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GM Mock Draft 2022 Discussion- Draft Underway


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Full 7 Round Mock. (Hopefully) One person per team. 

Draft starts April 9th at 10am est. 

45 minute time slots until 11pm est per night.

All current FA transactions and trades are factored in. All unsigned players at the start of the draft will remain unsigned.

No salary cap but trading is encouraged!!!!!


Sign up with your team below. First come first serve!


AFC East

Buffalo Bills @Trentwannabe

Miami Dolphins- @mountainpd

New England Patriots-  @DaPatsKid98

New York Jets- @KingOfNewYork


AFC North

Baltimore Ravens- @baltimoreRebel

Cincinnati Bengals- @sparky151

Cleveland Browns @cortes02

Pittsburgh Steelers- @wwhickok


AFC South

Houston Texans- @jch1911

Indianapolis Colts- @RTTRUTH

Jacksonville Jaguars- @LinderFournette

Tennessee Titans- @eh3034


AFC West

Denver Broncos- @BowserBroncos

Kansas City Chiefs- @RedGold

Las Vegas Raiders- @NYRaider and friends 

Los Angeles Chargers- @Whicker


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys @WizardHawk

New York Giants- @ny92mike

Philadelphia Eagles- @EaglesPeteC

Washington Commanders- @MKnight82


NFC North

Chicago Bears- @rackcs

Detroit Lions- @Ghostnote

Green Bay Packers- @MaximusGluteus

Minnesota Vikings- @MikeT14


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons- @ovfd55

Carolina Panthers- @Deadpulse

New Orleans Saints- @bcb1213

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- @BucsDraftGeek47


NFC West

Arizona Cardinals @HoboRocket

Los Angeles Rams- @Freebirdsrams

San Francisco 49ers- @Forge

Seattle Seahawks- @JetsandI

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