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2023 Survivor Pick Em: It is NOT Your Year

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After a demoralizing 49ers defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bears in the monsoon of Week 1 I am inexplicably back for the torture that is Survivor.

After many texts, emails, tweets, Xs, DMs and carrier pigeons sent to @Woz I received this sole response, surprisingly from the pigeon:



  1. Every week, you must choose a winner in just ONE game.
  2. You may select a team only once during the entire competition.  In other words, if you choose the Giants in week one, you may not choose the Giants again for the rest of the competition.
  3. You must make a valid selection every week.
    1. A valid selection is defined as:
      1. Selecting a team whom you have not picked in a prior week and
      2. The post is recorded no less than 5 minutes before the official start time of the game in question.
    2. Failure to make a valid selection every week at no less than five minutes before the start of the last scheduled game (i.e. last Monday Night Football game of the week) will lead to your elimination.
  4. If the team you choose wins, you continue on. If they lose, you are eliminated. If your team ties, I will point and laugh at you; you'll be eliminated as well. Your team must win to continue.


**I wanna play!! Can I?**

Sure! The Survivor Pool is open to any fool one who wishes to join.

NOTE: I will not accept posts on behalf of another. Each contestant must walk through these gates of hell willingly enter on their own behalf.


**Okay, how do I enter?!**

Simple! You fill out the following form:

Week 1 pick: <your pick here>

If you don't have a favorite team, one will be assigned to you of my choosing. Why do I ask/assign this? Because I group players together based on their team. Please don't assume I can figure out your favorite team from your name, avatar, or signature. Just state it clearly.

Also, while it is a comedic classic, don't rip off Animal House and pull the "state your name" bit. You're not original.


**Is there a deadline for entering?**

There is. It will be 8 PM ET on September 11th, 2023

If you want to include your favorite team, that's fine. It's just no longer required nor is the "I've read the rules" sentence. I know quite a few of you who will have signed the rule saying you have read all of rules will not read this and thus be available for mockery and shame.


**Is there a deadline for a given week's pick?**

There is. It will be five minutes before the scheduled start time of that week's Monday Night Football game. That means even if MNF is delayed, the deadline for this competition is not.


**What determines the "time" that my pick is compared against?**

The time your post hits this thread. You are solely responsible for getting your pick in on time. If the forums are having problems or you are having Internet trouble, that's your problem. You will have  a week to make a single selection.

What the forum software says, goes.


**Hey, I forgot to post in the thread. Here's my PM of my pick for the week.**

No, I will not accept picks that are PMed, or sent on behalf of another. Every competitor must post their pick in this thread publicly. There will only be this thread, so no, I will not be creating week 2 or a week 3 version of this thread. You can bookmark this thread and post knowing that it will be recorded.

**When can I make my pick?**

This one is important (but not the most important) so read it slowly.

If you have not posted a selection for a given week: Any time in a given week prior to the start of a game. As mentioned above, as long as your selection is in before 5 minutes before the official start time for the game, you're fine.

If you have posted a selection for a given week: Not until after the start of the last game of week. In those weeks where there are more than one MNF game, the last one matters. If you post a following week's pick before the official start of the last Monday Night Football game, YOUR PICK WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED. This is because especially early in the competition some people may forget to enter a pick. It's easier to have those who are already through to wait until MNF before allowing their pick. Yet again, quite a few will screw this up.

At my discretion as emcee of this competition, I can waive the "no selections before MNF" rule stated above for a given week. That waiver is only good for the particular week where it is given. This is so when there are only a few competitors remaining, we can move the game forward without having to wait for MNF.

In the "Mod Host" notes below, I will give a point by point example of what is and is not acceptable from a time perspective.


**Can I edit my posts?**


I will make this perfectly clear, NO EDITS OR YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED. If you have a grammatical error that your little heart is dying to fix you can reply to your own post


**I made a selection but I changed my mind. What do I do?**

First and foremost, pay attention to the most important rule!
Then, make a new post saying you want to change your pick and what you want to change to. Quoting your previous entry is REALLY appreciated.

HOWEVER, the new pick must be legal (the game cannot have passed the "5 minutes before the start" window and you cannot have picked that team previously). If the new pick is not valid, it will be treated as if you have no legal pick. In other words, changing your pick strikes out the previous one, even if the new pick is not legal.


