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Australian Survivor!! Now - Tribal!! Final!! Congratulations to our Sole Survivor - Outpost31!!

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Hello all and a very big welcome to Australian Survivor!!

Australian Survivor - Wikipedia

I ASK THAT YOU PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES!! Most of you would have played before but some may have not so just for a quick refresher - @Outpost31 hosts this most of the time and he does a damn good and effective job because it's a hard task. I have not done this before - I did do a mafia game once and it went, ah, let's say that it went okay. Regardless, for this I give you my guarantee I'll give it the best go I can and that it'll run nice and smooth hey.

So how does it work? Just like the show! You compete in the challenges, you win your immunity necklaces, you connive and cunn and vote each other out!! And then when there is only one left he is crowned as the Sole Survivor and wins the admiration of a small group of football fans on the internet!!


-When we are in the tribal stage of the game, you can not under any circumstance communicate with those on the other tribe by PM unless directed to by me. No exceptions.

-When it comes to challenges, I concede that there may be times when you want to appeal how they go. That's fine and I always will at least hear you out and be fair in giving a decision.

-Play nice with your friends. We are all here for fun and we all want to win but when things get heated these games turn to **** and people get mad at each other. I encourage you to give it your all but remember it's just a game.

-This one is very important: my rules are not always going to be full and obviously there may be loopholes. Loophole searching is not encouraged and is against the spirit of the game, and presume if something obvious is left out of the rules it's because I forgot and not because I intended for there to be a loophole. As such if you are going to try to look for a loophole, PM me so you can see if it is indeed something that's permissible, or if it's a mistake on my part and I need to do an amendment to a challenge rule or challenge parameter. Failure to do this is equal to a rule breach.

-The breach of any rule can attract any punishment depending on the severity of the rule and the willfulness of the breach. Discretion!

-I encourage you all also to PM me all of your diary entries as the game goes on like with any game - it's always a good time!

-If you have any questions about a rule or think I forgot one don't hesitate to ask me! As I said, presume it was an oversight on my part and not deliberate creation of a loophole so always check before going for the loophole.

-Advice on any given challenge structure or rule set is encouraged too! I want this to be a fair game and such so I want everything to run smoothly and with no conflict!

-Participate! Because I don't want to have to modkill you, and we are all here to have fun - it's a lot more fun when we all actually try!

-We'll need to have a PM open to do this so PM me when you sign up!

-Immunity idols and other advantages: these are a thing! Obviously there are ways to get clues but with or without clues you can search for them anywhere. Just as a bit of a tip: they're hiding on random places all around the internet, whether that is FF, Wikipedia, somewhere else entirely; if they are on FF or Wikipedia they could well be on a specific page but if they're on another website I'll keep them on the "homepage" as location to be discovered.

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signup list; i'm hoping for 24 but we can roll with 20 - but it is better with more so let's hope for getting the full gamut

final two

  1. @Outpost31
  2. @mission27


  1. @Dwight_Schrute
  2. @Nazgul
  3. @bigbadbuff
  4. @Whicker
  5. @TLO
  6. @Malfatron
  7. @theuntouchable
  8. @SwAg
  9. @MWil23
  10. @Matts4313
  11. @Wyld Stallyns
  12. @JoshstraDaymus
  13. @Ragnarok
  14. @daboyle250


  1. @TedLavie
  2. @swoosh
  3. @gopherwrestler
  4. @Pickle Rick
  5. @MookieMonstah
  6. @bcb1213
  7. @FinneasGage
  8. @The Orca
  9. @ET80
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now we have the next immunity challenge Hot Potato!!

it is another challenge with the "buzzer" system but this time it's a bit more combative - someone starts with the Hot Potato (randomised); and then they have to tag someone else in the thread to give them the potato. if you are holding the hot potato when i come in the thread and BZZZZZZZZZ, you're out of the challenge. the potato then reverts to the person who held it before you (so they have to rebequeath the potato on to someone else). fully eliminate the other tribe to win the challenge and secure immunity!

