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  2. Is there a chance O'Neill doesn't play week 1? That would be terrible. I wouldn't mind shuffling the deck. I noticed Jones a bit too.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Sunday started out with reports that the Minnesota Vikings had gotten some interest in a potential trade for wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, specifically from the New York Giants. Following a pretty solid performance in the Vikings’ 25-19 victory over the Seattle Seahawksat U.S. Bank Stadium, head coach Mike Zimmer may have confirmed the Vikings’ intentions as well. Treadwell, the Vikings’ first-round pick in 2016, appears to be falling behind on the wide receiver depth chart. He hasn’t seen much time with the first-string offense this preseason, but had a decent performance on Sunday night, catching several passes from Kyle Sloter in the second half. (Based on a Zimmer quote that Arif tweeted) https://www.dailynorseman.com/2019/8/18/20811722/mike-zimmer-minnesota-vikings-showcasing-laquon-treadwell
  4. Vince Williams' time with Steelers over?

    I mean he is a solid blitzer, a good thumper, but they shouldn't have ever given him the new contract. He is going to be a liability more often than not which is why I believe he will not be a starter, not for long at least. I do think itll be Barron and Bush lining up side by side more often than not. I think this is Vinces final season as a Steeler.
  5. Better 2019 season:Dak Prescott vs Nick Foles

    Now were just disrespecting Dak and I never say that.
  6. OTA/Camp Observations 2019

    If the Rams put Darious Williams on their PS, I wonder if we'll poach him back? He looked like the natural long term backup to Tavon in the Slot, and the Rams stole him when we tried to put him on the PS in October. They loved how he played against the Rams in our joint practices with them earlier in the year. Seems like a good time to pay them back with Tavon possibly out for the year, and us deep at outside CB more so than SCB.
  7. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    Rough night for him for sure. I won't sugar coat it, he looked really really bad. Wasn't moving well, wasn't seeing the field well, was hesitant and unsure of himself. The ball had no zip on it. His footwork was really bad and it threw off all of his mechanics. The game looked too fast for him. Got off to a bad start and it snowballed it was honestly pathetic. With all that being said, it was the preseason and the first time he was going against guys who could hit him. This is why we play the preseason, so guys can work themselves back to where they need to be. Physically he is fine. I'm definitely more concerned than I was, but I am going to give it another week and see how he responds. If he looks timid next week in Kansas City (where he tore his ACL last year) then I will start to worry.
  8. TCMD League SIM - Official Signup

