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  2. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    It doesn't though, that's the funny part.
  3. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    Apparently Ratley came back and looks pretty damned good (CBD Podcast)
  4. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    Of all things complained about this year, Hypothetically not enough September at-bats for Carlson may be the most absurd one I have heard yet.
  5. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Fair enough. I skimmed what you said and focused on the all caps words. That said, if Lamar manages to lead us to double digit wins again, I'm not going to care how or if it was sustainable.
  6. Matrix 4 is happening

    I had that Matrix game and I remember I could not get past this one stupid part and it pissed me off so bad because I loved the game and I looked up every way to get past it and I could not get through it. It was something so simple, too. I couldn't find a solution because nobody else was dumb enough to get stuck on that part. After I had to return the rental I realized that there was a flashlight on the gun and all I had to do was turn the flashlight on.
  7. 2019 WR Corps

    I hope it works out this way as well. Kumerow and Lazard have an ability that's far greater than that of Davis: AVAILability...
  8. Doesn’t the NFL have a weird rule about 3rd string QBs not counting against the game day 53? I think we should keep Gilbert + Stanton an place Blough on the PS. Edit- It was abolished in 2011
  9. The offseason DL thread

    It's old news at this point, but they tried. Takes two to tango. Packers Attempted To Trade DL Mike Daniels
  10. The STL Cardinals Thread - TINSTAAPP

    They're not starting his clock this early.
  11. Matrix 4 is happening

    I had it too! Don't remember anything else about it other than i played it though haha.
  12. Preseason AP Poll released

    Any member of the old Pugac coaching tree (LINEBACKERS) will give OSU a hard time for a while. See: *Dantonio *Fickel BTW, most OSU fans the last several years REALLY miss Fickel as a defensive coach. The LB play that used to be elite (Shazier, Lee, Baker, McMillan, etc.) has gone drastically down.
  13. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    I like Sutton alot. QB upgrade even if you hate Flacco. He is at least the #2 WR and Sanders might not be 100%
  14. The Car Thread

    You're right, that black oil doesn't mean squat. My car will blacken oil in a week basically. That doesn't mean a lot, especially with turbocharged engines and modern emissions and venting systems. Some engines are just really bad in that regard, but thrive just fine with longer change intervals anyway. But particulates aren't always caught by a filter unless there's something seriously wrong (which is part of the point of an early first oil interval - you can catch a "lemon" motor early). Even healthy brand new engines do tend to contribute much smaller "microscopic" metallic particulates. Which is fine and normal...but can potentially contribute to degradation of the oil itself via shearing and a breakdown of integrity. Which is why first oil change intervals are often shortened beyond the "typical" life of that oil. Tolerances aren't like "the olden days" , but break-in can still be a thing. It depends on the motor, but the idea of "special magic break-in oil" is basically an old wives tale as well. There's absolutely no harm in getting that original oil out after 4-5k kms like the question was suggesting. In most cases, the only "special" thing about that break-in oil...is that it's been "contaminated" with all the various zinc and molybdenum rich compounds they've lubricated all the various components with while installing them. 4-5 thousand kms into that motors life, you're basically just recirculating all those various particulates. There's no compelling reason i can think of, *not to* change the oil at that point. I mean, even if that's not on the mileage schedule and there is no "break in" shortened interval on the actual service schedule for that particular car...a 2018 vehicle bought 4 months ago...that oil has been in there for a year now. Really not a bad idea to swap it out. Unless we're buying into the idea of that magic super precious special break-in oil or something.
  15. NFCN Rivals - Packers Thread

    No. I did not. I said the Packers wouldn't be facing the Joe Webb and Lamar Jackson's of the world. That's a fact. Unless you truly believe that Mitch Trubisky is the same kind of runner of those two, that's a true statement. And if you think he's the same kind of threat with the ball in his hands as those two, then that's where we're going to have to agree to disagree. And your extrapolation also fails because you don't take into account the fact that Tru had nearly doubled the amount of snaps. The fact is that Lamar Jackson running the ball is a staple of the Ravens' offense. It's a part of the Bears' offense for Tru, but not a main part of the offense. Either way, this whole discussion is getting further and further from what the original topic was which was that the Packers weren't going to be facing the Lamar Jackson and Joe Webb's of the world.
  16. NFL All-Time Team

    ESPN put out this list today: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27321515/tom-brady-joe-montana-choosing-nfl-greatest-ever-position What changes would you make? For me: Randy Moss over Don Hutson I have always considered Jim Parker's natural position to be tackle than guard, Larry Allen would have been a better selection I've always considered Merlin Olsen as the guy that opened up things for Deacon Jones, Alan Page or Bob Lilly would be a way better selection in my opinion Leaving the best CB of all-time Night Train Lane off the list should be a crime Give me Ed Reed over Ken Houston all day every day
  17. The offseason DL thread

    Nobody wanted to give a pick because: Foot may still be an issue, he's going to be released anyway, lots of chatter/interest in lots of players (who knows), starting to show his age. Any or all of these could be why.
  18. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    Maybe they want him as a return guy?
  19. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Adding more turbines is just dropping a ball down the stairs. The overall energy output to fall all the way down the stairs, regardless of how many steps (number of turbines) it hits on the way down is still equal to the amount required to carry it back up (pump) to the top of the stairs. The ball will never expend more energy falling a total distance it needs to again climb.
  20. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Question on your thoughts regarding keepers. In my league you lose the round the player was drafted the first year you keep them, then it bumps two rounds the second year. Players can only be kept two years and you can't keep two players at the same position. Who would you select out of these in a 16 team league? Sony Michel (6th round pick, could keep next year for a 4th) Marlon Mack (14th round pick, could keep next year for a 12th) Julian Edelman (9th round pick, can't keep next year) Curtis Samuel (14th round pick, could keep for a 12th next year)
  21. 2019 WR Corps

    Guess: Adams Geronimo MVS Kumerow EG Lazard KR/WR Shep
  22. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    He will get cut for sure. WR, especially slot, is loaded. Unless he's a true difference maker ala Duke out of the backfield and slot in mismatch situations as a hybrid RB/WR, he won't make the team. I'm the biggest Braxton fan on the planet and will always be thankful for what he did at OSU. If he doesn't get injured, his college/NFL careers probably have different arcs, but injuries took their toll, and that's an unfortunate reality.
  23. Random Packer News & Notes

    I'll agree with you on A, but don't be surprised if B is a reality. The one ability Martinez has that Smith doesn't is AVAILability. On an annually beat up defense, Martinez has missed very little time and doesn't have the major injury that Smith once had. I do think there will be an immense overhaul and Martinez will be the investment at the position with other players flanking him. I could also see a bigger Safety drafted for a hybrid role to try to find the player we had hoped Burks could be.
  24. The Car Thread

    I use synthetic and change it every 5k. Overkill? I don’t care know.
  25. True but w wildcard in Cleveland excited me. Last time it happen, the stadium was crazy. This time around this is a better team to handle that pressure
  26. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    They've already said most of the starters won't be playing.
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