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challenge recaps to go here


Gold Diggers
it took only two pages for swoosh to dig up a captain's buff under plot 71, but it took what felt like a hectic eternity until matts came through and dug up the other captain's buff with plot 87 - they won the right to captain the new tribes!!

there was a secret major arcana of the tarot deck theme that daboy and swoosh cracked, allowing them to find emperor, lovers, chariot, judgement, and temperance, by using only 19 moves! they got a one point advantage in the next challenge, but they also got the satisfaction of winning the first challenge between the tribes!!

sign ons by dwight and bigbadbuff created a supplemental draft, where swoosh would trade his pick to matts for mission to reunite the MoL; matts then took both of the new arrivals to get a set of twins of his own along with bbb, who is a rising star as per his recent outing in a mafia game

Obligatory Movie And Song Challenge
with advantage from Hangedman in tow the newly named 2Twins1Tribe went on their merry way and were confident of running the table on their answers - their smugness was, though, misguided, and Death to Swooshy were able to force a tie by hitting on Savage Garden's I Want You - if not for the advantage 2Twins1Tribe had won during the prior challenge, they would have been staring at tribal then and there! the tribes went to an OT, where tv shows were of the essence, and 2Twins1Tribe took it out to send Death to Swooshy to Tribal Council! they agreed as a tribe to unanimously vote out dwight on account of him not joining the tribe discord chat and on they went

Legal Eagles
both tribes went to the courtroom to adjudicate some australian legal decisions, with rags and his legal might for D2S going up against the 2T1T dream team for jurisprudential supremacy. it was a tight fight and 2T1T asked lots and lots of questions, which helped them match rags and D2S to tie the challenge at 11 apiece. again we went to OT, where we had a tie again at four-and-then-some out of five! Greg lived on to litigate another day and indeed, a question on sentencing saw another tie during round one of the shootout. D2S finally took the chocolates over a divided 2T1T by hitting on the second shootout question where 2T1T did not; however, 2T1T did not have to face tribal, instead trading for Naz mid challenge to let D2S select Swag, who's now on their tribe. 2T1T then used what was a free out to bounce out Naz and continued on their merry way with their original XII

tribes had to dig for a secret code for an advantage in the game. the winners are secret but one winner got it in 11, the other got it in 8 - i wonder what their advantage was

King of the Hill
2T1T went in with a balanced strategy whereas D2S went in with the strategically optimal play of loading up on defense in a challenge where a random roll determined chances to push the other tribe off a hill. 2T1T raced to an early lead and though it was close early their 9 man to 3 lead seemed more or less insurmountable, or, at least, it did until josh and mwil started their midnight vigil, clawing it to 9-7, before mwil took leave of absence; josh brought it to 10-9 before he was at last knocked off by pickle rick, who invested all of his stats in to defensive points to win it for 2T1T. gopher, finn, and swoosh also collected multiple pushes for the 2T1T's whereas mwil and josh did most of it for D2S

tribes took to the australian stock exchange with one thousand dollars to build the best portfolio, while shady had to contend with his final exams for this semester. shady's exams went alright, but you couldn't say the same for the tribes, both of whom wound up in the red on the week. D2S sucked not as much, and while there was a very furious comeback attempt by 2T1T surging as the clock struck midday on the final day, a sell off of stock in a payments firm that merged with mastercard saw their hail mary fall short of the endzone. whicker decided to fall on his sword and sacrifice himself to exile beach.

Liar's Poker
the tribes had to lie through their teeth but ultimately found that the game was a crapshoot, and rather than guess lie by lie they'd play the statistics and roll with a strategy of just guessing the same story was true for each member of their opposition! unsurprisingly, given it was an optimal strategy for both and they both played it, we had another tie! so josh and daboy went head to head in the fool shady tiebreaker where they had to fool me! both of them did - i thought that daboy was lying and josh was telling the truth when it was the other way around - but josh got through his story first and so D2S won it by the time tiebreak. 2T1T marched to a second tribal in a row and marched finn to exile beach.

