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Ranking the (B)East - iDL - Back-up


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  1. 1. Who is the SECOND BEST iDL in the NFC East

    • Malik Jackson, Eagles
    • TIm Jernigan, Eagles
    • Jonathan Allen, Redskins
    • Da'Ron Payne, Redskins
    • Dalvin Tomlinson, Giants
    • Dexter Lawrence, Giants
    • Antwaun Woods, Cowboys
    • Tyrone Crawford, Cowboys
    • Trysten Hill, Cowboys

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Who is the SECOND best iDL for the 2019 season in the NFC East?

Most points will be the starter - second most will be the Back-Up. (Hopefully there are no ties, but in the event I feel - or enough posters would like an amendment or a run-off we will decide how to proceed then.

Please refer to the master-thread here:


Cowboys: @DaBoys / @Nextyearfordaboyz / @The_Slamman / @Matts4313 / @canadaluvsdallas

Eagles: @Jroc04 / @Danger / @TheRealMcCoy / @Kiltman / @ninjapirate

Redskins: @MKnight82 / @Slappy Mc / @Woz / @Thaiphoon / @turtle28

Giants: @Acgott / @Shockey1979 / @GMENNATION / @Giants4eva / @Kodaraw

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I voted Payne, because that's who I'd want going forward but Malik Jackson should probably get the nod here. 

2. Jackson

3. Payne 

4. Allen


I'll take Payne over Allen if only because he is 3 years younger, but I understand why some may prefer Allen as a pass rusher.


5. Tim Jernigan 

6. Tyrone Crawford 


After that you have Jernigan and Crawford. Both have had some solid years but never amazing. Jernigan hasn't had a good year since he left Baltimore after 3 seasons, and although Crawford had like 6 sacks last year, he's only 280 pounds and plays weak side DE a ton. Some of his production doesn't help his interior DL ranking.


7. Dexter Lawrence 

8. Tryston Hill


Two young rookies that have yet to play a snap, but both are projected to be instant starters and contributors with high upside and great potential. It would be disappointing if they didn't become more than the two guys ranked ahead of them.


9. Antwuan Woods

10. Dalvin Tomlinson 


Lastly we have two big boys with a combined total of 2.5 career sacks. Woods flashed at times with the Cowboys last year, but was never dominant and wasn't able to finish the season healthy. 

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Had to go Jackson over Payne here. Same with Zeke/Saquon, I feel like Payne could be the better player but I have to go with the guy that’s done it longer. Malik heads into his 29th birth year playing year, still has some prime years left and gets to play with one of the most dominant IDT in the league. Payne could easily slide ahead of him next year but I’ve voted proof over potential so far and that’s what I’ll continue. 

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