (NYJ)
OT: Darnell Wright (CHI), Kaleb McGary (ATL)
OG: Alex Cappa (CIN), Ben Powers (DEN)
C; Ikem Ekwonu (CAR)
DE: Zach Sieler (MIA), Lawrence Guy (NE)
NT: Daron Payne (WAS)
OLB: T.J. Watt (PIT), Khalil Mack (LAC)
ILB: Jack Campbell (DET), Nick Bolton (KC)
CB: Darius Slay (PHI), Martin Emerson (CLE)
SS: Vonn Bell (CAR)
FS: Andre Cisco (JAX)
K: Jason Sanders (MIA)
P: Bryan Anger (DAL)
HC: John Harbaugh (BAL)
OC: Bobby Slowik (HOU)
DC: Lou Anarumo (CIN)
STC: Darrin Simmons (CIN)
PS: C.J. Stroud (HOU), De'Von Achane (MIA)*, Willie Gay Jr. (KC), Luke Goedeke (TB), Terrel Bernard (BUF)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 4th (HAM), S28 4th (FRE), S28 2nd (BUT), S28 5th (BUT), S29 1st (BUT), S29 6th (BUT), S29 10th (BUT)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 2, Season 15, Season 18

Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 53, FG Try: 38, Offense Agg: 55, Defense Agg: 100, Run Defense: 0
Stadium - Roarin' Gulch - Type: Outdoor Dirt, Timezone: Mountain, Temp: 30, Precip: 10, Wind: 20
Colors - Primary: Copper, Secondary: Dark Gray

Little Rock Uni Royals (Owner: Glen)
QB: Josh Allen (BUF)
RB: Gus Edwards (BAL), Dalvin Cook (BAL)
FB: C.J. Ham (MIN)
TE: Jake Ferguson (DAL)
WR: Brandon Aiyuk (SF), Nico Collins (HOU), Michael Thomas Jr. (NO)
OT: Dion Dawkins (BUF), Orlando Brown Jr. (CIN)
OG: Zack Martin (DAL), Jon Runyan Jr. (GB)
C; Mitch Morse (BUF)
DE: Cameron Jordan (NO), Jordan Elliott (CLE)
NT: Grover Stewart (IND)
OLB: Matt Milano (BUF), Micah Parsons (DAL)
ILB: Demario Davis (NO), C.J. Mosley (NYJ)
CB: Taron Johnson (BUF), James Bradberry (PHI)
SS: Antoine Winfield Jr. (TB)
FS: Justin Simmons (DEN)
K: Daniel Carlson (LV)
P: Johnny Hekker (CAR)
HC: Mike Tomlin (PIT)
OC: Shane Steichen (IND)
DC: Jonathan Gannon (ARI)
STC: Dave Fipp (DET)
PS: Osa Odighizuwa (DAL), Kellen Moore (LAC), Wade Phillips (FA), Braxton Berrios (MIA)*, Josh Reynolds (DET)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 12, Season 27

Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 60, FG Try: 38, Offense Agg: 60, Defense Agg: 55, Run Defense: 35
Stadium - Pebble Stadium - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Central, Temp: 50, Precip: 1, Wind: 0
Colors - Primary: Blue, Secondary: White

Tokyo Samurai (Owner: bcb1213)

QB: Taysom Hill (NO)
RB: Jeff Wilson Jr. (MIA), Jaylen Warren (PIT)
FB: Breece Hall (NYJ)
TE: Tyler Higbee (LAR)
WR: Garrett Wilson (NYJ), Jordan Addison (MIN), Tank Dell (HOU)
OT: Brian O'Neill (MIN), Dawand Jones (CLE)
OG: Chris Lindstrom (ATL), Graham Glasgow (DET)
C; Connor Williams (MIA)
DE: Jaelan Phillips (MIA), Samson Ebukam (IND)
DT: D.J. Reader (CIN), Aidan Hutchinson (DET)
OLB: Foyesade Oluokun (JAX), Logan Wilson (CIN)
MLB: Shaq Thompson (CAR)
CB: Jalen Ramsey (MIA), Jamel Dean (TB)
SS: Jalen Thompson (ARI)
FS: Jaquan Brisker (CHI)
K: Brandon Aubrey (DAL)
P: Jamie Gillan (NYG)
HC: Mike McCarthy (DAL)
OC: Frank Smith (MIA)
DC: Robert Saleh (NYJ)
STC: John Fassel (DAL)
PS: Jermaine Johnson II (NYJ), Kene Nwangwu (MIN)*, Jalen Reagor (NE), Randall Cobb (NYJ), Cole Kmet (CHI)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 2nd (WAT), S28 3rd (WAT), S28 4th (WAT), S29 3rd (HAM), S30 2nd (WAT)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 20