Before and After
we borrowed this challenge from Jeopardy!, a favourite of mine, and it was a slam dunk in the 2T1T discord as they completed the challenge within a few hours on the back of malf and daboy mainly. D2S took a more slow, considered approach to the challenge, and ultimately, in what should come as a surprise to nobody, it came to another tie, 15-15. we went to OT and though both tribes tied it again at 4-4 (on account of a fifth clue that was nigh impossible), D2S got it in quicker after deciding to just cut their losses on clue five, thus winning the submission time tiebreak to take OT. 2T1T went to a third consecutive tribal council and sent TLO to exile to take on finn as they were whittled down to nine men.

Leg Up
the castaways all sent in a big board ranked by how threatening they found each other with no further hint as to what would happen. a reward was then distributed to those on each tribe deemed as the least threatening - i wonder who it was...?

Musical Chairs
the castaways had to flock to the thread and compete as individuals to not be the last person who posted between periodical buzzers. when swoosh and rags found themselves as the last men standing on each tribe, shady sent both tribes to a tribal where they had to vote someone to go in to a firemaking challenge as a tribute. instead, in what was a big-balls play from both men, captain matts and 2T1T's malf volunteered as tributes with matts's tall but fuelless fire someone staying alight for long enough to send malf to exile island to duel finn, who managed to top TLO in TROGDOR. try saying that ten times really quickly why don't you.

tribes had to work out some australia themed anagrams for an advantage in the next challenge - but given that both got ten from ten no tribe was awarded the big advantage!! congratulations to both tribes - and hey, for 2T1T, it's been a while since a non-loss; think like the 2018 browns tying the steelers in week one

Hot Potato
now acquainted with the buzzer after Musical Chairs, the tribes were back against each other to eliminate each other in a buzzer game, where they had to take turns passing on an explosive starchy tuber to each other. 2T1T romped it in and systematically ran over D2S, who went to tribal after a long long break, having crushed their opposition in most recent challenges. 2T1T celebrated as they finally didn't have to vote someone out while D2S sent touch, an inactive, to exile to face the steamroller that is finn.

after going through whicker, TLO, malf, and, at last, touch, finn returned from exile as one of the captains of the soon to be formed tribes coming from a tribe swap. castaways cast their old tribes away and competed as individuals for the right to be the other captain

The Riddler
and that new captain was josh as he solved shady's riddle with relative ease, garnering him the first pick in the tribal redraft. finn went next and the castaways formed in to their new tribes, This Is The Tribe Y'all and Electric Cockpaste

The Tower of Power I
we had another random number generator of the same ilk as King of the Hill, where castaways had to allocate stats and rely on the rolls of the dice. this time it was knocking down a tower of blocks while members of their opposition tried to prevent them from doing so. Cockpaste went with an ad-hoc, swashbuckling strategy more based on speed, and relied on gopher and finn as attackers, just as they were in King of the Hill. just like in that challenge gopher and finn's tiny defensive stats didn't matter as they pulled off huge stops, while macerating the tower of TITTY. TITTY's strategy, which was more mathematically sound, fell victim to lady luck and sent them to a first tribal as a new tribe

Wikipedia Game
the tribes had to use wikipedia links on pages to navigate their way from point A to point B in something of an internet orienteering exercise (didn't expect an orienteering reference now did we! i know some people who did it - they like it apparently tbh) it was very close in the end with only one point separating the tribes, but it was the ability of TITTY to get from meat pie to meat loaf (the singer not the processed log of cardiac arrest) that saw them take out the reward when all was said and done here