    After years of failing to find success in a division ruled by Tom Brady, owner Stephen Ross has decided to end the Miami Dolphins era, and sell the TCMD rights of the Miami football franchise to celebrity owner Dr. Dre as well as others. With ownership of the team, Dr. Dre has begun the rebranding effort of the former Miami Dolphins franchise as the Miami Beats as a product placement that also follows the Mets/Jets/Nets type association with the local NBA team the Miami Heat. New General Manager Trojan spoke to the press earlier tonight as was quoted as saying "I wasn't a fan of the Dolphins, but I'm a bit worried about our new team getting beats'd. The talent on this team is not up to the standard we are looking forward to, but we hope to at least be more competitive in our league than the Miami Marlins are in the MLB. We have a lot of work ahead of us leading up to the 6 round draft and then the free agency period to follow. I hope I can throw in some macbook pros and a headphones to get some of these guys to sign, if not we might forget about Dre." @rackcs
  9. Yeah but who knows when that’ll be. I think their plan at this point is to get Udoh to the PS. Keep 9 OL with the backups being Hill, Jones, Dozier and Samia. Hill and Dozier could dress on game days, maybe Jones too. I think Udoh is really good and they should keep him, even if that means keeping 10 OL. For me, the weak link in that group is Elflein. They could make him an IOL backup but there’s not obvious replacement as the starting LG. One interesting idea from twitter today would be to try Jones at LG. He’s been very good, and Elflein has struggled.
  10. In a way, I hope it's Giannis. Meaning, I hope he goes back to hitting that mid-range jumper that he was consistently decent at in his first few seasons. Basically, I just want him to improve the shooting outside the restricted area. If he's healthy, it'll end up being Donte DiVincenzo due to his role expanding with the Malcolm Brogdon departure. Until he's healthy though, that'll fall on Patty C and George Hill. If not, I'd say it'll be DJ Wilson continue his upward trajectory and turning into more than just a regular season rotation player.
  11. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    After preseason game 2: QB (3) Cousins, Mannion, Sloter RB (3) Cook, Mattison, Boone FB (1) Blasingame WR (5) Thielen, Diggs, Beebe, Zylstra, Badet TE (4) Rudolph, Smith, Conklin, Hikutini OT (4) Reiff, O'Neill, Hill, Udoh IOL (6) Bradbury, Kline, Elflein, Jones, Dozier, Samia DE (4) Hunter, Griffen, Weatherly, Odenigbo DT (5) Joseph, Stephen, Holmes, Watts, Mata’afa LB (6) Barr, Kendricks, Gedeon, Wilson, Downs, Smith CB (5) Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, Hughes, Thomas S (4) Smith, Harris, Kearse, Derron Smith ST (3) Bailey, Vedvik, Cutting PUP: Morgan IR: Bower SUSP: Holton Hill PS notables: Mitchell, Johnson, Dillon, Saint-Amour, Aruna, Boyd, Epps Jaleel Johnson released. Blasingame over Ham. Treadwell traded for a bag of chips. All the draft picks make it through the 5th round, 2 of 3 from the 6th (Watts and Udoh but not Epps) and 1 of 4 from 7th (Cutting).
  12. NFL Preseason GDT Week 2

    No, technically it's week 2 and the HOF game happened in week 0
  13. 2019 NFL season predictions

    You might want to check Carson Palmer in 2005 looking like an MVP and tell me where you rate that coach. Its possible that Carson Palmer was just a very talented QB.
  14. Better 2019 season:Dak Prescott vs Nick Foles

    Foles is a slightly worse QB*, with a much worse supporting cast. Dak will have a much better 2019. *When he's on, he's on, and you get a top 10 QB, maybe top 5, and this is exactly what the Eagles got in the much of the SB run and last year's miracle playoff run. Or in 2013.... but he's not a consistent QB. and can be reduced to backup level if things aren't going right in the gameplan. I mean the guy is quite frankly an enigma at QB, but the larger sample size tells us Foles is nothing special at QB.
  15. Wouldn't Hill be the backup LT when O'Neill is playing again?
  16. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    Very well said NJ33, I agree with you 100%.
  17. Seattle’s DTs aren’t bad. Poona Ford is excellent, comparable to Kenny Clark in our division — a short, thick, quick NT. Odenigbo has looked good, way better than Weatherly this preseason. Weatherly has been too passive as a pass rusher, stands up and dances with his blocker without pushing him back or disengaging. I wonder if Odenigbo might get some reps as DE3. Boone was very good, he should beat out Abdullah. Mannion wasn’t bad but Sloter was better. I’d make Sloter QB2. I though Cam Smith was OK even if he missed the sack on the blitz. I think he’ll make the team. Beebe hasn’t played much but yeah the miscue on the INT was bad. Taylor looks like he won’t make it. I hope they keep Blasingame somehow but the coaches love CJ Ham so I doubt he gets released. They might find a way to keep both.
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  19. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    superbowl babyyy
  20. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Its rare to find a nugget of such cherry-picking overreaching as the comment about Norv struggling to keep a coordinator job. First of all Norv has left 3 coordinator positions to become a head coach. He left Cleveland because the head coach (Chudzinski) got fired. He left San Diego when Mike Riley got fired and they hated Norv so much that he was the next head coach there after Marty. So the one instance that could possibly apply at all in his entire 30+ year NFL coaching career was Mike Zimmer firing him after 3 years. That same fool fired the next guy after 13 games and his team put up 10 points at home in a week 17 playoff game. How dare DeFillipo not feature the run game with a bad O-line and mediocre running backs when he's got Diggs, Theilen, and Rudolph to catch passes? In that week 17 games the Vikings ran 14 times and dropped back to pass 38 times. I'd say that a Turner vs Zimmer credibility battle goes to Turner in a blowout. As a head coach he lasted 7 years under Dan Snyder and actually did a decent job and won a playoff game He lasted 6 years in San Diego where his worst season was 7-9. He got to one AFCCG and missed out on another because: Rivers lost a turnover battle with Mark Sanchez 1 pick stalled a drive at the Jets 36 and the other pick led to a Jets TD Keading missed 2 make-able FGs (36 and 40 yards) and a 57 yard try right before halftime Final Score: Jets 17 Chargers 14 I'd like to know how you blame the coach but not the QB for that one as well.
  21. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    On Thompson, honestly, I hope they just cut Hyde. I know they like having a veteran backup there, based on past years keeping a guy like West around as a clear low risk low reward kind of backup, but I really don't feel like Hyde is going to contribute anything special compared to the younger guys. I'm perfectly fine with Williams/Thompson/Williams. Give Hyde that C.J. Spiller notice of hey, if no one signs you, and the right guy gets hurt, you're our man.
  22. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    huh, I had the opposite problem.
  23. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    My guess is it's a statement that they aren't comfortable with either Allegretti, McKenzie, or both being just one injury away from playing time. I don't think they change the starting lineup at all. Fisher/Wylie/Reiter/LDT/Schwartz is solid. I also don't think Allen has ever done as well at OT, so I think Erving is safe. I think it would be to supplant either Allegretti or McKenzie as the primary backups at C or G.
  24. Preseason Game 2 - KC @ PIT

