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  2. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    Technically, the DE (Ford) jumping offsides nullified what could have been the game sealing interception, so in a way, yes, it was the reason they couldn't stop the Pats... prior to OT.
  3. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    That's the part that had me really scratching my head. They immediately let Kareem Hunt go once that video came out, and they're already dealing with Tyreek Hill's issues.
  4. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Hopeful Gruden is in love with him move down 2 spots and still have chance at Bosa Williams or Allen
  5. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters - May 31st

    I bet that's at the end of the the movie. Majority of the movie will just be the main 4.
  6. lol remind me of the other two one time @theuntouchable drew scum in my games like 7 out of 8 times or something insane.
  7. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Let's go! https://twitter.com/diannaESPN/status/1121032406931312640
  8. TACT XIX: Totally Worth A 1st, Thanks Oakland!!

    So sorry Matts - condolences to you and your kiddos
  9. FINAL! Mock.

  10. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    It is definitely a concern not to ignore, but a Day 3 pick is extremely low risk. Throw in the MSU RB success, his vision, production when healthy, and that he's going to be at worst a nice RB #2 and insurance policy until Hunt comes back, and I think that it's worth it, even with his fumbling issues. Plus, I think that his ceiling is EXTREMELY high. If he somehow becomes a future star, we have leverage with Hunt/Chubb in a couple years, or Scott himself. JMHO
  11. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Yeah and needs an extention, but if he'd be willing to sign a 2-3 year deal, it's worth it.
  12. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Good effort by the Blazers, but OKC won the season series 5-4. Westbrook is the people's champ. Doing it big but not getting recognized by a flawed system.
  13. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    In the short term I would agree. In the long term, Quinn is on a one year deal, Crawford could get cut after this season for huge cap savings, and we don't really know what Gregory's situation is long term. We know this team likes to try to get ahead of things by drafting areas of need a year early, so that's why I'm not discounting a DE early. For the most part, yeah his competition is pretty meh. But he looked pretty good against LSU, I thought
  14. FINAL! Mock.

    Love it.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    If Kyler is still there at 2, I would hope our 9ers would listen to trade offers. I want more picks!
  16. Just like Davenport

    Dude its also proven you could get two Pro Bowl players in both rounds. **** Tom Brady was a 6th round pick! Agree to Disagree. It's also Proven Dan Synder doesn't know **** about Football!!
  17. Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft

    Like it a lot. Love the trade down and the possibility of grabbing the guy we had targeted at 12 still. I'd prefer a better TE prospect but I could live with the Moreau/ Wilson combo. I don't understand the infatuiation some have with adding a tackle who will be surely buried on the depth chart if we stay healthy. We've got an elite set of tackles and a back up who is a better player than probably any tackle in this draft. Some will not be happy unless they see 100% of this draft dedicated to the offense and defensive lines which IMO happens to be our best and deepest groups right now.
  18. Buying a House

    Exactly! Honestly too, by selling our house, we have guaranteed capital, our HELOC paid off (we used this to buy the land that we're building on), our house is sold, and we will walk away with enough for a down payment on our new house PLUS spare cash to put in savings, which we are excited about. Throw in the time hassle/what you're referencing above, it just made sense for us. We're ready to just be done with the process and the $3,000 difference was enough for peace of mind since we hit our other goals.
  19. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Kanter's tweet after the game was hilarious too.
  20. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    because they are still kids.
  21. 2019 Draft Talk

    I personally think that's a terrible idea. I'm not making O'Neill a backup tackle. Of course I'm a little biased, considering I don't see Williams as a fit for the Vikings at all, but should they draft him along with Risner, I'm sticking Williams at LG, and having Risner back up O'Neill at RT for a year while potentially considering preparing O'Neill to move over to LT in 2020.
  22. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I don't know...I think Rosen's value goes down the less time he has to grasp the new team's offense. If teams want to trade for him, they should do it ASAP for that reason. Of course, the Cards have to agree...but I would offer LESS later and more now if I wanted Rosen (which I don't. Never liked him.).
  23. Packerraymond's Final Mock Draft

    On D.K.. I know it's hard to tell, but would GB's medical staff be ok with his neck?
  24. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Not a bad pickup if we can swing something like that. He will be 30 this season though. So he's far from an answer for us at CB.
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