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Best In Your Division?

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Who has the best group of players in each division?


AFC North


QB: Bengals (Burrow...just a hunch)
RB: Browns (Chubb)
FB: Ravens (Ricard)
WR: Browns (OBJ/Landry)
TE: Browns (Hooper/Njoku/Bryant)
OT: Ravens (Tunsil/Brown)
OG: Steelers (DeCastro/Wisniewski)
OC: Browns (Tretter)

DE:  Steelers (Watt/Dupree)
DT: Ravens (Wolfe/Williams/Campbell) or Bengals (Atkins/Reader)
LB: All bad. I think I like the Bengals the most based on potential (Pratt/Wilson/Davis-Gaither/Bailey)
CB: Ravens (Humphery/Peters/Smith/Young)
S: Bengals (Bates/Bell)

K: Ravens (Tucker)
P: Browns (Gillan)
RET: Steelers (D. Johnson)



Browns: 5
Ravens: 4 (+1 Tie)
Steelers: 3
Bengals 2 (+ 1 tie)

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QB: It’s a toss up, but I’d lean towards the Bills. I’m not sold on Cam and Tua hasn’t proven himself yet. 

RB: Another close call between the Bills and Jets, but give me NYJ. Bell’s still a very good player and despite liking what Singletary brings to the table, Bell is just so much more proven. 

WR: Bills, easily. Diggs is far and away the best in the division, Brown gets deep, and Beasley absolutely works the slot. 

TE: Jets fans will probably say it’s them because of Herndon’s untapped potential, but I think it’s Miami here. Gesicki showed some real ability last season, and entering his third year, it’s likely he puts it all together. 

OL: NE. Wynn and Cannon aren’t the best tackles you’ll find (they are decent), but you won’t find an interior more stout than Thuney-Andrews-Mason. 

DL: Bills again. Ed Oliver’s the best DL in the division and they’re solid everywhere along the line, something the other teams cannot say. 

LB: A closer call. I think Miami has lots of potential here if Baker and McMillan show up along with the addition of KVN, but I’m going to go with Buffalo. Their young group is just so dynamic. 

CB: Miami made it close by adding Jones, but it’s NE. Gilmore’s decisively the best, JC is the most underrated CB in the league IMO, Jason and Jones provide the most incredible depth. It’s NE. 

S: Bills. Hyde and Poyer, nuff said.

Bills represent a lot in the AFCE. 

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QB Packers (Rodgers)

RB Packers (I like Jones more than Cook straight up, but they’re also deep)

WR Lions (Golliday & Jones)

TE Vikings (Rudolph & Smith Jr)

OL Lions? (I like Ragnow and Decker)

DL Bears (I’m counting Mack as an edge)

LB Vikings (Kendricks & Barr)

CB Packers (Alexander, King, & Jackson)

Vikings (Smith & Harris)

Packers 3

Vikings 3

Lions 2

Bears 1

Bears only take one position/unit, but they’re probably at least 2nd in everything on defense.

Packers could take OL, but I need to see Wagner return to form.

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QB - Texans. Deshaun Watson is significantly better than the entire field.

RB - Titans. I had the Colts, but Henry as a lead dog is over Mack and Taylor.

WR - Texans. Even without DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans will be rolling out Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller, Kenny Stills and Randall Cobb. It's an incredibly fast unit, and hold an experience edge over the Colts speedy WRs.

TE - Titans. Jonnu Smith has an athletic advantage over every other starting TE in the division. This might be the weakest position in the division.

T - Texans. Larmey Tunsil was one of the best pass blocking T in the NFL last season, and Tytus Howard was one of the best rookie OL last season. Expect bigger things from this tandem.

G - Colts. Quentin Nelson is the best G in football, I think. Unit wise, he pushes every other group to the ground.

C - Colts. Kelly, Linder, Martin, Jones. That's how I'm scoring it.

DE - Jags. Allen and Yan lead the charge. Once Yan is traded, Watt and Omimehu probably take the top spot. Once Watt gets injured, the Colts probably get the top spot.

DT - Colts. Deforest Buckner pushed this unit ahead of the rest of the division.

OLB - Colts. Darius Leonard is the most complete OLB in football, IMO. Doesn't matter who plays the other LB spot, Leonard makes this unit the best OLB unit in the division.

MLB/ILB - Texans. Zach Cunningham might be the best coverage ILB in football. Berdnardrick McKinney is one of the best run stopping ILBs in football. Dylan Cole is the perfect rotational ILB. They combine to round out a stout ILB group.

CB - Titans. Adoree Jackson and Malcom Butler are the best CB tandem in the division, by a lot.

S - Titans. Kevin Byard and Kenny Vaccaro are the best S tandem in the division, by a lot.

K/P - Texans. Ka'imi Farbairn is a pretty clutch K overall, and Bryan Anger was sticking his punts last season.


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AFC South:

QB: Texans, duh

WR: Right now the Titans by a hair.  Texans pre-Hopkins trade.

RB: Also the Titans

TE: Tough, but probably the Colts.

OT: Also tough, 3 teams have a Pro Bowler and unproven guy combo, so I'll go Jaguars.

OG: Colts

C. Titans right now, but Jones will probably not play up to 2019.  Colts after that.

DL: Texans by a hair

Edge: Jaguars, unless the Titans sign Clowney.

ILB: Titans.  Colts and Texans LBs are great, but I wouldn't trade Brown/Evans/Long for any of the other depth groups in the division.

CB: Titans

S: Titans

K: I don't even know, I just know the Titans are last.

P: Titans.  Kern is the goat.

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1 hour ago, ET80 said:

Traded for a 2046 6th round pick, I assume...

