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Deshaun Watson officially requests trade

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An elite QB just entering his prime on the trade block almost never happens in this league. 

almost every team In this league has gotta have atleast one sit down to talk about getting this guy. 

Vikings fan here PLEASE get this guy PLEASE!!!!! 

pretty please! 

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If I'm the Texans, I won't settle for anything less than about 110% of his value. Otherwise, too bad, you're stuck with me for 5+ years that could become about 7 with Franchise Tags. Go ahead and retire at 25, because I don't think you will.

That said, if I'm another team, I'd go all in for him.

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If the Texans want to get him out of the AFC... I feel like the Niners will get him.

If they just take the highest offer regardless of who it comes from... Jets and Dolphins have got to be up there as favorites as well. 

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Just now, titans0021 said:

He’s just being unreasonable at this point. They were able to go out and hire David Culley, what more could you possibly want?!?

He was done regardless of the hire.

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