Strategy - Run Chance: 70, RB1 Chance: 55, FG Try: 38, Offense Agg: 55, Defense Agg: 85, Run Defense: 40
Stadium - Bushido Bowl - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Asia, Temp: 45, Precip: 55, Wind: 45
Colors - Primary: Brown, Secondary: Parchment

Hamilton Hornets (Owner: LAOJoe)

QB: Aaron Rodgers (NYJ)
RB: Aaron Jones (GB), Bijan Robinson (ATL)
FB: Josh Oliver (MIN)
TE: T.J. Hockenson (MIN)
WR: Brandin Cooks (DAL)*, Ja'Marr Chase (CIN), Drake London (ATL)
OT: Charles Leno (WAS), Lane Johnson (PHI)
OG: Wyatt Teller (CLE), Joel Bitonio (CLE)
C; Creed Humphrey (KC)
DE: Harold Landry (TEN), Calais Campbell (ATL)
NT: Fletcher Cox (PHI),
OLB: Joshua Allen (JAX), Von Miller (BUF)
ILB: Lavonte David (TB), Leighton Vander Esch (DAL)
CB: Chidobe Awuzie (CIN), Tyson Campbell (JAX)
SS: Kyle Dugger (NE)
FS: Jimmie Ward (HOU)
K: Matt Prater (ARI)
P: Corey Bojorquez (CLE)
HC: Nick Saban (FA)
OC: Brian Callahan (CIN)
DC: Steve Wilks (SF)
STC: Frank Ross (HOU)
PS: Steven Nelson (HOU), Garett Bolles (DEN), Miles Sanders (CAR), Tremaine Edmunds (CHI), Greg Zuerlein (NYJ)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 1st (WAT), S29 5th (WAT), S30 3rd (WAT), S28 1st (HAM), S28 2nd (HAM), S28 3rd (HAM), S28 4th (HAM), S28 10th (HAM), S29 3rd (HAM), S29 6th (HAM), S29 10th (HAM), S29 11th (HAM)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 8, Season 26

Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 60, FG Try: 43, Offense Agg: 70, Defense Agg: 56, Run Defense: 40
Stadium - The Hive - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 31, Precip: 31, Wind: 31
Colors - Primary: Black, Secondary: Amber

Salsa Conference

Green Division

Wattsville Waste Walruses (Owner: TL-TwoWinsAway)

QB: Dak Prescott (DAL)
RB: Josh Jacobs (LV), Khalil Herbert (CHI)
FB: Isiah Pacheco (KC)
TE: Sam LaPorta (DET)
WR: Amon-Ra St. Brown (DET), Puka Nacua (LAR), Curtis Samuel (WAS)
OT: Donovan Smith (KC), Jermaine Eluemunor (LV)
OG: Drew Dalman (ATL), Daniel Brunskill (TEN)
C; Aaron Brewer (TEN)
DE: John Franklin-Myers (NYJ), George Karlaftis (KC)
NT: Derrick Brown (CAR)
OLB: D.J. Wonnum (MIN), Nik Bonitto (DEN)
ILB: Zaire Franklin (IND), Robert Spillane (LV)
CB: Jonathan Jones (NE), Kenny Moore (IND)
SS: Christian Benford (BUF)
FS: Rayshawn Jenkins (JAX)
K: Justin Tucker (BAL)
P: Ryan Stonehouse (TEN)
HC: Jeff Fisher (FA)
OC: Tom Moore (FA)
DC: Monte Kiffin (FA)
STC: Bobby April (FA)
PS: Derius Davis (LAC)*, Jason Pinnock (NYG), Kobie Turner (LAR), Dayo Odeyingbo (IND), Reed Blankenship (PHI)

S28 Keeper Tags: 19
Picks: S28 2nd (BUT), S28 5th (BUT), S28 5th (GRE), S28 8th (SCR), S28 8th (FRE), S28 8th (IND), S28 9th (FRE), S29 1st (BUT), S29 6th (BUT), S29 8th (GRE), S29 10th (BUT), S29 10th (HAM), S31 10th (IND), S31 10th (GRE), S28 1st (WAT), S28 2nd (WAT), S28 3rd (WAT), S28 4th (WAT), S28 5th (WAT), S29 1st (WAT), S29 2nd (WAT), S29 3rd (WAT), S29 4th (WAT), S29 5th (WAT), S30 1st (WAT), S30 2nd (WAT), S30 3rd (WAT)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 1, Season 11, Season 17, Season 25

Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 80, FG Try: 45, Offense Agg: 75, Defense Agg: 40, Run Defense: 50
Stadium - Sirhowy Valley Field - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 20, Precip: 50, Wind: 100
Colors - Primary: Baby Blue, Secondary: Carrot Orange

Greenland Polar Bears (Owner: Pickle Rick)

QB: Tua Tagovailoa (MIA)
RB: Christian McCaffrey (SF), Austin Ekeler (LAC)
FB: Zach Gentry (LV)
TE: Cade Otton (TB)
WR: Calvin Ridley (JAX), Jakobi Meyers (LV)*, Courtland Sutton (DEN)
OT: Rashawn Slater (LAC), Rob Havenstein (LAR)
OG: Jamaree Salyer (LAC), Isaac Seumalo (PIT)
C; Tyler Biadasz (DAL)
DE: Boye Mafe (SEA), Dre'Mont Jones (SEA)
NT: D.J. Jones (DEN)
OLB: Bradley Chubb (MIA), Joey Bosa (LAC)
ILB: T.J. Edwards (CHI), Jordan Hicks (MIN)
CB: Trent McDuffie (KC), Darious Williams (JAX)
SS: Derwin James (LAC)
FS: Grant Delpit (CLE)
K: Chase McLaughlin (TB)
P: Riley Dixon (DEN)
HC: Antonio Pierce (LV)
OC: Joe Brady (BUF)
DC: Eric Washington (BUF)
STC: Joe Judge (NE)
PS: Derek Carr (NO), Maliek Collins (HOU), Bud Dupree (ATL), Zaven Collins (ARI), Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 5th (GRE), S29 2nd (GRE), S29 8th (GRE), S31 10th (GRE)

Strategy - Run Chance: 44, RB1 Chance: 60, FG Try: 42, Offense Agg: 72, Defense Agg: 15, Run Defense: 20
Stadium - Iceberg Stadium - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 5, Precip: 0, Wind: 85
Colors - Primary: Black, Secondary: Aqua

Cincinnati Buffleheads (Owner: rackcs)

QB: Geno Smith (SEA)
RB: Jonathan Taylor (IND), Zack Moss (IND)
FB: Kyle Juszczyk (SF)
TE: Dalton Schultz (HOU)
WR: D.K. Metcalf (SEA), D.J. Moore (CHI), George Pickens (PIT)
OT: Mike McGlinchey (DEN), D.J. Humphries (ARI)
OG: Joe Thuney (KC), Paris Johnson Jr. (ARI)
C; Garrett Bradbury (MIN)
DE: Leonard Floyd (BUF), Sam Hubbard (CIN)
DT: Nathan Shepherd (NO), Dalvin Tomlinson (CLE)
OLB: Kyle Van Noy (BAL), Kyzir White (ARI)
MLB: Pete Werner (NO)
CB: Stephon Gilmore (DAL), Byron Jones (FA)
SS: Geno Stone (BAL)
FS: Jordan Poyer (BUF)
K: Chris Boswell (PIT)
P: Cameron Johnston (HOU)
HC: Mike Vrabel (TEN)
OC: Lincoln Riley (FA)
DC: Ejiro Evero (CAR)
STC: Brant Boyer (NYJ)
PS: Will Levis (TEN), Deonte Banks (NYG), Drue Tranquill (KC), Elijah Moore (CLE)*, Calijah Kancey (TB)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 2nd (HAM), S28 3rd (HAM), S28 8th (HAN), S29 1st (HAM), S30 1st (HAM)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 19

Strategy - Run Chance: 50, RB1 Chance: 60, FG Try: 39, Offense Agg: 55, Defense Agg: 70, Run Defense: 50
Stadium - The Quackerdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 49, Precip: 60, Wind: 50
Colors - Primary: Yellow, Secondary: Olive Green

Scranton Papermakers (Owner: Scalamania)

QB: Brock Purdy (SF)
RB: Alvin Kamara (NO), Rhamondre Stevenson (NE)
FB: Keith Smith (ATL)
TE: Pat Freiermuth (PIT)
WR: Davante Adams (LV), Cooper Kupp (LAR), Mike Williams (LAC)
OT: Terron Armstead (MIA), Taylor Decker (DET)
OG: Landon Dickerson (PHI), Trey Smith (KC)
C; Tyler Linderbaum (BAL)
DE: Montez Sweat (CHI), Gregory Rousseau (BUF)
DT: Jalen Carter (PHI), Jeffery Simmons (TEN)
OLB: Jerome Baker (MIA), Isaiah Simmons (NYG)
MLB: Bobby Okereke (NYG)
CB: Jaire Alexander (GB), D.J. Reed (NYJ)
SS: Malik Hooker (DAL)
FS: Brian Branch (DET)
K: Younghoe Koo (ATL)
P: A.J. Cole III (LV)
HC: Sean McVay (LAR)
OC: Mike McDaniel (MIA)
DC: Steve Spagnuolo (KC)
STC: Dave Toub (KC)
PS: Justin Fields (CHI), Deshaun Watson (CLE), Grady Jarrett (ATL), Keisean Nixon (GB)*, Gerald Everett (LAC)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 1st (LM), S28 1st (SCR), S28 4th (SCR), S28 8th (SCR)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 16, Season 24

