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Cowboys cut LB Jaylon Smith

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2 minutes ago, NoFlyZone said:

Bizarre move. He truly wasn’t that bad so far this season. I feel like there has to be a deeper reason here.


Just now, NoFlyZone said:

Exactly. This is why I feel there is more to this story. 

See below

10 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

His 2022 salary is guaranteed against injury. It appears we shopped him and no one bought. I wont be shocked if he is resigned for cheap if no one else wants him. 

If he was injured we would be on the hook for his salary this year ($7m) and next year ($9m).

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I can't stress how bad Smith's instincts and read-react ability is.  The raw tools are there, just he literally is out of position, or makes the wrong read, and gets washed out so easily.  And that's before we talk about how he gets beat in coverage.

He's literally the poster child for Combine / workout darling - and scrub-level results.   Maybe someone can figure out how to leverage the tools, but it's not like he's this green raw, rookie or 2nd or 3rd year guy.      I'm sure someone will take a shot - just go in with VERY low expectations.  If it's for the vet minimum, I get the appeal, but beware the skills aren't anywhere close to the tools.

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