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Week 4: Steelers @ Lambeau Field


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12 minutes ago, {Family Ghost} said:

Ben can't move and their Oline doesn't block very well.  If the Packers can bring the same intensity to this game as they did last night in San Fran you have to like our chances.

My thoughts as well. If GB doesnt get too full of themselves after last nights nail biting win....they should handle the Steelers.
But - as we painfully know - they have it in them to play it a notch below high intensity.

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There should be no emotional letdown, coaches need to see to that.  We have enough veteran leadership to offset that as well.

With the Steelers having one of the worst O-Lines in football and a QB who can't move even if both knees were fine (which they're not) this should be a big win for GB.  I loved Harris coming out of college and think a big career awaits him but I think after we gain an early lead and build on it his impact will be negated.

Especially so if Watt is out of course, but either way this is a game we should win.  We should be in good shape when the middle of our schedule gets brutal, pray for health.

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