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Giants sign CB Adoree Jackson; 3 years, $39 million


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Just now, Xenos said:

That only happened one year during his prime which was 2006. He played only 9 games the next season. But then had double digit sacks again in 2008-2010. In 2011, he dropped down to 8.5 sacks again. So no, I don’t think enough tackles figured out his patented spin move. 

He had 3.5 in those 9 games. So, yea, I think enough tackles figured him out.

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2 minutes ago, Xenos said:

So they suddenly forgot the following seasons? 
logic GIF by Squirrel Monkey

I never said Freeney was a bad player. I said he was overrated. Which he was. I can't think of another supposedly "dominant" pass rusher who vanished for long stretches like Freeney or who had 5 sacks in their prime. We are talking about a defender who was known for one thing. And he doesn't even have the excuse of not having another pass rusher to take the pressure off him. Freeney isn't even in the same class as Simeon Rice.

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Sure it's alot of money and definitely an overpay.

But the Gmen did a great job coaching up that defense last year. It seemed to be a good system for the corners. Bradberry was good before he got there but he was damn near a shutdown CB last year.

Maybe the just saw that Adoree has all the tools and can fit well in their system. 

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2 hours ago, kramxel said:

Am I the only one that was under the impression Adoree was trash?

I remember him being picked on, a lot, in several games.... 

Is he actually good? 




Definitely not trash. He's good, not great.

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It amazes me on how many people say that NY is such a large market and they could land whatever FA they want without overpaying because there is so much more available to them like self branding for products then I see the Giants offseason and all I see is overpaying. Good for Adoree but in no way do any of these guys deserve the contracts they got they now have to perform at a high rate in order to justify the spending. This defense needs to be elite this year to carry DJ and that offense. Golladay getting essentially top 5 WR money is crazy to me especially when he has only paid 1 full season in his career. 

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The funniest part of this thread is people assuming that Jackson sucks because the Titans pass defense sucked last year......


the year that Jackson wasn't playing.


OK deal for the Giants.  More than he should cost, but not an awful signing.  Jackson was getting better through 2019, then missed 2020 with injury.  If he improves on 2019, probably a good deal for them.  If 2019 was his ceiling, they overpaid.

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