**I'm not going to be around in a week or two. What do I do?**

If you want, you can make future picks in this current week. I have had some competitors try to put the full 17 guesses down before the season begins (they haven't won, but I applaud their effort).

Make it clear that you are picking for future weeks and then say who you are taking in which week. It can be as simple as "I'm picking the following for weeks 3-5: NYG, PHI, IND"

Yes, you can make changes to future picks subject to the rule about changing your mind and how that might affect future weeks. Taking the above as an example, if you say "I'm going to change my week 4 pick to IND," that's fine, but now realize that your week 5 pick is invalid (as you have now picked the Colts in week 4). Maintaining the legality of all of your picks is your responsibility.

This is the only exception to the "don't post before MNF starts" rule.

Again, while it is not required, it is REALLY appreciated if you quote any changes.


**So I need to keep track of all of my teams?**

I will keep a running tally of the teams every competitor has taken below. That list is the official list. Some people keep track of their own lists and post them with their pick that week. That's fine, but my list is the only one that matters. If there is a dispute between your list and mine, mine wins.


**So how do you determine the winner?**

The game will end when one of three conditions occurs:

  1. There is only one person remaining who has selected all winning teams.
  2. All of the remaining competitors lose on the same week.
  3. All of the remaining competitors make it to the end of the regular season.


**What happens if everyone loses on the same week/makes to the end of the regular season?**

Then we go to the tiebreakers.

The primary tiebreaker will be the lowest cumulative winning percentage of all teams each contestant selected. For example:

Contestant A: Selects teams 1 (2-1), 3 (3-0), and 4 (2-1).
Contestant B: Selects teams 1 (2-1), 2 (1-2), and 4 (2-1).

Contestant A has a cumulative winning percentage of 0.778 (7-2)
Contestant B has a cumulative winning percentage of 0.556 (5-4).

Contestant B wins.

If you select all 10, 11 and 12 win teams, you will almost certainly lose the tiebreaker. So, picking an occasional upset might be to your advantage. Of course, you need to survive first. Choose wisely.

Do note that the tiebreaker record for you entry is a summation of how each of your selections has done up through the season to when I calculate the tiebreaker. In other words, picking a team early versus late has no bearing on your tiebreaking record, only that you selected the team at some point.

The secondary tiebreaker (credit to @TXsteeler)


Since your first tie-breaker is intended to reward those players who take more risk and pick less obvious teams by giving the victory to the player whose combined picked teams have the lowest total win %, why not make the second tie-breaker award the victory to the player whose combined picked teams have the lowest cumulative margin of victory.

For example,

Player 1 picks team A (5-0) 100-74, team B (2-3) 98-88, and team C (1-4) 70-98.

Player 2 picks team A (5-0),100-74, team B (2-3) 98-88, and team D (1-4) 62-120.

In this scenario they tie for total win % for the first tie breaker, with both of their picks' total win %'s equaling  8-5, however player 1 has a total margin of victory of 260-268 whereas player 2 has a total margin of victory of 260-282, therefore player 2 wins the second tiebreaker.


In the event that there is still a tie, the third and final tiebreaker will be a double-elimination style rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock tourney. I will PM the parties involved to make their selections. The winner will be the first person not to have two losses. In the case of more than two final competitors, the competitors in the head-to-head games will not know who they are competing against.

In short, let's hope it doesn't come to that.



If you find an error in the master list, please point it out. You can do it in the main thread or by PM. This will be the only situation where I will accept game related traffic via PM.


In the event that a game is postponed or rescheduled:

  1. For the purposes of the "WHEN" rule above, the "start time" of the game will be earliest time of the original kickoff versus the new kickoff time. To clarify:
    1. If the game is moved later than what it is currently scheduled now, the lock time will be five minutes before the original start time for your selection.
    2. If the game is moved earlier than what it is currently scheduled now, the lock time will be five minutes before the new start time for your selection.
  2. If a game is postponed, you will not be able to select a team in that game after the original official start time. In other words, if the game was supposed to start at 1 PM ET, and you had previously chosen a team starting at 4:15 PM ET, you will not be allowed to change your selection to one of the two teams in the postponed game after 12:55 PM ET even if the game is not occurring until the following day.
  3. If a game starts but is then suspended, it will be treated as if the game's start was postponed (#2).
  4. If the game is moved to another week and you do not change your selection in the original week, you will be allowed to continue. However, you will be treated as having already selected that team and that team must win on the week the game is moved to. In other words, there will be a week where you will need two wins.
  5. In the arguably laughable possible-in-2021-but-not-as-likely-in-2020 situation that a game is cancelled altogether (i.e. it is never rescheduled), you are eliminated. Sorry, you need to win to advance, and the game has to be played in order for that team to win.



