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The 2006 Colts has to be one of the greatest teams in history


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1 hour ago, Championshiporbust said:

They beat the 3-time Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots, to get to the Super Bowl......

Any team that beats the Brady Pats is a historic team (2006 Colts, 2007 Giants, 2011 Giants, 2012 Ravens, 2015 Broncos....)

If the colts had played the Chargers in that playoff, they would have been decimated by Tomlinson, Rivers, Gates, and that defense.


Out of curiosity, do you regularly watch football when it's on or do you casually watch football?

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Their QB had 3 TDs and 7 picks in the playoffs.

The KC - Indy and Indy - Baltimore games were which loser will end up with the least points type of games.

Bob Sanders was on fire in that playoffs and maybe 15 other games in his career.

2/3 on offense is very good

23/21 on D, not so much


The Patriots WRs were Reche Caldwell, 35 year old Troy Brown, and Doug Gabriel?

I think Gabriel at 3 was hurt so Jabar Gaffney filled in.


Then Manning played Sexy Rexy to about even due to a Hester kick return until the Grossman pick 6.


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The 2006 team is definitely underrated. An upper half Super Bowl team. You can make a case 2004 and 2005 were better, and it’s a solid debate, but the 2006 Colts were not far off from those teams + got it done in playoff time. I’d say 2005 was their best team, 2004 was Manning’s best year, and 2006 was still a phenomenal team. The 2003-2006 Colts were a phenomenal Super Bowl window team. 2007 was good too, but not on par with the others. 

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The 2006 Colts are lucky the Patriots beat the Chargers. Chargers would have beat them in the AFC Championship Game.


2005 Colts were the best Manning Colts team. Still have no idea how they managed to go one-and-done.


In all of my years watching, there are 5 teams that it shocked me they went one-and-done.


2005 Colts

2006 Chargers

2010 Patriots

2011 Packers

2019 Ravens

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