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  2. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    No problem with that but I was talking about top 10 wr in the NFL. There are a number of guys who can have 1k or 10 td seasons but not both on an consistent basis. Obviously a lot needs to fall into place for that to happen but those guys have the potential IMO.
  3. Terrific draft, love those first three picks.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Right Tackle and Tauscher would have played Guard or sat.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    You’re always going to have busts, from any school, For different reasons. But the experience and coaching, the reps vs future Pro Bowl/All Pro type of players is hard to duplicate anywhere else. Bama players are going against tougher competition at practice than they are in most games.
  6. Bryan doesn't look like a bust at all after playing at his natural 3T spot. Needs a lot of work still, but... What's the problem with that? Jonah would likely play RT or OG. Cam isn't moving off of LT, I'm fairly certain of that. Only way that opens up is injury/he has a terrible year and we look to move on. If he ends up being a rock solid/very good RT, not sure I see the problem. Nelson is as a rare'ish case, but he went top 5 as an OG. Clealry a superior prospect, but you know unless an insane value DL is there that we're going to help protect/get weapons for Foles. Taylor would provide that. He's viewed by most as a top 10'ish guy overall even as a strict RT.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Where would you have played Chad Clifton if the Packers had a better left tackle option?
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v5.0

    I don't know that it is though. I'd like to see #s on that. The # or % of 4 or 5 star guys that go to the league from Alabama vs the rest of major conference D1 schools in the past 10 years.
  9. Just Another Mock, Mock

    Beer happened and I didn't account for her enchantments
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    i don't think Dillard is a better RT than Riser or McGary or Tytus Howard...30 or 44 for an OT
  11. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Nothing says she can't help them AND THEN backstab them afterwards. Not helping at all only lowers her chances of survival.
  12. My First and Last Mock,

    That's a fair take, as you can tell I'm hard on our guys when I think it's warranted, so I can respect that for sure. Re: Hardman, the thing that is enticing is also the problem - he's so raw. His suddeness and wheels are undeniable. And he's a threat with the ball in his hands. But he is so tool-reliant and doesn't win by actual route running / good footwork / etc. That's an Isiah McKenzie floor (not the BUF version, ours). I won't get too fussed on a Rd5 pick, though. Just not so enamored with that skill profile.
  13. Ravens extend K Justin Tucker (4 year, $23M)

    Nah, but people acting like our offense took a step backwards from Flacco are wrong (so far).
  14. Funny you saved this. Before I went through multiple revisions..I had us picking him the third. Here's what I wrote on Boykins: Ok, I know some 49er fans will get triggered. That's fine. Personally, I don't get a ton of the hate when it comes to Boykin, he's capable of beating press consistently at the college level, he separates well at the top of routes (though he's not an incredible separator in general) but he really wins catching through contact and high pointing balls. In my mind, he's similar to JJ-AW in that sense. Not to mention all of receivers currently rostered test high in agility drills, which Boykin smashed. For a team that needs a split-end (x) Boykin already does many of those things well and has a lot of room get even better. He won't start day 1 but I do believe he'd see a lot of playing time by the end of the year and will eventually allow for Pettis to play the Z full time. High upside play also appears to be an MO of our FO. I also get it if people would prefer JJ-AW, but I just think Boykin is a little more dynamic overall and I think the FO will value that more. ( I worry about JJ-AW being a bit 1 dimensional).
  15. Hot start. Hopefully they can keep it up.
  16. My First and Last Mock,

    I’m a UGA fan. But I can see their draft prospects for what they are.
  17. My First and Last Mock,

    There is talk out there of some thinking Hardman can be the next Tyreek Hill without the character flaws
  18. My First and Last Mock,

    Do you just follow GA a lot? You are very plugged into their guys (I mean, being a BCS powerhouse, not that surprising, but just thought you were a fan).
  19. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    His kid has been taken away already, so he's already seen as an unfit parent.
  20. He's a RT only. Jags fans are probably tired of all the gator busts in our draft history (not named Fred)
  21. My First and Last Mock,

    I’m not a Georgia homer. Wasn’t a fan of Leonard Floyd at all. Most of the guys I did like have proven me right though...
  22. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Spriggs pick hit value marks on the Bakhtiari resigning alone. There's no such thing as a guy who can only play LT
  23. Just Another Mock, Mock

    Not in love with Simmons at 12. I like the player, but 12 is too rich for a guy who likely won’t play until 2020. 30 I could buy it, but is he that much better than like a Tillery to assume injury risk and not get a year 1 return? I’m also not a big CGJ fan. I like the athlete and he’d fill a need, I just don’t see a top 40 player in him. He doesn’t do anything exceptional. His ballskills are adequate, he’s not an aggressive tackler. He’s just kind of blah. I feel like he’s going to be a replacement level player.
  24. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    Too much like the other NFL team in Los Angeles. The original Los Angeles AFL/AFC team.
  25. My First and Last Mock,

    Only 1 comment - if TE is in play at 1.10 with Hockenstein, there's zero chance we aren't hitting TE at some point. Fumigali is a total unknown, as is Butt's future with 2 ACL injuries. Huermann isn't our future as the main guy. No problem with Day 1-2. You really want Saunders lol, no secret there. That's about right slot-wise. If Risner is there, I'd probably get him over McCoy, TBH. But McCoy is close. Hardman is one guy I'm pretty meh on (even though I know @Counselor loves his GA guys lol). I do think we are hitting CB/WR/IOL & ILB for sure.
  26. Just Another Mock, Mock

    Your story was great but it apparently ended a bit early? I think you forgot the part where the Packers end up rejecting that trade and decide to just go ahead and pick at 12. It's that or you forgot you traded down and that pick should be labeled as #15? Not quite sure which one occurred here but I'll leave it to you as it is your mock.
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