Famous Faces
we had a live challenge for the immunity as tribes raced for the prize by trying to name categories famous people fit in to with only a rolling sequence of names in the category to go off; going in too hard too early on some of the categories proved costly for cockpaste as they found themselves getting absolutely truncheoned by TITTY, who took the victory 29-15; almost doubling the score of their opponents. but it was a riotous cavalcade of frenzied fun both ways and a real burner of a challenge; one that a future host of these games should totally copy

another of the challenges with a numerical bulk score and another crushing win for the TITTYmen. came out to 264-233 as TITTY got in with manpower, with everyone on the tribe coming to the table to put the hard yards in to build chains out of words longer than their competition. TITTY swept in every category and in the totals to send cockpaste to a second consecutive tribal where MWil took leave of absence from the game due to his real life commitments getting in the way of a game of survivor on a football board. shocking, truly!

tribes had to create a challenge and do my job for me in a devilishly devious episode of shirking creative burdens from our beloved host! cockpaste won the day by dreaming up a challenge where a movie had to be rewritten from the perspective of a secondary character, while TITTY put in a great effort with their challenge of a fight night for some of our most well known celebrities - unfortunately, it was a bit too impractical as adjudged by myself, malf, and bucs. i wonder if the winning challenge might get used sometime down the line hey... but TITTY has to get through tribal first!

Bean Counting
another challenge with the RNG, another use of an optimal strategy by Ted, another win for swoosh's tribe. like clockwork it seems to be with these ones. TITTY couldn't put a coherent strategy forward despite ted's best objections towards statistical optimality, while cockpaste went in with a plan and with coherence. TITTY threatened to come back a couple of times, drawing close to cockpaste's bean count in their baskets they held up - but when it came to the crunch cockpaste kept pulling away just when the comeback seemed to be on, and despite a midnight sojourn by mookie and pickle it was a second straight win for cockpaste who relegated TITTY to take another member out.

Different Perspectives
the challenge that cockpaste created in the challenge two challenges ago delivers them another win! our judges were split, bucsfan and new father counselor, and shady had to come in as the superior judge and break the tie which he did in cockpaste's favour. despite probably having a marginally better movie description from the perspective of a static character (the crux of the challenge) for two of their set movies, it seemed the thin edge of the wedge was TITTY's decision to give cockpaste castaway from the perspective of wilson the volleyball to tell a tale; outpost spun a self-mockingly surreal yarn from wilson's perspective that i really enjoyed and took his tribe across the finish line - three wins for cockpaste in the final challenge as our tribes!

Monty Hall
a simple yet important reward challenge to kick off the individual phase of the game and get acquainted with playing as a solitary soldier. monty hall, the game where you have a choice of three doors, behind two is a tiger - you choose a door, and one of the others is revealed, and you can either recalibrate your choice or stick with your original. the challenge here was that if you lost, you would then go bust - but you didn't know what score your fellow castaways chose to stand on, and as such there was that element to contend with as well. swoosh won on the day with only three as everyone else went bust (but nobody else made it that far anyway), and got a reward.

Numbers Game
a variant of the keynesian beauty contest (though i didn't say this, because it would've spoiled the challenge lmao) for the very first individual immunity. a game in two rounds as castaways had to pick a number, and those who were closest to 0.7 by average of all their numbers contended. the furthest were culled in the first round to give us six castaways in a shootout in the second round. the average of all the second round choices multiplied by 0.7 left us with 21.816666667, and ted, who opted for 21, was almost as close as you could be - and won the first individual immunity as a consequence!!

Platform Peril

Miner Detail

A Sense of Sacrifice

Counting Cards

One Night in Bangkok

Zero Sum


Unjust Enrichment

The Tower of Power II

The Triumvirate of Terror
-Knowing's Half The Battle
-Survivor Marathon


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Just now, Counselor said:

I love the show survivor but I don’t like these kind of mafia games

oh it's not mafia as such man, plays out exactly as survivor does

sent in to tribes, compete in the challenges for immunity, you go to tribal council, form alliances, then there's the merge, etc!

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I will play, but I am going the bcb route.

Dont even try to form an alliance with me.

I will be voting to evict the worst performer for the sake of the game

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