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  2. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    from earlier in the thread From 247 sports: “I think he’ll do well,” Mississippi State offensive line coach Marcus Johnson said. “I think he’s able to handle those athletic three-techniques on his own because of his foot speed and quickness but he’s got a great ability to anchor vs. power guys. As an O-line coach, it was awesome to watch him go against Jeffrey Simmons. Jeffrey is as good as it got at the collegiate level. It was fun to watch those two battle it out every day and Elgton held his own. I’ve seen Jeffrey freaking rag-doll and sling centers and guards around when rushing the passer. Against Elgton, he would try to club or use other moves but Elgton’s great with his hands. His hands are so strong. He’d fit his hands in there and he would be able to ****** himself back in front of Jeffrey, which was very impressive in one-on-one pass rush throughout the course of the season.”
  3. Ton of people aren't playing tonight.
  4. Patriots S Patrick Chung indicted for cocaine possession

    Vintage Chappelle is so funny I just woke up everyone in the house.
  5. Week 2 Preseason SF @ DEN GD Thread

    On the one hand we can’t afford injuries to our starters. On the other hand our unit looks pretty rusty. The one silver lining is that they get to work against our D which is a good test (except ILB’s lol).
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

  7. Raiders @ Green Bay "Tighten Things Up Bowl"

    Such incompetence to not have the field in shape until prior to kickoff. Maybe look it over a few days ahead of time, aye???
  8. Surprise Teams of 2019

    Buffalo, Jacksonville, and possibly the Giants.
  9. What Did You Cook for Dinner?

    Humor aside....lentil soup is good stuff. Easy as pie to make - can throw a whole bunch of good stuff in it - and its really good for you. Its a "feel good" food. Besides the differing tastes (depending on how you make it....) it makes you feel good to eat it. Highly recommended.
  10. Underrated/Hidden Gem Horror Movies

    Here is my list Body Snatcher (1943): Awesome movie and few have seen it, freaking sweet and was made a very very long time ago. Manhunter 1986: Super underrated, WAY better than Red Dragon it is not even close. Funny Games: Super underrated and is quite scary, is a remake but this one is better than the other I feel. It Follows (2014): Pretty good idea an dis quite creative, I liked it and worth a watch. Alice Sweet Alice: Cool movie and visually there is a lot of striking stuff in it. Some other good ones that are pretty underrated: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) One Hour PhotoByzantium REC (2007 Foreign)The Witch (2015) I agree on REC 2007, well worth a watch. PS Manuela Velasco is freaking hot, has a little Marissa Tomei thing going on. I will have to watch Phantasm, never seen that before. PS the person that remade Suspria freaking SUCKED. They had good actresses in it but still it was awful especially the end. The original is so cool and unique, that intro is freaking classic and one of a kind not to mention the cinematography which is standout, the remake yeah not so much.
  11. 2[44]: Elgton Jenkins [OC; Miss State]

    I mean, Jenkins is a good interior OL prospect who is a better wall blocker than a drive blocker, and is scheme limited because you aren't going to want him pulling a lot. But he has gone toe to toe with the best in the SEC and won more than his share of reps.
  12. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    I think Lazard and Kumerow both make the roster
  13. Training Camp 2019 News & Updates

    You’re really over estimating my hand foot coordination...
  14. #FireBruceAllen

    He may be so spiteful to decide to let him sit until the trading deadline lest other players demand to leave the stinking dungheap they have given us for decades
  15. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    100% onboard with both of you. Strongly feel Gilbert was easily the worst player on the team who saw significant time last year, and that's counting McCray and his shoulder made of wishes and dreams. I want no part of him on the team this year, he just physically is not an NFL pass rusher. I'm uncertain on Ramsey, but mostly because I haven't actually paid any attention to him at all. I think my surprise guy is James Looney. Keke unexpectedly busting out hurts his chances a lot, as we probably don't need three 3Ts with Adams, Keke and Looney, but at the same time I think he can play. Last season I liked how active and aggressive he was, but he didn't have NFL strength or size. Just couldn't move bodies even when he got into them. This year there's a lot more pop in the hands, and he's visibly thicker. He probably won't make it but I like the player. Back-up choice is Kabion Ento. Long way away from being NFL ready and probably a PS guy, but he's long, he can run, and he can play the ball without interfering with his man. Love the ability to mirror his man, trail and then knock it away when it gets there.
  16. Ravens -5 holding on for dear life tonight
  17. If you can a first you take it. You’re right about . We deserve better but this is the DanSkins way
  18. Surprise Teams of 2019

    Den Jags TB
  19. Surprise Teams of 2019

    Denver Broncos.
  20. The irony of this post is that fantasy gamers like him a whole lot more than the general public does. Rushing QBs are good for fantasy
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