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Early Prediction: First Overall Pick?


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4 hours ago, OkeyDoke21 said:

I think it's Evan Neal, unless they fall in love with Thibodeaux/Hutchinson.  Unfortunate for them it's not a year with a blue chip QB, so they could take a ransom to move down.

Does Jax need a Rt so bad to draft it #1?

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4 hours ago, Rich7sena said:

I think Thibodeaux.  Walker Little has had a nice run at left tackle, and it's likely he replaces Robinson. Unless, they want Neal to replace Taylor. How good has Taylor been? Is Neal that good?

Jawaan Taylor has been awful.

I think it does end up being Neal at this point. Probably will get some “drafting a RT with the 1st overall pick?!?” hate but I think they’re going to try and throw all the resources around them that they can after this brutal year they just put Trevor through. I don’t think RT in the game today is far off value wise from a LT anymore anyways. You see guys like Von, Joey Bosa, Cam Jordan, etc. matching up on that right side all the time.

Go into the future with Walker Little at LT and Evan Neal at RT, whew.

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