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 65, FG Try: 40, Offense Agg: 60, Defense Agg: 60, Run Defense: 55
Stadium - The Dunderdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 60, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Colors - Primary: Royal Purple, Secondary: White

Phoenix Rubber Ducks (Owner: Kingram)

QB: Kirk Cousins (MIN)
RB: Saquon Barkley (NYG), Rachaad White (TB)
FB: Jakob Johnson (LV)
TE: Trey McBride (ARI)
WR: Mike Evans (TB), Michael Pittman (IND), Quentin Johnston (LAC)
OT: Tristan Wirfs (TB), Morgan Moses (BAL)
OG: Quinn Meinerz (DEN), Kevin Zeitler (BAL)
C; David Andrews (NE)
DE: Matt Judon (NE), Brian Burns (CAR)
DT: Christian Barmore (NE), David Onyemata (ATL)
OLB: Kaden Elliss (ATL), Jahlani Tavai (NE)
MLB: Leo Chenal (KC)
CB: Marshon Lattimore (NO), Paulson Adebo (NO)
SS: Marcus A. Williams (BAL)
FS: Jessie Bates III (ATL)
K: Evan McPherson (CIN)
P: Blake Gillikin (ARI)
HC: Kyle Shanahan (SF)
OC: Brian Daboll (NYG)
DC: Dan Quinn (DAL)
STC: Matt Daniels (MIN)
PS: Bryan Bresee (NO), Josh Uche (NE), Zach Charbonnet (SEA), Deonte Harty (BUF)*, YaYa Diaby (TB)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 1st (PHO), S28 6th (PHO)

Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 80, FG Try: 45, Offense Agg: 60, Defense Agg: 70, Run Defense: 30
Stadium - MJK Coliseum - Type: Outdoor Dirt, Timezone: Mountain, Temp: 82, Precip: 5, Wind: 20
Colors - Primary: Orange, Secondary: Blue

Yellow Division

New Zealand Blobfish (Owner: EaglesPeteC)

QB: Jalen Hurts (PHI)
RB: Kareem Hunt (CLE), Zamir White (LV)
FB: Luke Musgrave (GB)
TE: Hunter Henry (NE)
WR: Jaylen Waddle (MIA), DeVonta Smith (PHI), Darnell Mooney (CHI)
OT: Ryan Ramczyk (NO), Jake Matthews (ATL)
OG: Elgton Jenkins (GB), Cam Jurgens (PHI)
C; Ryan Jensen (TB)
DE: Malcolm Koonce (LV), Josh Sweat (PHI)
DT: Quinnen Williams (NYJ), B.J. Hill (CIN)
OLB: Germaine Pratt (CIN), David Long Jr. (MIA)
MLB: De'Vondre Campbell (GB)
CB: Sauce Gardner (NYJ), Derek Stingley Jr. (HOU)
SS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (DET)
FS: Jevon Holland (MIA)
K: Jake Elliott (PHI)
P: Tommy Townsend (KC)
HC: Zac Taylor (CIN)
OC: Eric Bieniemy (WAS)
DC: Jim Schwartz (CLE)
STC: Michael Clay (PHI)
PS: Dalton Risner (MIN), Matthew Bergeron (ATL), Roger McCreary (TEN), Nyheim Hines (BUF)*, JuJu Smith-Schuster (NE)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 1st (PHO), S28 4th (SCR)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 5

Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 50, FG Try: 43, Offense Agg: 55, Defense Agg: 66, Run Defense: 50
Stadium - Gilbert E. Blobbington Memorial Stadium - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Asia, Temp: 50, Precip: 25, Wind: 16
Colors - Primary: Dark Navy, Secondary: Sea Green

Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas (Owner: The Orca)
QB: Anthony Richardson (IND)
RB: James Cook (BUF), Dameon Pierce (HOU)
FB: Hunter Luepke (DAL)
TE: Mo Alie-Cox (IND)
WR: CeeDee Lamb (DAL), Deebo Samuel (SF)*, Romeo Doubs (GB)
OT: Bernhard Raimann (IND), Trent Brown (NE)
OG: O'Cyrus Torrence (BUF), James Daniels (PIT)
C; Lloyd Cushenberry (DEN)
DE: Kayvon Thibodeaux (NYG), Yannick Ngakoue (CHI)
NT: Tedarrell Slaton (GB)
OLB: Will Anderson Jr. (HOU), Trey Hendrickson (CIN)
ILB: Lukas Van Ness (GB), Frankie Luvu (CAR)
CB: Michael Carter II (NYJ), Carlton Davis (TB)
SS: Jamal Adams (SEA)
FS: Micah Hyde (BUF)
K: Eddy Piñeiro (CAR)
P: Sam Martin (BUF)
HC: Dennis Allen (NO)
OC: Press Taylor (JAX)
DC: Joe Woods (NO)
STC: Matthew Smiley (BUF)
PS: Daniel Jones (NYG), Leki Fotu (ARI), Derrick Nnadi (KC), Jordan Fuller (LAR), ???

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 3rd (FRE), S28 1st (LM)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 10

Strategy - Run Chance: 35, RB1 Chance: 70, FG Try: 45, Offense Agg: 61, Defense Agg: 61, Run Defense: 40
Stadium - The Cirque Tarn - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Mountain, Temp: 35, Precip: 50, Wind: 25
Colors - Primary: Light Blue, Secondary: Light Orange

Indianapolis Predators (Owner: RandyMossIsBoss)
QB: Justin Herbert (LAC)
RB: D'Andre Swift (PHI), A.J. Dillon (GB)
FB: Alec Ingold (MIA)
TE: Dallas Goedert (PHI)
WR: Keenan Allen (LAC), Amari Cooper (CLE), Marquise Brown (ARI)*
OT: Ronnie Stanley (BAL), David Bakhtiari (GB)
OG: Quenton Nelson (IND), Laken Tomlinson (NYJ)
C; Ted Karras (CIN)
DE: Myles Garrett (CLE), Alex Highsmith (PIT)
DT: DeForest Buckner (IND), Michael Pierce (BAL)
OLB: Shaquille Leonard (PHI), Alex Anzalone (DET)
MLB: Bobby Wagner (SEA)
CB: Tre'Davious White (BUF), Denzel Ward (CLE)
SS: Quandre Diggs (SEA)
FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick (PIT)
K: Jason Myers (SEA)
P: Jack Fox (DET)
HC: Nick Sirianni (PHI)
OC: Doug Pederson (JAX)
DC: Bill Belichick (NE)
STC: Chase Blackburn (LAR)
PS: J.K. Dobbins (BAL), Jayden Reed (GB), Braden Mann (PHI), Patrick Peterson (PIT), ???

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S28 8th (IND), S31 10th (IND)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 22

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 70, FG Try: 35, Offense Agg: 53, Defense Agg: 60, Run Defense: 35
Stadium - Fiesta Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Eastern, Temp: 40, Precip: 2, Wind: 50
Colors - Primary: Dark Green, Secondary: Dark Red

Freiburg Venom (Owner: SirA1)
QB: Jared Goff (DET)
RB: Derrick Henry (TEN), David Montgomery (DET)
FB: Jonnu Smith (ATL)
TE: Michael Mayer (LV)
WR: Chris Godwin (TB), Gabriel Davis (BUF), Odell Beckham Jr. (BAL)
OT: Kolton Miller (LV), Taylor Moton (CAR)
OG: Brandon Scherff (JAX), Shaq Mason (HOU)
C; Frank Ragnow (DET)
DE: Chase Young (SF), Javon Hargrave (SF)
NT: Leonard Williams (SEA)
OLB: Maxx Crosby (LV), Randy Gregory (SF)
ILB: Ernest Jones (LAR), Roquan Smith (BAL)
CB: Charvarius Ward (SF), Asante Samuel Jr. (LAC)
SS: Tyrann Mathieu (NO)
FS: Budda Baker (ARI)
K: Ka'Imi Fairbairn (HOU)
P: Mitch Wishnowsky (SF)
HC: DeMeco Ryans (HOU)
OC: Dave Canales (TB)
DC: Gus Bradley (IND)
STC: Darren Rizzi (NO)
PS: Rashid Shaheed (NO)*, B.Y. Young (LAR), Tyler Allgeier (ATL), Tyrique Stevenson (CHI), Jaycee Horn (CAR)

S28 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S28 6th (HAN), S28 10th (HAM), S28 2nd (FRE), S28 3rd (FRE), S28 4th (FRE), S28 8th (FRE), S28 9th (FRE)

Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 69, FG Try: 45, Offense Agg: 40, Defense Agg: 35, Run Defense: 40
Stadium - Altstadt - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 69, Precip: 42, Wind: 42
Colors - Primary: Gold, Secondary: Maroon

Egypt Starfalls (Owner: El Ramster)
QB: Kyler Murray (ARI)
RB: Kenneth Walker III (SEA), Chuba Hubbard (CAR)
FB: Jamaal Williams (NO)*
TE: Evan Engram (JAX)
WR: Tee Higgins (CIN), Jameson Williams (DET), Josh Palmer (LAC)
OT: Jordan Mailata (PHI), Jason Peters (SEA)
OG: Steve Avila (LAR), Kevin Dotson (LAR)
C; Austin Corbett (CAR)
DE: Danielle Hunter (MIN), Haason Reddick (PHI)
DT: Aaron Donald (LAR), Dorance Armstrong (DAL)
OLB: Jadeveon Clowney (BAL), Bryce Huff (NYJ)
MLB: Kenneth Murray Jr. (LAC)
CB: Riq Woolen (SEA), DaRon Bland (DAL)
SS: Talanoa Hufanga (SF)
FS: Jalen Pitre (HOU)
K: Matt Gay (IND)
P: Michael Dickson (SEA)
HC: Pete Carroll (SEA)
OC: Kevin O'Connell (MIN)
DC: Todd Bowles (TB)
STC: Chris Horton (BAL)
PS: Joey Porter Jr. (PIT), Bryce Young (CAR), Ahkello Witherspoon (LAR), Evan Neal (NYG), Dante Fowler Jr. (DAL)

S28 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 7

Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 75, FG Try: 38, Offense Agg: 55, Defense Agg: 52, Run Defense: 50
Stadium - Dawn - Type: Outdoor Dirt, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 35, Precip: 45, Wind: 25
Colors - Primary: Magenta, Secondary: Silver


Cheesy Conference

Red Division

  1. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (13-3) xyz
  2. Reykjavík Direwolves (10-6) x
  3. Lancaster Fighting Amish (9-7)
  4. Hanoi Viet Kongs (7-9)
  5. Burlington Sock Puppets (5-11)

Blue Division

  1. Little Rock Uni Royals (11-5) xy
  2. Hamilton Hornets (11-5) x
  3. Butte Bots (9-7)
  4. Anchorage Amphibians (6-9-1)
  5. Tokyo Samurai (2-14)

Salsa Conference

Green Division

  1. Greenland Polar Bears (11-4-1) xy
  2. Phoenix Rubber Ducks (9-7) x
  3. Scranton Papermakers (7-9)
  4. Cincinnati Buffleheads (6-10)
  5. Wattsville Waste Walruses (3-13)

Yellow Division

  1. Indianapolis Predators (12-4) xyz
  2. Freiburg Venom (10-6) x
  3. Egypt Starfalls (8-8)
  4. New Zealand Blobfish (6-10)
  5. Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas (4-12)

x - Clinched playoff berth
y - Clinched division
z - Clinched homefield advantage
e - Eliminated from playoff contention


WEEK 1 (Wed, March 27th)
Anchorage Amphibians 16 @ Hamilton Hornets 26
Cincinnati Buffleheads 25 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 28
Butte Bots 24 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 31
Greenland Polar Bears 24 @ Scranton Papermakers 23
Indianapolis Predators 38 @ New Zealand Blobfish 26
Burlington Sock Puppets 29 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 34
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 41 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 23
Egypt Starfalls 17 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 16
Tokyo Samurai 20 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 30
Hanoi Viet Kongs 23 @ Freiburg Venom 26

WEEK 2 (Sat, March 30th)
Little Rock Uni Royals 24 @ Anchorage Amphibians 27
Wattsville Waste Walruses 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 30
Burlington Sock Puppets 19 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 20
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 16 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 22
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 33 @ Indianapolis Predators 23
Butte Bots 29 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 24
Hamilton Hornets 37 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 28
Greenland Polar Bears 23 @ Tokyo Samurai 20
Lancaster Fighting Amish 20 @ New Zealand Blobfish 31
Freiburg Venom 24 @ Egypt Starfalls 30

WEEK 3 (Tue, April 2nd)
Freiburg Venom 34 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 19
Little Rock Uni Royals 37 @ Butte Bots 20
Egypt Starfalls 20 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 27
Hanoi Viet Kongs 24 @ Hamilton Hornets 23
Reykjavík Direwolves 31 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 32
Wattsville Waste Walruses 17 @ Greenland Polar Bears 23
Scranton Papermakers 26 @ Tokyo Samurai 31
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 32 @ Anchorage Amphibians 23
New Zealand Blobfish 15 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 19
Indianapolis Predators 24 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 17

