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NFL Draft - Team Needs

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Jags needs:

1) QB<--i suspect the Jags to Sign/trade for a Vet QB instead of starting a rookie. 

2) WR<--none of our wrs have stepped up in Allen robinsons absence.  Robinson and Lee are Free agents to be.  Hurns could be cut if we wanted to.  we need a starting Caliber wr more then likely. Dede could be a potential starter but hes been on IR and is looking at being one of our IR-Return guys.  Cole seems like a project. McCaffrey seems like Just a guy.  we claimed Strong but so far all hes done is nothing. 

3) TE<--Lewis is getting Old, Koyak seems like a depth guy and james o'shaughnessy is Just a guy whos more noted with Special teams then offense. we Need a TE that can make plays in the passing game. it would be great if the te could block as well. 

4) G/C<--Linder is fine at center or Guard. However Omameh and Cann have been average-below average. if theres a possible Improvement from them they should take it. 

5) NT<--we just need a guy to Clog the Line and maybe shore up our run defense. 

6) RT<--Parnell could be cut easily this year and hes average at best. i would love to move on or atleast demote him to swing tackle. 

7) LB<--Telvin is a FA as well as Poz. i suspect Telvin should be brought back but if hes not were gonna need a LB early. we need a Sam LB(im going with Jack taking MLB over) and some LBer depth. 

8) CB<--Colvin is a free agent. im unsure what the teams plan is with him but we still could use some depth. 

9) K<--i dont think Lambo is the Solution to our Kicking problem. 

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Whoever's mocking for the Broncos need to have QB as a high priority. Along with LG, RT, and ILB.

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Mid-year update:

1) OG - RG to replace 34 yr old Joe Berger.

2) DT - Need a disruptive full-time starter. Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen are FAs. Jaleel Johnson hasn't played much yet.

3) CB - Looking to the future, it will be a challenge keeping Trae Waynes long-term as Diggs, Hunter, Barr and Kendricks all need new deals. Zimmer loves his CBs.

4. RB - Dalvin Cook's recovery is a question mark. Will he be the same? Latavius Murray isn't good and he's pricey. Jerrick McKinnon is a FA.

5. Safety - Not urgent, Smith and Sendejo is a good starting duo. Depth is weak, could find talent to groom into Sendejo's spot.


i suspect Teddy and Keenum return.

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