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Quick & Painless GM Mock Draft

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9 minutes ago, mountainpd said:

I wouldn’t get too optimistic Eagles won’t follow suit irl.

good work by you though I would say

Oh trust me I know, I know......I.......know 

Season 3 Crying GIF by Bachelor in Paradise

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25 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

@LuckyNumber11 @BucsDraftGeek47 @rackcs @JetsandI @carrolljcmc @BowserBroncos @Packerraymond @RTTRUTH @LinderFournette @KingOfNewYork @Cbrunn @mountainpd @Deadpulse @Forge @EaglesPeteC @ovfd55

You guys good if I change the time slots since we're several hours ahead of schedule?

Alright the board is set....

@JetsandI hurry up and pick that punter.

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Just now, JetsandI said:

definitely worth burning all the way to 3 40 pm.  thanks.

That's fine I'll get payback in a few picks when I pick ahead of you later

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Adebo keeps going higher here than I’m used to seeing him as well. Not sure I’ve scouted him thoroughly enough to decide whether you’re right or wrong.

Just saying he’s an outlier 

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