Hopefully we will never need to use this, but thanks to COVID, we need to cover the possibility.

  1. If a player has selected one of the two teams that is involved in a forfeited game BEFORE the forfeit was announced, then it will be treated as a win or loss as per usual.
    1. This means if you selected the team that forfeited, you lose and are eliminated.
    2. Likewise, if you selected the team that was forfeited to, you win and continue.
  2. Timing of forfeits:
    1. If the forfeit is announced on the day the game is to be played (with the exceptions of Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football), then the game is locked four hours before the expected start time to the hour (truncating the minutes and seconds). In other words:
      1. For the Sunday early games, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 9 AM ET.
      2. For the Sunday afternoon games, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 12 PM ET (*not*12:15 or 12:25 PM ET)
      3. For Sunday Night Football, the lock time for a forfeited game is now 4 PM ET (*not* 4:25 PM ET)
    2. For forfeits announced on Thursday affecting Thursday Night Football affecting the game to be played that day or on Monday affecting the Monday Night Football game to be played that day, the lock times for forfeited games will be 12 PM ET. The reasoning for this is that given that there is nothing happening but that particular game and there will be more attention/investigation of those teams. Plan accordingly.
    3. For forfeits that are announced ahead of the day the game is scheduled to be played, the game will be considered locked one hour prior to the announcement of forfeit to the hour (truncating the minutes and seconds).
      1. If it is announced at 12:00 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      2. If it is announced at 12:01 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      3. If it is announced at 12:59 PM ET, the lock time is 11 AM ET.
      4. If it is announced at 1:00 PM ET, the lock time is 12 PM ET.
    4. For the purposes of forfeits announced ahead of the day the game is scheduled, I will use the timestamp of the first substantial reference in the NFL News forum. Reasoning:
      1. This is fair for everyone and does not require me to arbitrate between when X and Y news sources posted differing times.
      2. There's enough people who race to be the first to post news in NFL News (especially as big as something like a forfeit) that it will likely be some of the first news.
      3. A substantial reference is
        1. An official announcement from the NFL or one of the teams involved.
        2. A linked article to an accredited news source.
        3. A tweet from a national blue checkmark account (think Adam Schefter or Ian Rapaport),
        4. A tweet from a regional blue checkmark account where the account regularly covers one of the teams involved (e.g. a team's beat reporter).
      4. I reserve the right to judge whether a source that isn't covered in section 4.3 counts or no.


When the game is on-going, I will do my best to keep the master list up-to-date. However, there will be times I will be behind. Please do not panic if you don't see your newest selection in the master list. I will catch up and if you've posted a valid selection , it will count even if I haven't updated the master list by the time the game starts. Please don't post asking why your selection isn't on the list. I have a full time job, a pair of kids, and am generally lazy. I'll get to it. Yes, I know you will screw this up as well.


Like Roger Goodell, I am the judge, I am the jury, I am the appeals court and I am the executioner. My word is law. I make no promises to be fairer than Goodell, either.

My justice might be slow. I have found evidence of people committing a violation in Week 3 but only discovering the violation in Week 10. They will be marked as having gone out in Week 3.



I will be also a competitor in this. With the exception of the emcee-based posts here on the first page, I will be bound to all of the rules above. So if I violate the most important rule on any page other than the first page, I will be disqualified. I will make clear where the line is drawn between my emcee posts and my competitor posts below.