WEEK 4 (Fri, April 5th)
Lancaster Fighting Amish 14 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 29
Tokyo Samurai 34 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 38
New Zealand Blobfish 29 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 30
Reykjavík Direwolves 38 @ Freiburg Venom 27
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 30 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 23
Hamilton Hornets 21 @ Butte Bots 26
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 27 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 34
Egypt Starfalls 24 @ Indianapolis Predators 34
Anchorage Amphibians 24 @ Greenland Polar Bears 24
Cincinnati Buffleheads 22 @ Scranton Papermakers 27

WEEK 5 (Mon, April 8th)
Anchorage Amphibians 26 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 25
Scranton Papermakers 27 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 34
Lancaster Fighting Amish 24 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 14
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 21 @ Freiburg Venom 31
Burlington Sock Puppets 23 @ Hamilton Hornets 20
Cincinnati Buffleheads 24 @ Egypt Starfalls 34
Butte Bots 20 @ Tokyo Samurai 14
Greenland Polar Bears 26 @ New Zealand Blobfish 33
Little Rock Uni Royals 20 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 19
Indianapolis Predators 30 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 21

WEEK 6 (Thu, April 11th)
Wattsville Waste Walruses 28 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 33
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 24 @ Greenland Polar Bears 31
New Zealand Blobfish 19 @ Egypt Starfalls 17
Hamilton Hornets 30 @ Tokyo Samurai 24
Hanoi Viet Kongs 24 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 28
Butte Bots 16 @ Anchorage Amphibians 17
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 34 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 28
Burlington Sock Puppets 23 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 24
Freiburg Venom 24 @ Indianapolis Predators 17
Little Rock Uni Royals 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 27

WEEK 7 (Sun, April 14th)
Hanoi Viet Kongs 20 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 10
Hamilton Hornets 30 @ Anchorage Amphibians 17
Scranton Papermakers 23 @ Freiburg Venom 20
Greenland Polar Bears 22 @ Indianapolis Predators 24
New Zealand Blobfish 25 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31
Wattsville Waste Walruses 29 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 30
Reykjavík Direwolves 24 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 34
Cincinnati Buffleheads 19 @ Butte Bots 14
Tokyo Samurai 6 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 17
Egypt Starfalls 24 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 21

WEEK 8 (Wed, April 17th)
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 33 @ Cincinnati Bufflehead 20
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 19 @ Greenland Polar Bears 24
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 20 @ Tokyo Samurai 14
Freiburg Venom 30 @ New Zealand Blobfish 23
Scranton Papermakers 23 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 35
Reykjavík Direwolves 31 @ Egypt Starfalls 24
Indianapolis Predators 30 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 27
Lancaster Fighting Amish 27 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 24
Butte Bots 31 @ Hamilton Hornets 39
Anchorage Amphibians 27 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 34

WEEK 9 (Sat, April 20th)
Little Rock Uni Royals 27 @ Tokyo Samurai 26
Egypt Starfalls 20 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 24
Anchorage Amphibians 31 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 17
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 12 @ Butte Bots 17
Freiburg Venom 17 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 22
Hamilton Hornets 27 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 33
Burlington Sock Puppets 20 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 17
Greenland Polar Bears 23 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 15
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 20 @ New Zealand Blobfish 31
Indianapolis Predators 21 @ Scranton Papermakers 18

WEEK 10 (Tue, April 23rd)
Tokyo Samurai 20 @ Hamilton Hornets 23
New Zealand Blobfish 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 32
Greenland Polar Bears 19 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 13
Hanoi Viet Kongs 27 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 30
Cincinnati Buffleheads 28 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 24
Lancaster Fighting Amish 20 @ Indianapolis Predators 42
Reykjavík Direwolves 33 @ Anchorage Amphibians 26
Burlington Sock Puppets 17 @ Butte Bots 18
Wattsville Waste Walruses 27 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 29
Egypt Starfalls 24 @ Freiburg Venom 31

WEEK 11 (Fri, April 26th)
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 28 @ Indianapolis Predators 30
Tokyo Samurai 30 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 33
Cincinnati Buffleheads 26 @ Greenland Polar Bears 37
Hanoi Viet Kongs 19 @ New Zealand Blobfish 17
Anchorage Amphibians 24 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 26
Hamilton Hornets 20 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 26
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 10 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 13
Freiburg Venom 33 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 23
Scranton Papermakers 14 @ Egypt Starfalls 17
Butte Bots 34 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 24