    Yeah, it was not a particularly interesting game. I don't feel like we learned much from it. They basically benched the ones ASAP. More of the same guys playing well and the same guys struggling, but nothing spectacularly noteworthy in any direction.
  25. Preseason, Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) vs Seahawks (1-0)

    Watching the game, my impressions: Even though the OL didn't give up a sack, they still weren't impressive. Seattle has a weak DL but their DTs were having their time with Bradbury and Elflein. Hoping that gets figured out soon. Idenigbo is legit. I think he's the #4 DE right now, and should have a fair fight next year to start if Griffen is let go. Mata'afa is interesting. He needs to bulk up but should absolutely make the roster. Andre Patterson is doing work!! Jayron Kearse might be the best non starting safety in the league. I'm surprised we haven't received calls about him. Anthony Harris is coming into his own too. Our #4 Safety though... who is it going to be? Boone should be the #3 RB. Sloter should be the #2 QB. Next Cam Smith is all hype and no production. Cliett and Downs are definitely better than him. Our 6 LBers this year should be Barr, Kendricks, Gedeon, Wilson, Downs and Cliett/Brothers. Beebe and Taylor has been super quiet, being outplayed by Zylstra. Olabisi Johnson I'm guessing is the #5 WR unless we cant trade Treadwell. Dillion Mitchell is a good fit for the practice squad. Khari Blasingame had some ups and downs, but I think he beats out CJ Ham. He fits what I think Stefanski and Kubiak want out of him.
  26. Mostert had a good night running the ball. Richie James had some nice returns and had some good blocks in front of him. The shots of our sideline in the second half were encouraging. This is a good group of guys we have, and I think we have a little more bite and a little more moxy than we have had in years previous. It's going to be a good season!
  27. I agree. He had a great night on the edge. He was an unstoppable force tonight. The four point stance, being super low to the ground and firing off the ball and keeping good pad leverage was really working well for him. He moves so well laterally that he can make plays anywhere. I love how much action he got tonight. He looks hungry. Was great to see. The new, attacking style of our DL is going to be great. DJ Reed had a solid night. I wish I could talk about tartt without him being hurt, he was everywhere early in the game. Donte johnson actually looked very good, made some nice plays on the ball while it was in the air. Everyone is talking about Garoppolo but I'd say our team looked pretty sharp. No penalties, no turnovers (until speight turned it over with like 3 mins left in the 4Q) alone was a big improvement Positive night in my book
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