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  2. LeBron has had 2 great closeouts on those Grant corner 3s. Grant just draining them anyways.
  3. It'll be tough for Lance to propel himself into the top 3 when NDSU is only going to play one game this season.
  4. It has taken so much willpower for me to not have done this already. It's so tempting.
  5. Someone may get a massive deal on Lance then. Love that guy. QB2 for me.
  6. Lawrence #1, Fields Top 3, Lance Top 15. I think Lance is gonna propel himself to Top 3 though and Fields reverts to Top 5-7. If Costello keeps playing this way he could shoot himself into a 1st Round pick as well. He needs to do it all season though.
  7. Such a likeable guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLjJnEAw9A8
  8. Yeah, I think the top 2 QB's are already set with Lawerence/Fields. Lance is definitely QB3 right now but he's only going to play one game this year. Costello gets the benefit of playing an entire season in the SEC so teams will have a lot of tape on him this year. If he plays like he did today throughout the season, there's no question he can surpass Lance as QB3 and be a top 15 pick, imo.
  9. I look forward to Sunday football because I want to sit down and watch the team I root for win.
  10. yeah i'd absolutely take baynes too lol but that doesn't mean plumlee is a bad bench option, i'd say he's one of the better passing centers in the league
  11. disagree. If we gonna go that route I'd rather hav Baynes back instead.
  12. Pavelski is on fire these last two games.
  13. Offense definitely needs to do a better job. They need to put the pressure on the other team/coaches.
  14. Idc about it, it's the NBA. dragic flops. dragic tries to draw cheap fouls without getting a decent shot. there is no team in the nba that doesn't have 3-4 excessive floppers on any given night. my issue is with the officials that reward the real bad flops
  15. No, because he doesn't drive and start flopping around before anyone touches him. Absolutely sells it afterwards though. This isn't even the play I was thinking of, but please defend this crap.
  16. I notice you're not rallying against the inactive duo as much as gopher. Keepin em around so you can win immunity by default at three Eh?
  17. I need 1 RB 3 WR or 2 and 2. Jacobs, Fournette, Kelley Woods, Lazard, Tre’quan Smith
  18. Plumlee is one of the better backup centers in the league, imo. He's played aggressively and made some defensive mistakes in the postseason but I'd take him on the Celtics in a heartbeat, dude averaged 3 assists last year off the bench
  19. Look it’s NC State, but VT and their run game look good. Been a long time. Line looks beefy.
  20. Can i get a sneak peek before I put mine together 🤣 GL!
  21. A whole lot of nothing. Dude is 6'6, but sidearms so bad he's at risk for getting tipped on quite a few throws.
  22. Pederson and Howie are gunna be here in 2021 no matter what and they know that. I really don’t think their looking at Carson as someone who they need to save their jobs. They drafted Hurts cause they had doubts and now we see why they did. If the Eagles continue to lose and Carson keeps playing like trash, he will very likely get benched so they can see what they have in Hurts.
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