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The Holiday Mafia - N4 - Mafia Wins!


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This game will be between Holiday Heroes and Humbugs. I will not be giving the count ahead of time. The characters included will cover multiple holidays, but lets be honest, Christmas is gonna dominate this *****. This will be (mostly) standard mafia play. 


Its the holiday season but something is wrong. There is less cheer in the air. People's spirits are down. Decorations are not up. What is happening to the most joyous time of the year? As the Holiday Heroes begin to get suspicious that there is a force working behind the scenes to sabotage the season, they discover Deadpulse - Holiday Hero has been mysteriously killed! To save the holiday season, the Holiday Heroes must band together to exterminate every threat to joy and happiness! The Humbugs could be anyone. They could be anywhere. 



General Rules:

You may not copy and paste anything that I send you.

You may not screenshot anything that I send you.

Violation of this rule will result in punishment, generally elimination from the game.


Do not edit a post that is more than 5 minutes old.

Do not edit a post to change your vote!  

Violation of this rule will result in the loss of your vote for the current cycle.

Egregious offenses will result in your elimination from the game.

Multiple minor violations of this rule will result in your elimination from the game.


Do not discuss this game outside of this thread unless permitted by your role!

Violation of this rule will result in punishment, potentially as severe as elimination from the game.


After you've been eliminated from a game you may make one "Good Game" or "Eff you all" post.

Don't post any game related information until the setup has ended, no matter how mundane it may seem to you. 

Do not “Like” any game related posts after you have been eliminated from the game. 

Violation of this rule will result in a penalty to your team as I see fit.


Activity Rules:

If you fail to vote on two different days you'll be replaced by a player who hasn’t been in the game yet, or a player that died with no information outside of their original role PM.

This rule will not be enforced for players who specifically "No Vote” or “No Lynch” 

This rule will not be enforced if a Day Phase is less than 24 hours long.


If you miss a Nightly move your move will be randomized and I will look for a replacement.

If you're skipping a Night move, please specify this via PM. There is no punishment for purposefully skipping a Night move.

If your move is a limited quantity (x-shot, etc), this rule does not apply and you do not have to specify you are skipping your move.

You may always have a Night move in early, as well as a contingency plan. 


Voting and Night Time:

Votes no longer count once the hour has changed... this means votes marked :59 will count and votes marked :00 will not.

If there is a tie there will be a 15 minute period where players may change and lock their votes. All votes changed in this period will automatically lock.

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Sign Ups:

1. @MWil23 - Killed N1 - identity unknown - Buddy The Elf - Holiday Hero
2. @TheKillerNacho - Lynched D3 but survives through D4 - John McClane - Holiday Hero
3. @Malfatron - Revealed by Raves D2- survived - Bad Santa - Serial Killer
4. @Whicker - last town standing - Jack Frost - Holiday Hero
5. @bcb1213 - Surviving Mafia - Mariah Carey - Humbug
6. @Forge - Killed N2 - Rudolph - Holiday Hero
7. @JoshstraDaymus - Killed N2 - Santa Clause - Holiday Hero
8. @Scoundrel - revealed D3 - Cindy Lou Who - Holiday Hero
9. @Daboyle - died N4 - Mrs. Clause - Holiday Hero
10. @Slappy Mc - surviving Mafia - Krampus - Humbug
11. @Dome - surviving mafia - Ebenezer Scrooge - Humbug
12. @11sanchez11 - Killed N1 - Tiny Tim - Holiday Hero
13. @Pickle Rick - Lynched D1 - Frosty The Snowman - Holiday Hero
14. @Raves - Sacrificed himself D2 - The Ghost of Christmas Present - Holiday Hero
15. @Ragnarok - Lynched D2 - Ralphie - Holiday Hero
16. @The Orca - replaced by @Pickle Rick - Lynched D4 - The Grinch - Humbug
17. @gopherwrestler - Revealed D3 died Night 3 - Baby New Year - Holiday Hero


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