(*pours one out for the old threads* may the rest in peace)

(*pours one out for the old threads* may the rest in peace)

2022- @hornbybrown(Sole Survivor after Week 6)

2021 - @DannyB (won via tiebreaker Week 12 over Reggiecamp, INbengalfan & RuskieTitan)

2020 - @ChazStandard (beat out jonnguy2015 on the first tiebreaker, having both completed the season)
2019 - @SmittyBacall (sole survivor after Week 13)
2018 - @Lurker (beat out DreamKid on the first tiebreaker, both having lost in week 11)
2017 - @THE DUKE (sole survivor after Week 14)
2016 - @jp_chilli (beat out Cicero on the first tiebreaker, both having lost in week 16)
2015 - @Kenrik (sole survivor after Week 9)
2014 - Wes (beat out defending champion xXxHOUSEDxXx on the first tiebreaker, having both completed the season)
2013 - @xXxHOUSEDxXx (beat out Dr. Philly, Gmen4ev, and stafford=legend on the first tiebreaker, all having lost in Week 12)
2012 - @kgthekid (beat out 1BackInBlackFan on the first tiebreaker, having both completed the season)
2011 - @nickcollinsfan (sole survivor after Week 15)
2010 - @JaguarCrazy2832 (beat out muscles on the first tiebreaker, having both lost in Week 16)
2009 - @DBoiFresh24 (beat out DaBoys and Vexing Viking on the first tiebreaker, having all completed the season)
2008 - Dow Jones (sole survivor after Week 10)
2007 - @giants! (beat out #1CARDSFAN and eaglesfan536890 on the first tiebreaker, having all lost in Week 10)
2006 - @Texas_OutLaw7 (sole survivor after Week 7)

Breakdown of champions by team
Green Bay - 5
Cincinnati - 2
Dallas - 2
Baltimore - 1
Chicago - 1
Jacksonville - 1
Kansas City - 1

Miami - 1
New England - 1
NY Giants - 1



Survivors (47)

Blkwdw13[Bears]: BALT-BUFF-KC-SF

Fluhartz [Bengals]: BALT-BUFF-KC-SF

SmittyBacall[Bengals]: WASH-DALL-KC-SF

Broncofan [Broncos]: WASH-PHIL-SF (from BALT(from JAX)-NOR

HornbyBrown [Browns]: CLEV-TB-SEA-PHIL

Here'sJim[Browns]: BALT-DALL-KC-SF

UncleAdamz[Cardinals]: PHIL-NYG-ARI-KC

Kingseanjohn [Chiefs]: WASH-BUFF-KC-LAC

TedLavie[Chiefs]: WASH-PHIL-KC-SF

MKnight82: [Commanders]: WASH-NYG-PHIL

Skinsfan83[Commanders]: WASH-PHIL-SF

///mcompact[Cowboys]: BALT-DALL-MIA-SF


Phinsesq[Dolphins]: BALT-DALL-MIA-KC


Falcons Shadows[Falcons]: ATL-DALL-SF-KC

Shockwave [Giants] DALL-KC-PHIL

Minutemancl [Giants]: WASH-PHIL-SF-MINN

Tugboat[Jaguars]: JAX-TB-KC-SF

BlueCheese999[Jets]: BALT-BUFF-MIA-DALL

Superdupperman [Lions]: BALT-DALL-KC-SF

Cp0k2[Lions]: BALT-DALL-SEA

Jp_Chilli [Packers]: BALT-PHIL-KC-SF

Wiscsports1234[Packers]: BALT-BUFF-SF

Squire12[Packers]: NOR-BUFF-SF-PHIL

Ifeelasleep [Packers]: GB-DALL-KC-SF


Hunter2_1 [Patriots]: PHIL-BUFF-KC-SF

Jaymun[Patriots]: BALT-PHIL-CINN

Geezy[Raiders]: BALT-NYG-KC

BobbyPhil1781[Raiders]: BALT-BUFF-SEA-DALL

Blazer026[Raiders]: NOR-PHIL-SF-KC

FrantikRam[Rams]: WASH-BUFF-KC-PHIL

AFlaccoSeagulls[Ravens]: GB-BUFF(from DALL)-KC-PHIL

Fray32[Saints]: JAX-NOR(from DALL)-SF-DEN

Shady Slim[Steelers]: ATL-TB-SEA-MINN

Squanchy[Steelers]: WASH-DALL-KC

Livewire[Steelers]: WASH-DALL-SEA-SF


SteelKing728[Vikings]: GB-DALL-SEA-CINN

Swede700[Vikings]: WASH-PITT-MIA


Jeezy Fanatic[Hurricanes]: WASH-DALL-SF-KC

Dr A W Niloc[Roughriders]: JAX-NOR-KC-SF

Waterfish_21 [N/A]: GB-NOR-KC-DEN

JaguarCrazy2832 [Jaguars]: BALT-NYG-SF-DEN

Spawn 2[Handyman Hal]: GB-SEA-NE-SF

Graveyard (79)