A 25 dollar Ali express gift card in BOB's name is what I heard. 

These type of threads are always fun. I'll do the NFCN tomorrow when I have more time. 


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NFC East


QB: Eagles (Wentz)
RB: Cowboys (Zeke)
FB: ????
WR: Cowboys (Cooper/Gallup/Lamb)
TE: Eagles (Ertz/Goedert)
OT: Eagles (Johnson/Dillard/Peters)
OG: Cowboys (Martin/Willians)
OC: Eagles (Kelce)

DE:  Washington (Allen/Young/Ioannidis/Kerrigan/Sweat)
DT: Eagles (Cox/HargraveJackson/Ridgeway
LB: Cowboys ( Smith/LVE)
CB: Eagles  (Slay, NRC/Maddox/Jones/Douglas)
S:  Giants (Peppers/Bethea)

K: Eagles (Elliot)
P: Washington (Way)
RET: ????



Eagles: 7
Cowboys: 4 
Washington: 2
Giantss : 1

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10 hours ago, Duluther said:

Nighttimes edit


QB Chiefs (Mahomes)

RB Broncos (Gordon, Lindsay, Freeman)

WR Chiefs (Hill, Watkins, Hardman)

TE Chiefs (Kelce)

OL Raiders (Hudson, Miller)

DL Broncos (Miller, Chubb)

LB Broncos (Davis, Johnson)

CB Chargers (Harris Jr, Heyward)

Chiefs (Mathieu, Thornhill)

Chiefs 4

Broncos 3

Raiders 1

Chargers 1

Alright there’s my AFCW version.


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9 hours ago, BleedTheClock said:

Who has the best group of players in each division?

QB: Bengals (Burrow...just a hunch)


Lamar was the MVP last season.

Ben is a HOFer.

Even Baker, despite his issues last season, set the rookie TD record the year before.


Assuming an unproven rookie is better than any of those guys right now is asinine, but including the MVP??

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51 minutes ago, Nightime said:
9 hours ago, Duluther said:

Nighttimes edit


QB Chiefs (Mahomes)

RB Broncos (Gordon, Lindsay, Freeman)

WR Chiefs (Hill, Watkins, Hardman)

TE Chiefs (Kelce)

OL Chiefs (Schwartz, Fisher)

DL Broncos (Miller, Chubb)

LB Broncos (Davis, Johnson)

CB Chargers (Harris Jr, Heyward)

Chiefs (Mathieu, Thornhill)

Chiefs 5

Broncos 3

Chargers 1

Alright there’s my AFCW version

I'd have to say I take the Raiders OL over all the others with Miller, Incognito, Hudson, Jackson, Brown. Really like the depth of the Broncos running backs but I think Jacobs is the standout back, the depth probably swings it for the Broncos though in fairness.

Regarding linebackers, I think the additions of Littleton and Kwiatkoski puts the Raiders unit in the reckoning but its mostly potential at this stage. 

I think this is going to be a very strong division this year 😀  

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1 hour ago, LETSGOBROWNIES said:


Lamar was the MVP last season.

You have to understand, he refuses to eat his crow on this one. It's arguably one of the worst take I've seen in the past few years - right up there with Josh Dobbs and anything RamblinMan99 says.

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NFC South

QB: New Orleans Saints

Brees + Winston edges out Ryan + Schaub. That being said, Taysom Hill sucks. Buccaneers have a great QB on his last legs, and Panthers are in transition.

RB: New Orleans Saints

But the NFC South is very strong at RB. McCaffrey, Gurley, Kamara. The only bad team is Tampa.

FB: Atlanta Falcons

Keith Smith is better than the other options. One team doesn't even have a fullback. Smith also is a beast on special teams.

WR: 3-way tie between Saints, Falcons and Buccaneers 

Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Who doesn't have a good WR group? The Panthers. They don't.

TE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gronk, OJ Howard and Brate are three Pro Bowl level talents. 

OT: New Orleans Saints

Armstead and Ramcyzk are excellent OT's. Atlanta has a good pairing and Tampa has some promise with Wirfs and Smith. 

OG: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This position has way too many guys unproven in it. Atlanta has a question of who's even starting at LG. Cappa is just ok in Tampa. Peat is terrible and Ruiz is a rookie in New Orleans. Carolina's players are just bad here. If it has to be a selection, I'm going with the one that has the best guard in the division... Tampa Bay.

OC: Atlanta Falcons

Alex Mack. nuff sed.


DL: Atlanta Falcons

Grady Jarrett carries the Falcons to victory, but it just hit me how bad the collection of players at defensive line is in this division. It's not pretty. 

EDGE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

JPP and Shaq Barrett anchor the Buccaneers, but the rest of the division, again, is just bad. 

LB: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White and Lavonte David are studs. They have some additional solid depth. Overall, this one is easy for them to win.

CB: New Orleans Saints

Lattimore and Jackrabbit are the only proven combo in the division.

S: Atlanta Falcons

Another one where the division is just bad, but the Falcons have the best top 3 safeties of the teams in it. Malcolm Jenkins is aging and bad now. Williams gets burned often. Tampa's a cluster of "Can they play?" types. And Carolina has a solid combo, that's just not exceptional.


K: Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints tie

Will Lutz is a much better placekicker. But Younghoe Koo is an onside kick specialist.

P: New Orleans Saints

Thomas Morstead has a cannon attached to his leg.

RET: 4-way tie

They all suck. Returning in this division is pretty terrible.


Falcons: 4 (+ 3 ties)
Saints: 5 (+3 ties)
Panthers: 0 (+1 tie)
Buccaneers: 4 (+2 ties)

The division is extremely good on offense. But ST and defense is going to make this division feel like the Big 12 this year.

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