WEEK 12 (Mon, April 29th)
Wattsville Waste Walruses 22 @ Freiburg Venom 27
Indianapolis Predators 17 @ Egypt Starfalls 23
Lancaster Fighting Amish 23 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 10*
Little Rock Uni Royals 27 @ Greenland Polar Bears 17
Burlington Sock Puppets 21 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31
Anchorage Amphibians 24 @ Tokyo Samurai 31
New Zealand Blobfish 27 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 13
Butte Bots 21 @ Scranton Papermakers 26
Hamilton Hornets 23 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 20
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 34 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 31
*Moon international game

WEEK 13 (Thu, May 2nd)
Cincinnati Buffleheads 22 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 27
Lancaster Fighting Amish 29 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31
Egypt Starfalls 30 @ New Zealand Blobfish 20
Greenland Polar Bears 24 @ Hamilton Hornets 27
Freiburg Venom 27 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 16
Scranton Papermakers 14 @ Anchorage Amphibians 19
Reykjavík Direwolves 31 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 37
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 14 @ Indianapolis Predators 30
Tokyo Samurai 20 @ Butte Bots 26
Little Rock Uni Royals 27 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 31

WEEK 14 (Mon, May 6th)
Tokyo Samurai 7 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 20
New Zealand Blobfish 17 @ Indianapolis Predators 22
Wattsville Waste Walruses 24 @ Hamilton Hornets 32
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 23 @ Anchorage Amphibians 17
Freiburg Venom 35 @ Phoenix Rubber Ducks 31
Butte Bots 20 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 27
Hanoi Viet Kongs 18 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 13
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 24 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 30
Egypt Starfalls 30 @ Greenland Polar Bears 31
Scranton Papermakers 28 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 35

WEEK 15 (Thu, May 9th)
Anchorage Amphibians 14 @ Butte Bots 23
Indianapolis Predators 17 @ Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 20
Reykjavík Direwolves 29 @ Lancaster Fighting Amish 30
New Zealand Blobfish 27 @ Freiburg Venom 22*
Wattsville Waste Walruses 24 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 31
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 17 @ Scranton Papermakers 31
Burlington Sock Puppets 27 @ Egypt Starfalls 25
Hamilton Hornets 28 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 26
Greenland Polar Bears 34 @ Cincinnati Buffleheads 28
Hanoi Viet Kongs 29 @ Tokyo Samurai 24
*Antarctica international game

WEEK 16 (Tue, May 14th)
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 24 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 16
Reykjavík Direwolves 24 @ Burlington Sock Puppets 17
Tokyo Samurai 17 @ Anchorage Amphibians 23
Little Rock Uni Royals 24 @ Hamilton Hornets 27
Lancaster Fighting Amish 14 @ Butte Bots 27
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 27 @ Wattsville Waste Walruses 19
Scranton Papermakers 23 @ Greenland Polar Bears 24
Lake Minnewanka Ice Orcas 20 @ Egypt Starfalls 34
Indianapolis Predators 26 @ Freiburg Venom 18
Cincinnati Buffleheads 32 @ New Zealand Blobfish 20

Reykjavík Direwolves 28 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 35
Hamilton Hornets 17 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 31
Phoenix Rubber Ducks 20 @ Indianapolis Predators 26
Freiburg Venom 23 @ Greenland Polar Bears 13

Little Rock Uni Royals 33 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 28
Freiburg Venom 17 @ Indianapolis Predators 24

ALL-STAR BOWL (Mon, May 20th)
Cheesy All-Stars 27 vs Salsa All-Stars 17

TACO BOWL XXVII (Tue, May 21st)
Little Rock Uni Royals 26 vs Indianapolis Predators 18

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@Tk3 @Daboyle @RuskieTitan @ravens5520 @TOUCAN

@Scoundrel @Malfatron @Glen @bcb1213 @LAOJoe

@TL-TwoWinsAway @Pickle Rick @swoosh @Scalamania @Kingram

@EaglesPeteC @The Orca @RandyMossIsBoss @SirA1 @El Ramster

Welcome to the 27th season of the NSFL!

You have until Monday, February 26th to renew interest in the league. If you are no longer interesting in owning your team, please let me know ASAP so a replacement can be found swiftly. Keepers are due the following Thursday, February 29th with the draft beginning a few days later, which will not include incoming rookies.

Please re-post any trades from the last thread including confirmations. The new season's office is officially open!


Thanks guys!

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  • TheKillerNacho changed the title to Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 27 - Taco Bowl XXVII Posted)

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