Week 3 Eliminations: (26)

101Raiders[Raiders]: WASH-BUFF-DALL

Soko [Patriots]: BALT-BUFF-DALL

ET80 [Texans]: WASH-NYG-DALL

H13r024[49ers]: BALT-DALL-DALL

Daboyle[Commanders]: WASH-MIA-DALL

HTTRDynasty[Commanders]: WASH-NYG-DALL

Forge [49ers]: BALT-NYG-DALL


Bowler1215[Bears]: BALT-BUFF-DALL

The Duke [Bengals]: BALT-BUFF-JAX

Malik[Jets]: WASH-NYG-JAX


MikeT14 [Commanders]: ATL-NYG-JAX

BillsfaninPtown[Bills]: ATL-BUFF-JAX

JonnGuy1215[49ers]: BALT-BUFF-JAX




Blackstar12[Colts]: BALT-BUFF-JAX

Wyld Stallyns[Colts]: WASH-MIA-JAX

EvilFlamingo[49ers]: BALT-DALL-JAX

Acgott[Giants]: WASH-NYG-JAX

Ryan_W[Seahawks]: BALT-TENN-NOR

InBengalFan[Bengals]: JAX-BUFF-BALT

CWood21[Packers]: GB-BUFF-BALT(from CINN)

Fresh Prince [Patriots]: WASH-NYG-NO PICK

Week 2 Eliminations:(16)

Adamq [49ers]: MIA-MINN

Texas_Outlaw7[Cowboys]: DALL-MINN

Agarcia34[Raiders]: ATL-LAC

Trojan [Raiders]: LVR-HOU


Biggio7[Texans]: DALL-DET

Slappy Mc [Commanders]: WASH-DET



Steelersfan43 [Steelers]: BALT-NO PICK

ThatJerkDave [N/A]: WASH-NO PICK

RavenstilIDie[Ravens]: WASH-NO PICK

DannyB[Packers]: BUFF-NO PICK

Dangers [Eagles] BALT-NO PICK

Rich Homie[Colts[: BALT-NO PICK

Malak1[Bears]:WASH-NO PICK

Week 1 Eliminations: (33)

Leoric [SDSU]: KC

Vike Daddy[Vikings]: KC

Ray Reed [Ravens]: KC

Nightmare [Raiders]: KC

Dodo[Raiders]: KC

Master of Suspense[Bears] HOU

Trentwannabe [Bills]: PITT

Iknowcool [Panthers]: PITT

DawgX [Browns]: CINN

PackerESP[Packers]: CINN

Louis Friend[Lions]: MINN

Jakuvious [Chiefs]: MINN

Notthatbluestuff [Colts]: MINN

E16Bball[Commanders]: MINN


Cypher[Panthers]: MINN

Goldfishwars[Patriots]: MINN

Swatcha [Saints]: MINN

Raves[Saints]: MINN

MagicMT [Seahawks]: MINN




11Sanchez11[Cardinals]: SEA

AirMcNair[Titans]: SEA

Abe56[Jets]: SEA

KingofNewYork[Jets]: SEA

Mrs JC2832 [Auburn]: CAR

Spawn 1[Garbage Trucks]: INDY

Nolaexpat[Saints]: BUFF

N4L[49ers]: BUFF

Texansfan713 [Texans]: DEN



Life is Hard Club (4)

Rainmaker90: Edited

DR43[Steelers]: BALT-Edited

jjbnum3[49er]: WASH-Edited

AZ_Eaglesfan[Eagles]WASH-NYG-DALL (from JAX)-Edited

Edited by JaguarCrazy2832
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Once again for those in the back:

If you dont say your read the rules I will have no pity. I made a few slight tweaks but 99% of it is straight from the Wozfather's mouth so you really should read it

Also the OP is the only one allowed for any editing

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12 hours ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

Breakdown of champions by team
Green Bay - 5
Cincinnati - 2
Dallas - 2
Baltimore - 1
Chicago - 1
Jacksonville - 1
Kansas City - 1

Miami - 1
New England - 1
NY Giants - 1


Green Bay the most knowledge football fans confirmed

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  • JaguarCrazy2832 changed the title to 2023 Survivor Pick Em: It is NOT Your Year

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